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  • Th e Handbook of Employee Benefi ts and Administration is one of the fi rst books that comprehensively covers the administration of employee benefi ts in public sector organizations. Th ere is a rich array of chapters from leading scholars and practitioners in the fi eld examining the contextual issues of employee benefi ts, health and retirement benefi ts, fi nancial management and benefi ts, and contemporary issues in employee benefi ts. Th is book is unique as it covers both the social aspects of employee benefi ts and the fi nancial elements.

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  • There may be instances where additional direct regulation of an industry that is already highly regulated (nuclear power, electricity, chemical plants, water treatment) may be warranted. Congress should consider carefully targeted directives for limited regulation of particular critical infrastructures to advance the protection of cybersecurity at these facilities using existing regulators. Any additional regulation should consider the burden on the private sector by requiring agencies to conduct a thorough cost/benefit analysis. ...

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  • Chapter 6 - Strengthening a company’s competitive position: Strategic moves, timing, and scope of operations. The objectives of this chapter are: Learn whether and when to pursue offensive or defensive strategic moves to improve a company's market position, recognize when being a first mover or a fast follower or a late mover is most advantageous, become aware of the strategic benefits and risks of expanding a company's horizontal scope through mergers and acquisitions,...

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  • IBM’s Global Alliance Strategy CASE 2 The Global Airline Industry Introduction Factors Promoting the Rise of Strategic Alliances New Market Entry Shaping of Industry Evolution Learning and Applying New Technologies Rounding Out the Product Line Types and Benefits of Strategic Alliances Licensing Arrangements Joint Ventures Cross-Holdings, Equity Stakes, and Consortia Risks and Costs of Alliances Rising Incompatibility of Partners Risk of Knowledge/Skill Drain Risk of Dependence Cost of Alliance Control and Operations Balancing Cooperation and Competition Understand the Firm’s Knowledge...

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  • The Strategic Learning concept presented in this book owes a lot to the two great learning laboratories that have shaped my ideas. The first was my two decades as a CEO. These years infused in me a strong sense of pragmatism. Life in the trenches, I discovered, is always messy. So the most important question to ask about any business idea is simply, Does it work? In these pages, I’ve tried to capture some of the ideas that do work, so that my colleagues in business leadership may benefit from them....

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  • "Customer Relationship Management: The Winning Strategy in a Challenging Economy" As the economic environment continues to fluctuate, many organizations are asking themselves what strategies they can pursue to bring tangible business benefits while taking stock of the economic conditions. In a growth economy, businesses typically work hard to expand their customer base and spend aggressively to stoke the growth engine. When money is tight however, existing customer relationships grow in importance as organizations seek a cost-effective way to nurture business expansion.

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  • The case-studies marked an increasingly complex aid environment, with new stakeholders and partnerships for development, and a number of mechanisms seeking to coordinate donor contributions in sectoral and national planning processes. In addition to the sector-wide approaches and poverty-reduction strategy papers that were the focus of country office engagement in 2005, there is an increasing emphasis on reporting and strategizing in order to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), in particular MDGs 4, 5A and 5B.

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  • powerful and widely-used method for analyzing the performance behavior of parallel programs is event tracing. When an application is traced, performancerelevant events, such as entering functions or sending messages, are recorded at runtime and analyzed post-mortem to identify and potentially remove performance problems. While event tracing enables the detection of performance problems at a high level of detail, growing trace-file size often constrains its scalability on large-scale systems and complicates management, analysis, and visualization of trace data.

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  • ADC Professional Services deliver strategic benefits to our customers. Our expertise, relationships and experience are helping service providers transform their businesses to become more profitable and more competitive, and more rapidly adapt to changes in market conditions. ADC’s unique experience as a true multivendor, multiservice, multitechnology professional services partner sets us apart. ADC has completed more than 200,000 network projects while deploying equipment from more than 60 network equipment manufacturers....

