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  • Robust natural language interpretation requires strong semantic domain models, "fall-soff" recovery heuristics, and very flexible control structures. Although single-strategy parsers have met with a measure of success, a multi.strategy approach is shown to provide a much higher degree of flexibility, redundancy, and ability to bring task-specific domain knowledge (in addition to general linguistic knowledge) to bear on both grammatical and ungrammatical input. A parsing algorithm is presented that integrates several different parsing strategies, with case-frame instantiation dominating. ...

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  • In Vietnam, after the conversion from the command economy to market economy, the local enterprises faced many difficulties in strategic management. Businesses need to research, develop a strategic tool to have enough flexibility to respond to market changes. A business strategy must be formulated on the basis of analysis and forecast opportunities, threats, strengths and weaknesses of the enterprise, helping businesses obtain general information about the external and internal business environment. Viettel Group is one successful model of change to the market economy.

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  • To conduct the complete top-down and competitive analyses, develop alternative strategies and select a prioritized set of strategies that will ensure a competitive advantage for Viettel mobile in the period of 2011-2015. Subject & Scope of the study - Subject: Viettel group & other competitive companies in the mobile telecommunication industry. - Scope: Basing on specific statistics on the macro environment, industry and organizational environment of the Viettel from 2005 to 2010 and orientation until 2015....

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  • (BQ) Part 2 book "Consumer behavior - Building marketing strategy" has contents: Self-Concept and lifestyle, situational influences, consumer decision process and problem recognition, information search, alternative evaluation and selection, outlet selection and purchase, postpurchase processes, customer satisfaction and customer commitment.

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  • Annotating training data for event extraction is tedious and labor-intensive. Most current event extraction tasks rely on hundreds of annotated documents, but this is often not enough. In this paper, we present a novel self-training strategy, which uses Information Retrieval (IR) to collect a cluster of related documents as the resource for bootstrapping.

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  • Chapter 13 - Sales and sales management. Learning objectives of this chapter include: Identify sales' strategic communication role, select the types of selling used for different types of relationships, outline the sales strategy associated with each type of selling, compare and contrast organizational structures used to manage sales,...

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  • In text categorization, feature selection (FS) is a strategy that aims at making text classifiers more efficient and accurate. However, when dealing with a new task, it is still difficult to quickly select a suitable one from various FS methods provided by many previous studies. In this paper, we propose a theoretic framework of FS methods based on two basic measurements: frequency measurement and ratio measurement. Then six popular FS methods are in detail discussed under this framework.

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  • In this topic we will cover the following aspects: Retail outlet selection, influence of consumer characteristics, in-store influences and brand choice, and how these influences relate to marketing strategy selection. The changes due to Internet retailing will also be discussed.

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  • The learning objectives for Chapter 7 include: The nature of services, service strategy: focus & advantage, service-system design matrix, service blueprinting, service fail-safing, characteristics of a well-designed service delivery system.

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  • In this chapter, you will explore how companies select their international strategies and structures. You will also: Learn about the variety of strategies that companies use in international business, examine the organizational structures used in international operations, and understand factors relevant to selecting these strategies and structures.

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  • Lecture Research methods - Chapter 5 presents the following content: The need to sample, overview of sampling techniques, deciding on a suitable sample size, choosing the appropriate sampling technique, checking the sample representativeness, strategies to gain access.

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  • This paper discusses sampling strategies for building a dependency-analyzed corpus and analyzes them with different kinds of corpora. We used the Kyoto Text Corpus, a dependency-analyzed corpus of newspaper articles, and prepared the IPAL corpus, a dependency-analyzed corpus of example sentences in dictionaries, as a new and different kind of corpus. The experimental results revealed that the length of the test set controlled the accuracy and that the longest-first strategy was good for an expanding corpus, but this was not the case when constructing a corpus from scratch. ...

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  • Our goal is to identify the features that predict cue selection and placement in order to devise strategies for automatic text generation. Much previous work in this area has relied on ad hoc methods. Our coding scheme for the exhaustive analysis of discourse allows a systematic evaluation and refinement of hypotheses concerning cues. We report two results based on this analysis: a comparison of the distribution of Sn~CE and BECAUSEin our corpus, and the impact of embeddedness on cue selection. ...

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  • AI dialog systems are now developing from question-answering systems toward advising systems. This includes: - structuring dialog - understanding a n d generating a wider range o f speech acts than simply information request and answer user modelling discussed here, but see (Jameson, Wahlster 1982). The second part o f this paper presents user modelling with respect to a dialog strategy which selects and verbalizes the appropriate speech act of recommendation.

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  • Chapter 2 presents an overview of the importance of strategic planning and the process for developing a strategic plan. Typical problems encountered when strategy and projects are not linked are noted. A generic methodology that ensures integration by creating very strong linkages of project selection and priority to the strategic plan is then discussed.

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  • Chapter 12 - The one-to-one media. After reading this chapter, you should be able to: Map the range of utility for direct mail, telephone, and e-mail in modern business marketing; frame the decision of whether to use a telemarketing service bureau or develop an inside telemarketing operation; discuss a number of the synergies from combining media efforts in marketing communication programs; select an evaluation process befitting the communication objectives of the program.

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  • Chapter 15 - Evaluating marketing efforts. In this chapter, students will be able to understand: Describe the importance and dimensions of information and control systems, select appropriate tools of control for specific situations, calculate tolerance ranges for marketing performance, describe how control processes contribute to other organizational processes such as reengineering and strategic planning.

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  • The key to success is to prepare well to show the interviewer(s) you understand the job, have researched the employer and match the characteristics they are looking for. You have cleared the first hurdle of selection with your written application. Now you have a chance to make a personal impression on the selectors at interview.

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  • variety of comprehension strategies as needed (e.g., generating and responding to essential questions, making predictions, comparing information from several sources). The selections in Recommended Literature, Kindergarten Through Grade Twelve illustrate the quality and complexity of the materials to be read by students.

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  • The TOEFL iBT consists of four test sections: reading, listening, speaking and writing- Because the reading and listening questions are all multiple-choice questions, they are called selective tasks.

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