Structural measures

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  • This paper presents the calculations using LITPACK models, aiming to select the restoration solution for Cua Tung beach, severely eroded in recent years. The results are just the preliminary, but they are useful to direct the optimal measures to bring the beach back to its original state serving the social and economic development in Quang Tri province. Keywords: MIKE, LITPACK, erosion, cross-sections, sediment, coastline. 1. Introduction∗ Cua Tung beach of Quang Tri province was one of the most beautiful ones, attracting many...

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  • The basis of this book lies in the highly successful text Principles of Measurement and measured by the same author. The first edition was published in 1988, and a second edition, revised and expanded in 1993 to appear. Since that time, some new developments have occurred in the area of ​​measurement.

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  • This chapter presents an overview of quantitative indicators of financial structure, devel- opment, and soundness. It provides guidance on key system-wide and sectoral indicators, including definitions, measurement, and usage. Key data sources for these indicators are explained in appendix C (Data Sources for Financial Sector Assessments). Detailed analysis and benchmarking of these indicators are discussed in chapters 3 and 4. More detailed data requirements are presented in appendix B (Illustrative Data Questionnaires for Comprehensive Financial Sector Assessments)....

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  • Rutherford (also Geiger-Marsden) Experiment (1911): Measured angular dependence of   particles (He ions) scattered from gold foil. The results: • Mostly scattering at small angles. But… • Occasional scatterings at large angles (even 90o)  Something massive in there ! Conclusion: Most of atomic mass is concentrated in a small region of the atom Recall some history:

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  • fast pace. As part of the structural adjustment programmes of the late 1980s and early 1990s Bangladesh undertook a number of initiatives towards trade liberalisation and trade promotion to stimulate exports and encourage investment in export-oriented activities. The major objective of these reforms was removal of anti-export bias, introduction of incentives for exports and facilitation of participation in global labour market.

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  • • Algorithm efficiency is considered with only big problem sizes. • We are not concerned with an exact measurement of an algorithm's efficiency. • Terms that do not substantially change the function’s magnitude are eliminated.

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  • The fundamental concepts, ideas and methods underlying all vibration phenomena are explained and illustrated in this book. The principles of classical linear vibration theory are brought together with vibration measurement, signal processing and random vibration for application to vibration problems in all areas of engineering. The book pays particular attention to the dynamics of structures, but the methods of analysis presented here apply readily to many other fields.

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  • Question 1. Reorder the following efficiencies from the smallest to the largest: a. 2n3 + n5 b. 2000 c. 4n+1 d. n4 e. (n-1)! f. nlog2(n) g. 2klogk(n) (k is a predefined constant) Solution: Efficiency: a measure of amount of time for an algorithm to execute (Time Efficiency) or a measure of amount of memory needed for an algorithm to execute (Space Efficiency).

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  • The field of medical imaging is advancing at a rapid pace. Imaging modalities like x-ray radiography, x-ray computed tomography (CT), ultrasound, nuclear imaging, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and optical imaging have been used in biology and medicine to visualize anatomical structures as large as the lung and liver and as small as molecules. Ultrasound is considered the most cost-effective among them. It is used routinely in hospitals and clinics for diagnosing a variety of diseases.

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  • I will discuss experiments which probe the large-scale organization of mitotic chromosomes, using a combination of chemical modifi-cations and micromechanical force measurements. Restriction nucleases cause dissolution of the chromosome, indicating that DNA itself is the contiguous structural element of the chromosome. Therefore the non-DNA (i.e., protein) components must be isolated from one another, suggesting that the mitotic chromosome is best thought of as a network or gel of chromatin.

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  • Why do proteins adopt the conformations that they do, and what determines their stabilities? While we have come to some understandingof the forces that underlie protein architecture, a precise, predictive, physicochemical explanation is still elusive. Two obstacles to addressing these questions are the unfathomable vastness of protein sequence space, and the difficulty in makingdirect phy-sical measurements on large numbers of protein variants. Here, we review combinatorial methods that have been applied to problems in protein biophysics over the last 15 years.

