Strategies for concurrency

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  • Speed. Aside from caffeine, nothing quickens the pulse of a programmer as much as the blazingly fast execution of a piece of code. How can we fulfill the need for computational speed? Moore’s law takes us some of the way, but multicore is the real future. To take full advantage of multicore, we need to program with concurrency in mind. In a concurrent program, two or more actions take place simultaneously. A concurrent program may download multiple files while performing computations and updating the database. We often write concurrent programs using threads in Java.

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  • Advanced Reading Power, by Beatrice S. Mikulecky and Linda Jeffries, is a student-centered reading skills textbook based on a cognitive skills approach. Its four key sections, designed to be used concurrently, help advanced students master reading skills needed for academic success: Extensive Reading helps students to build reading fluency, increase comprehension, and broaden vocabulary. Vocabulary Building includes numerous strategies for learning vocabulary, including using context clues, analyzing word parts, and noticing collocations.

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  • Greenplum’s SG Streaming™ technology ensures parallelism by “scattering” data from all source systems across hundreds or thousands of parallel streams that simultaneously flow to all Greenplum Database nodes (Figure 11). Performance scales with the number of Greenplum Database nodes, and the technology supports both large batch and continuous near-real-time loading patterns with negligible impact on concurrent database operations.

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  • Chapter 5: Design of goods and services. After completing this chapter, students will be able to: Define product life cycle, describe a product development system, build a house of quality, describe how time-based competition is implemented by OM, describe how products and services are defined by OM, describe the documents needed for production, describe customer participation in the design and production of services, apply decision trees to product issues.

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  • Chapter 17 - Concurrent programming. This chapter illustrates each of these scenarios, along with the coordination and data shming strategies that underlie their effective implementation. To provide a focus for this discussion, our examples favor Java as the language of illustration. Concurrency features in several other languages are summalized at the end of the chapter.

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  • Technology, engineering and medicine have inter- vened in the way we manage water and wetlands to successfully improve aspects of and foster human health. Over the same period, increasing human populations and increasing rates of consumption by humans, alterations to land use and land cover and the practices of irrigation, all associated with agri- culture, urban expansion, and global environmental change, have collectively and substantially adversely modified wetland systems, in terms of both water quality and water quantity.

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