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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu khoa học ngành toán học tạp chí Journal of Operator Theory đề tài: Các vấn đề Regge cho các chuỗi, mở rộng eigenfunction vô điều kiện hội tụ, và các cơ sở vô điều kiện của exponentials trong L ^ 2 (-T, T)...

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  • This paper is concerned with learning categorial grammars in Gold’s model. In contrast to k-valued classical categorial grammars, k-valued Lambek grammars are not learnable from strings. This result was shown for several variants but the question was left open for the weakest one, the non-associative variant NL. We show that the class of rigid and kvalued NL grammars is unlearnable from strings, for each k; this result is obtained by a specific construction of a limit point in the considered class, that does not use product operator. ...

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  • Syntax-based translation models that operate on the output of a source-language parser have been shown to perform better if allowed to choose from a set of possible parses. In this paper, we investigate whether this is because it allows the translation stage to overcome parser errors or to override the syntactic structure itself. We find that it is primarily the latter, but that under the right conditions, the translation stage does correct parser errors, improving parsing accuracy on the Chinese Treebank. ...

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  • This set of candidate surface strings, represented as a word lattice, is then rescored by a wordbigram language model, to produce the bestranked output sentence. FERGUS (Bangalore and Rambow, 2000), on the other hand, employs a model of syntactic structure during sentence realization. In simple terms, it adds a tree-based stochastic model to the approach taken by the Nitrogen system. This tree-based model chooses a best-ranked XTAG representation for a given dependency structure.

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  • Overloading unary operators Non-static member function, no arguments. Non-member function, one argument Argument must be class object or reference to class object Remember, static functions only access static data

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  • Bài giảng Lập trình C# 2010: Chương 5 - String Class có nội dung trình bày về: Constructor, String Field, String Operators, String Methods, DEMO String & Dictionary.

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  • Bài giảng Lập trình C# 2010: Chương 6 - String Class có nội dung trình bày về: Constructor, String Field, String Operators, String Methods, DEMO String & Dictionary.

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  • Module II is the second course in the C++ Programming for Game Developers series. Recall that in Module I we started off by studying fundamental programming concepts like variables, console input and output, arrays, conditional statements, strings, loops, and file input and output. We then pursued higher level programming methodologies such as classes, object oriented programming design, operator overloading, inheritance, and polymorphism. By now you should feel competent with the fundamentals and at least comfortable with the higher level subject matter...

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  • TDictionary represents a generic collection of key-value pairs. This class provides a mapping from a collection of keys to a collection of values. When you create a TDictionary object, you can specify various combinations of initial capacity, equality operation, and initial content. You can add a key that is associated with a corresponding value with the Add or AddOrSetValue methods. You can remove entries with Remove or Clear, which removes all key-value pairs. Adding or removing a key-value pair and looking up a key are efficient, close to O(1), because keys are hashed.

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  • (BQ)  C++ programming for Game (Module I) has 9 chapter: Chapter 1 - Introducing C++, Chapter 2 - Logic, conditionals, loops and arrays, Chapter 3 - Functions, Chapter 4 - References and pointers, Chapter 5 - Classes and object oriented programming, Chapter 6 - Strings and other topics, Chapter 7 - Operator overloading, Chapter 8 - File input and output, Chapter 9 - Inheritance and polymorphism.

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  • Reduce overall grain production and value by cracking is one of the main problems directly reduces income and the availability of staple food to the farmers in the Mekong Delta. Cracking or fissuring of a grain of wheat that may occur in the rice field by harvest time is not right / real, post-harvest conditions improper drying and milling activities inconsistent. There are a series of activities during harvesting and processing rice harvest. Figure 1 is a diagram showing a system of rice production in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam today. All strings in this system may contribute to losses.

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  • Any message written over a fixed set of symbols can be represented as a binary string (a sequence of 0's and 1's) Binary digits 0 and 1 are called bits To reduce computation overhead, encryption algorithms should only use operations that are easy to implement For a binary string X: The length of X, denoted by |X|, is the number of bits in X If |X| = l, X is an l-bit binary string Let a be a binary bit and k a non-negative integer. Denote by ak a binary string consisting of k copies of a Denote the concatenation of X and Y by XY or...

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  • Since its creation in 1987 Perl has become one of the most widely used programming languages. One measure of this is the frequency with which various languages are mentioned in job adverts. The site monitors trends: in 2010 it shows that the only languages receiving more mentions on job sites are C and its offshoots C++ and C#, Java, and JavaScript.

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  • Introduction to java programming: Chapter 3 - Control Statement's Objectives is to declare boolean type and write Boolean expressions; distinguish between conditional and unconditional && and operators; use Boolean expressions to control selection statements; implement selection control using if and nested if statements.

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  • This chapter includes contents: Kleene Star Closure, Plus operation, recursive definition of languages, INTEGER, EVEN, factorial, PALINDROME, {anbn}, languages of strings (i) ending in a, (ii) beginning and ending in same letters, (iii) containing aa or bb (iv)containing exactly aa.

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  • Contents Preface 1. Prepare A Simple C + + compiler C + + simple program C + + Making Activity variable input / output simply Comments Memory Integer number of characters actually Strings name Exercise 2. Arithmetic expressions of relational operators The operators logical operators bitwise operators increment / decrement operators assignment operator operating Conditional Operator Comma sizeof operator method offers simple exercises first type conversion

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  • INDEX multidimensional arrays, 48, 56 nowdoc syntax, 54 NULL data type, 48 object data type, 48 online documentation for PHP syntax, 47 performing calculations, 49 PHP as a weakly typed language, 48 PHP quick checklist of main language points, 67 precedence of arithmetic operators, table of, 50 print_r(), using to inspect the contents of an array, 57 resource data type, 48 return keyword, 66 side-effects of PHP s weak typing, 48 single and double quotes, 52 string data type, 48 switch statement, 60 ternary operator, 61 variables inside strings, 52 while loop, 62 See also overview of PHP re...

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  • HOW TO WRITE PHP SCRIPTS Combining calculations and assignment PHP offers a shorthand way of performing a calculation on a variable and reassigning the result to the variable through combined assignment operators. The main ones are listed in Table 3-3. Table 3-3. Combined arithmetic assignment operators used in PHP Operator += -= *= /= %= Example $a += $b $a -= $b $a *= $b $a /= $b $a %= $b Equivalent to $a = $a + $b $a = $a - $b $a = $a * $b $a = $a / $b $a = $a % $b Adding to an existing string The...

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  • HOW TO WRITE PHP SCRIPTS The main points to note about switch are as follows: • • • • • The expression following the case keyword must be a number or a string. You can t use comparison operators with case. So case 100: isn t allowed. Each block of statements should normally end with break, unless you specifically want to continue executing code within the switch statement. You can group several instances of the case keyword together to apply the same block of code to them. If no match is made, any statements following the default keyword are executed. If no...

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  • Part I: The C# LanguageChapter 1, C# 3.0 and .NET 3.5Chapter 2, Getting Started: “Hello World”Chapter 3, C# Language FundamentalsChapter 4, Classes and ObjectsChapter 5, Inheritance and PolymorphismChapter 6, Operator OverloadingChapter 7, StructsChapter 8, InterfacesChapter 9, Arrays, Indexers, and CollectionsChapter 10, Strings and Regular ExpressionsChapter 11, ExceptionsChapter 12, Delegates

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