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  • In biotechnology, the use of Escherichia colifor recombinant protein pro-duction has a long tradition, although the optimal production conditions for certain proteins are still not evident. The most favorable conditions for protein production vary with the gene product.

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  • As a Pacific nation, New Zealand’s close geographic proximity and strong economic and cultural ties with other Pacific countries further underscores the importance of supporting positive change in this region. The New Zealand Aid Programme focuses on areas and activities where New Zealand’s development assistance can have the most positive impact, and over half of New Zealand’s total aid goes to this region. One of the stated health priorities of the New Zealand Aid Programme is sexual and reproductive health.

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  • Investing in child health is an investment upstream. Quite simply, health in infancy and the early years contributes to healthy children and youth, and healthy children and youth contribute to health throughout the lifespan. Indeed, “the early development of cognitive skills, emotional well-being, social competence and sound physical and mental health builds a strong foundation for success well into the adult years…these abilities are critical prerequisites for economic productivity and responsible citizenship throughout life.

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  • There are a number of studies on the development of leadership skills. From the review of the literature, there are 11 most commonly identified skills that are characteristic of strong leaders. These skills include: Understanding the needs and characteristics of the post; Communicating; Knowing and using the resources of the group; Planning; Controlling group performance; Setting the example; Sharing leadership; Counseling; Evaluating; Effective teaching; and Representing the group. These skills will be discussed and selected in the following survey. ...

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  • In a country like the US, That is founded upon competitions and capitalism, producing clever television advertisements is the only way to keep up with a company’s competitors. If this means that false information must be presented by doctors, athletes, or celebrities to promote a product, then so be it. The US believes in freedom of speech, and the first amendment certainly protects the company’s right to advertise in a testimonial fashion.

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  • When the husband strays, it is the other woman (Sushmita Sen) who is blamed for the same and is demonized all through the film. The husband is absolved of adultery and he returns to his legitimate partner i.e. the wife at the end of the story. The significance of the title i.e. Biwi no.1 is because the wife is successful in bringing the husband back to the domestic arena – seen as the victory of the „traditional‟ (wife) over the „modern‟ (mistress/vamp). Such a portrayal has strong moral connotations associated with it. ...

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  • Early researchers in the field played down individual personality disturbances as causal agents of family violence in favour of social and cultural factors (27). More recently, though, research on family violence has shown that abusers who are physically aggressive are more likely to have personality disorders and alcohol-related problems than the general population (28).

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  • Our model identifies new explanations for why large and small firms make different insurance offer decisions; they are based on turnover rates and within-firm and between-firm heterogeneities. Large firms tend to have greater within-firm heterogeneity than small ones, and so they are more likely to have some employees who strongly desire health insurance and less likely to attract only workers who do not find health insurance attractive.

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  • Many distributed storage systems achieve high data access through- put via partitioning and replication, each system with its own ad- vantages and tradeoffs. In order to achieve high scalability, how- ever, today’s systems generally reduce transactional support, disal- lowing single transactions fromspanning multiple partitions. Calvin is a practical transaction scheduling and data replication layer that uses a deterministic ordering guarantee to significantly reduce the normally prohibitive contention costs associated with distributed transactions.

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  • You have no idea how grateful I am that finally someone had the will and power to visualize and act on what it has been a long, stressful and difficult career (for us salesmen). I have purchased your book around a month ago, after a long period of deep thought hoping it wasn't another scam that promises heaven and earth in one day. Every single word that you said was true! I STRONGLY RECOMMEND YOUR BOOK TO EVERYONE INVOLVED IN ANY KIND OF SALES. I still listen every single week in our "sales quota follow up meeting" that we...

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  • Additional examples further illustrate the benefit of this tool.

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  • Tuyển tập báo cáo các nghiên cứu khoa học quốc tế ngành y học dành cho các bạn tham khảo đề tài: Human herpesvirus 6 major immediate early promoter has strong activity in T cells and is useful for heterologous gene expression

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  • This session will be an opportunity to reflect on how development cooperation actors can best hold each other to account for commitments made on gender equality, women’s rights and the empowerment of women at sub-national, sector, national, regional and global levels.

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  • Community leaders in Sukumaland are calling for a strong lead from the Government. One was quoted as saying: ‘‘It is a question of educating the people. In other areas of the country where people are better educated, we don’t face this problem.’’ Until recently, the Government was reluctant to acknowledge that belief in witchcraft still existed. Now the subject is being widely discussed and officially condemned. In 1999, the Tanzanian Government made witchcraft the theme for International Women’s Day.

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  • The traditional approach of corporate governance in the financial sector often involved the regulator or bank supervisor relying on statutory authority to devise governance standards promoting the interests of shareholders, depositors and other stakeholders. In the United Kingdom, banking regulation has traditionally involved government regulators adopting standards and rules that were applied externally to regulated financial institutions.

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  • All other aspects of Marketing and Innovation remain fairly steady, but businesses continue to have difficulty promoting their businesses effectively to increase sales. Success in the Workforce area slipped this wave, as small businesses feel less successful in training and developing employees (only 58 percent are highly successful compared to 65 percent a year ago). They do moderately well in maximizing employee productivity and rewarding employees. Customer Service is an area where small businesses continue to shine.

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  • If you are working within an existing organisation, make sure that your logo is prominent on any publicity and all printed materials to make best use of the opportunities to raise your profile and help create a cumulative effect with your event’s advertising. If your event is a standalone affair you may want to create a logo to make it recognisable at a glance. If your event has received sponsorship or grants remember to include the relevant logo/s on all promotional material. Asking local companies for sponsorship can raise their profile as well as money if...

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  • The media strongly influence people’s conceptions and perceptions of the so- cial environment. While providing entertainment, they also impart information, cul- tural knowledge and values that in turn influence how people come to view themselves, certain social groups, gender roles, etc. Thus, the media not only aid in socialization, but by providing symbolic resources, they also exercise a form of pedagogy.

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  • Arsenic is a strong stimulus of heme oxygenase (HO)-1 expression in experimental studies in response to oxidative stress caused by a stimulus. A functional GT-repeat polymorphism in the HO-1 gene promoter was inversely correlated to the development of coronary artery disease in diabetics and development of restenosis following angioplasty in patients. The role of this potential vascular protective factor in carotid atherosclerosis remains unclear. We previously reported a graded association of arsenic...

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  • Infection with HPV is highly prevalent among gay and bisexual men. This population also has a high incidence of HPV-associated anal lesions and cancer. Gay and bisexual men living with HIV have an even higher inci- dence and progression of disease. This is similar to the story for cervical cancer. However, with strong advocacy and a concerted effort by researchers, clinicians, and public health leaders, dramatic reductions in the incidence of cervical cancer have been achieved.

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