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  • These estimates were obtained by asking survey respondents about their health insurance coverage for the 12 months prior to the interview in 2008. Respondents were asked about all kinds of private and government health insurance, including Medicare, Medicaid, BadgerCare Plus, employer-provided coverage, and insurance bought directly from an insurance agent or insurance company. Respondents were also asked about whether they were insured for all 12 months since (date one year ago), or insured for part of that time, or not insured at all since (date one year ago).

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  • Because the insurance industry employs both captive and independent producers in its various models of product distribution, understanding the insurer-producer relationship is critical when determining the insurer’s responsibility for its appointed producers’ social media communications. As such, if the content of an appointed producer’s social media communication can be attributed to a specific carrier, regulators will also attribute the communication to the carrier.

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  • At the very outset, let me share the good news that a majority of media stakeholders that we interviewed across the 15 countries covered in the report thought future prospects for the media in the region were positive in spite of the impact of the economic downturn. We also noticed a growing preference for local Arabic content in countries that produce local content such as Egypt and Lebanon, indicating further maturation of the media industry and media consumers away from generalized regional or global media content....

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  • The term livelihood skills refers to capabilities, resources, and opportunities for pursuing individual and household economic goals (Population Council, Kenya); in other words, income generation. Livelihood skills include technical and vocational abilities (carpentry, sewing, computer programing, etc.); skills for seeking jobs, such as interviewing strategies; and business management, entrepreneurial, and money management skills. Though livelihood skills are critical to survival, health, and development, the focus of this document lies elsewhere....

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  • The prevalence of pulmonary tuberculosis among college students in Shaanxi is high. Although tuberculosis leaves much psychological and social impact on patients, little is known about its impact on college students. The objective of this study is to explore the experiences and psychological process of college students with pulmonary tuberculosis in Shaanxi, China. Methods: 17 college students with pulmonary tuberculosis were recruited purposively from 9 colleges in Shaanxi. Indepth interviews were conducted to collect data and a thematic framework analysis was used....

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  • Despite the reprimand, the program manager contracted with consultants to meet with state legislators and testify in favor of legislation even though he did not have the authority to do so. The Executive Director stated in an interview that he was not aware of these activities or that the program manager was not complying with the terms of the reprimand further demonstrating he was not providing adequate oversight of the program manager.

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  • The children, Internet users, who were interviewed in this study appear, for most of them, to be extremely familiar with this tool. Learning to use the Internet was, for them, almost “self evident”. A vast majority of them have access to the Internet at home, mostly through broadband connections. They use the Internet regularly and frequently ; however this frequency is correlated with age. 9- 10 year old children typically say that they connect several times per week, minimum connection time being half an hour to one hour.

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  • We will refer throughout the report to responses from interviews that we have carried out with media industry professionals across the region, and which will feed into many of the conclusions that we draw. Indeed, it is worth noting from the outset that in spite of the significant challenges that the media industry in the region is currently facing, there remains plenty of optimism among industry players, with 85% of the media professionals we have spoken with feeling either positive or neutral about the prospects for the Arab media industry in 2010....

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  • The interviews for this book were conducted from May 1977 to December 1979. They appeared as cover stories for the _TV Shopper_, a free weekly paper that was distributed to homes and businesses in New York City. Founded by Bruce Logan in the mid-1970s as the __West Side TV Shopper__, it consisted of TV listings, advertisements, and two full-page stories per issue. One was a "friendly" restaurant review of an advertiser; the other was a profile of a prominent resident of the Upper West Side of Manhattan. The honoree's face appeared on the cover, framed by a TV screen....

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  • It could be concluded from this study that the disease incidence and prevalence fate amongst children of displaced person were generally high with malaria and diarrhea the most prevalent and persistent. The fact that the internally displaced persons camps in Lafia were overcrowded, had poor sanitary conition, unsafe water sources, inadequate food supply could be the reasons for this, aside ignorance and beliefs of the people. The Nasarawa stat Government immunization intervention programme was substantial and commendable having a total of 24,818 idps vaccinated, however only 65.

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  • SỞ GD & ĐT LÂM ĐỒNG TRƯỜNG THPT TÂN THƯỢNG KỲ THI CHỌN HỌC SINH GIỎI CẤP TRƯỜNG LỚP 12 THPT (2009 – 2010) Môn: TIẾNG ANH Thời gian: 180 phút (không kể thời gian giao đề) Ngày thi: 26.09.2009 PART I: The passage below contains 11 errors. Identify and correct them. 0 is an example. When you are being interviewed to a job, remember that it’s normally for many people to be nervous, particular in such a stress-produce situation period. There are plenty of jobs – indeed, probably most – where a few nervousness isn’t looking at askance.

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  • PART I: Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word that differs from the rest in the position of the main stress in each of the following questions. Question 1: A. eventually B. capacity C. altogether D. particular Question 2: A. appearance B. ambitious C. performance D. telephone Question 3:A. temptation B. property C. government D. beautiful Question 4:A. relation B. arrange C. summary D. eliminate Question 5: A. interview B. processor C. essential D. compliment...

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  • Applicants should identify themselves as unique and stress how their contribution to the business school setting will be distinctive, embracing points of difference as opposed to burying them in ad- missions essays. After all, the very things that make them different could be what scores them a seat in a desirable MBA program. Additionally, applicants should prepare themselves to adapt to changes in the dynamic MBA admissions process.

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  • In addition to these reactions, research based on interviews with individuals experiencing grief indicates that such individuals may go through the following processes: trauma, shock, denial (by ignoring warnings or ignoring messages to take protective actions), anger (for example, in the form of emotional outbursts or assigning blame to others), bargaining (trying to find something to mitigate or solve the problem), depression, acceptance of loss and forgiveness.

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  • The practice of medicine has a long tradition of making a diagnosis by building up a composite picture of the symptoms and their history, a clinical examination and specialist investigations. A diagnosis enables the course of the disease to be predicted and the appropriate treatment used.However, scientific developments in genetics, by allowing us to detect specific abnormalities in chromosomes and in individual genes, are beginning to throw light on the mechanisms involved at a biochemical and molecular level.

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