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  • This paper presents a comparative study of target dependency structures yielded by several state-of-the-art linguistic parsers. Our approach is to measure the impact of these nonisomorphic dependency structures to be used for string-to-dependency translation. Besides using traditional dependency parsers, we also use the dependency structures transformed from PCFG trees and predicate-argument structures (PASs) which are generated by an HPSG parser and a CCG parser.

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  • In this work we address the task of computerassisted assessment of short student answers. We combine several graph alignment features with lexical semantic similarity measures using machine learning techniques and show that the student answers can be more accurately graded than if the semantic measures were used in isolation. We also present a first attempt to align the dependency graphs of the student and the instructor answers in order to make use of a structural component in the automatic grading of student answers. ...

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  • Dependency analysis of natural language has gained importance for its applicability to NLP tasks. Non-projective structures are common in dependency analysis, therefore we need fine-grained means of describing them, especially for the purposes of machine-learning oriented approaches like parsing. We present an evaluation on twelve languages which explores several constraints and measures on non-projective structures. We pursue an edge-based approach concentrating on properties of individual edges as opposed to properties of whole trees. ...

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  • The API computes semantic relatedness by: 1. taking a pair of words as input; 2. retrieving the Wikipedia articles they refer to (via a disambiguation strategy based on the link structure of the articles); 3. computing paths in the Wikipedia categorization graph between the categories the articles are assigned to; 4. returning as output the set of paths found, scored according to some measure definition. The implementation includes path-length (Rada et al., 1989; Wu & Palmer, 1994; Leacock & Chodorow, 1998), information-content (Resnik, 1995; Seco et al.

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  • Recent work by Nerbonne and Wiersma (2006) has provided a foundation for measuring syntactic differences between corpora. It uses part-of-speech trigrams as an approximation to syntactic structure, comparing the trigrams of two corpora for statistically significant differences. This paper extends the method and its application. It extends the method by using leafpath ancestors of Sampson (2000) instead of trigrams, which capture internal syntactic structure—every leaf in a parse tree records the path back to the root.

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  • Better representations of plot structure could greatly improve computational methods for summarizing and generating stories. Current representations lack abstraction, focusing too closely on events. We present a kernel for comparing novelistic plots at a higher level, in terms of the cast of characters they depict and the social relationships between them. Our kernel compares the characters of different novels to one another by measuring their frequency of occurrence over time and the descriptive and emotional language associated with them.

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  • With the aim to distinguish between local and global conformational changes induced by trifluoroethanol in RNase A, spectroscopic and activity measurements in combination with proteolysis by unspecific proteases have been exploited for probing structural transitions of RNase A as a function of trifluoroethanol concentration. At 30% (v/v) trifluoroethanol (pH 8.0; 25 °C), circular dichroism and fluorescence spectroscopy indicate a cooperative collapse of the tertiary structure of RNase A coinciding with the loss of its enzymatic activity....

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  • A novel method, based upon primer extension, has been developed for measuring the reopening temperature of a single type of DNA hairpin structure. Two DNA oligo-nucleotides have been utilized and designated as primers 1 and2.Primer1,withits5- and3¢-termini fully comple-mentary to the hairpin flanking sequences, was used to evaluate primer extension conditions, and primer 2, with its 3¢-end competing with the DNA hairpin stem, was used to detect the DNA hairpin reopening temperature.

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  • This paper presents an approach for the automatic acquisition of qualia structures for nouns from the Web and thus opens the possibility to explore the impact of qualia structures for natural language processing at a larger scale. The approach builds on earlier work based on the idea of matching specific lexico-syntactic patterns conveying a certain semantic relation on the World Wide Web using standard search engines. In our approach, the qualia elements are actually ranked for each qualia role with respect to some measure. ...

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