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  • ADC KRONE Services, the services organisation within ADC KRONE, delivers strategic benefits to our customers. Our expertise, relationships and experience are helping network providers transform their businesses to become more profitable and more competitive, and more rapidly adapt to changes in market conditions. ADC KRONE Services’ unique experience as a true multivendor, multiservice, multitechnology services partner sets us apart. We have completed more than 300,000 network projects while deploying equipment from more than 60 network equipment manufacturers....

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  • Insurance companies that sell long-term care insurance generally pay benefits using one of three different methods: the expense-incurred method, the indemnity method, or the disability method. It is important to read the literature that accompanies your policy (or certificate for group policies) and to compare the benefits and premiums. When the expense-incurred method is used, the insurance company must decide if you are eligible for benefits and if your claim is for eligible services. Your policy or certificate will pay benefits only when you receive eligible services.

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  • The enactment of the Weapon Systems Acquisition Reform Act of 2009 (Public Law 111-23) and the recent revision of Department of Defense Instruction 5000.02 have served to highlight the complexity of the Department of Defense acquisition process.1 This report serves as a follow-on study to the 2008 National Research Council (NRC) report Pre-Milestone A and Early-Phase Systems Engineering: A Retrospective Review and Benefits for Future Air Force Systems Acquisition, which emphasized the role of systems engineering in the acquisition life cycle.

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  • How important are these issues, and do they carry any ramifications for the newMedicare prescription drug benefit? One of the problems, to which Rubinstein alluded, is that elders may be facing too many options and too much information and thus need to devise “impression manage- ment” techniques in order to compensate for cognitive or physical loss.

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  • In new unoccupied houses, the concentrations of formaldehyde and other VOCs of concern with respect to human health and comfort can be elevated relative to toxicity guidelines and odor thresholds (Hodgson et al., 2000). These gaseous pollutants derive from materials that are widely used to construct and to finish the interiors of houses (Hodgson et al., 2002).

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  • In these experiments the choices involved gambles for everyday objects (e.g. a coffee mug). It has been suggested that observed differences are due to an asymmetry of preferences between losses and gains, which might be exacerbated by age. Finally, both younger and older subjects participated in beauty contest games, in which strategic thinking plays a central role. In each case the experiments were taken from the literature allowing us to focus on age differences rather than on theories behind the experiments....

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  • Students enrolled in the Graziadio School of Business and Management may purchase all class textbooks and materials from the bookstores located at the West Los Angeles Graduate Campus, or the Drescher Graduate Campus for students attending classes in Malibu. The West Los Angeles Graduate Campus bookstore provides a variety of services to ensure optimum convenience for students. Textbook orders can be placed online at The bookstores also offer a selection of office supplies, reference books, and other convenience items....

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  • The health section has also participated in the validation session of the 2007-2011 National Strategic Plan against Malaria in CAR. It is hoped that both these events will help improve the section’s capacity to reduce the incidence of the life-threatening and preventable illnesses that are currently wreaking havoc throughout the country. The section participated in a week long seminar in Boali aimed at evaluating the quality of EPI data.

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  • By keeping the curriculum and testing regimes unchanged from previous years, the author was able to use a quasi-experimental method to compare progress during the pilot study with that of previous cohorts, factoring out differences in prior attainment. Evidence for improved attainment through the introduction of the VLE was inconclusive, with only a small, statistically insignificant gain. Data mining techniques suggested that pupils using the VLE in a more strategic manner received the greatest benefit. ...

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  • Now a new, third option (Option B+) proposes further evolution—not only providing the same triple ARV drugs to all HIV-infected pregnant women beginning in the antenatal clinic setting but also continuing this therapy for all of these women for life. Important advantages of Option B+ include: further simplification of regimen and service delivery and harmonization with ART programmes, protection against mother-to-child transmission in future pregnancies, a continuing prevention benefit against sexual transmission to serodiscordant partners, and avoiding stopping and starting of ARV drugs.

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  • Interview participants identified a number of things that help develop trust, respect, and appreciation in the relationship. They felt, however, that these actions were not taken with the specific purpose of developing those feelings, but rather these actions were good practice in their organizations for other reasons and had the added benefit of helping to develop trust, respect, and appreciation.

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