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  • These notes are written based on the book The C Programming Language, by Brian Kernighan and Dennis Ritchie, or K&R (The second edition was published in 1988 by Prentice-Hall, ISBN 0-13-110362-8.). The sections are cross-referenced to those of K&R, for the reader who wants to pursue a more in-depth exposition.

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  •  These lessons are designed using basic skills already learned by students; to measure and to draw straight lines using a ruler. Elements of self-expression are based on familiarity and habit and will come gradually - particularly when the student grows comfortable with the lesson structure. Such self-expression is first emphasised in the homestudy area.

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  • The lecture notes are organized as follows: Chapter 1 gives a concise overview of the theory of Lebesgue and Stieltjes integration and convergence theorems used repeatedly in this course. For mathematic students, familiar e.g. with the content of Bauer (1996) or Bauer (2001), this chapter can be skipped or used as additional reference . Chapter 2 follows closely F¨ollmer’s approach to Itˆo’s calculus, and is to a large extent based on lectures given by him in Bonn (see Foellmer (1991)). A motivation for this approach is given in Sect. 2.1.

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  • To help you specialize in Architecture - Building materials further serve the needs of learning and research. Invite you to consult the document content, "Steel Structural Design Manual for Engineers" below. Hope content useful document serves the learning needs and work.

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  • Typical algorithms and data structures textbooks are seven or eight hundred pages long, include chapters about software engineering and the programming language used in the book, and include appendices with yet more information about the programming language. Often they include lengthy case studies with tens of pages of specifications and code. Frequently they are hardcover books printed in two colors; sometimes they have sidebars with various sorts of supplementary material.

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  • Since the early Sixties and Seventies it has been known that the regular and context-free languages are characterized by definability in the monadic second-order theory of certain structures. More recently, these descriptive characterizations have been used to obtain complexity results for constraint- and principle-based theories of syntax and to provide a uniform model-theoretic framework for exploring the relationship between theories expressed in disparate formal terms.

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  • The organisation and structure of the independent design profession in different countries is the focus of this report. The countries covered are: UK, France, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, USA and China. Design professions principally refer to industrial/product design, graphics, corporate identity, packaging and interiors. Software and fashion design are excluded.

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  • This paper addresses the issue of designing embodied conversational agents that exhibit appropriate posture shifts during dialogues with human users. Previous research has noted the importance of hand gestures, eye gaze and head nods in conversations between embodied agents and humans. We present an analysis of human monologues and dialogues that suggests that postural shifts can be predicted as a function of discourse state in monologues, and discourse and conversation state in dialogues.

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  • (BQ) Part 1 book "Lecture notes dermatology" presentation of content: Structure and function of the skin, hair and nails, approach to the diagnosis of dermatological disease, emergency dermatology, bacterial and viral infections, fungal infections, ectoparasite infections, eczema,... and other contents.

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  • Lecture 2: Classical encryption techniques. This chapter includes contents: Basic vocabulary of encryption and decryption, building blocks of classical encryption techniques, caesar cipher, the swahili angle, monoalphabetic ciphers, the all-fearsome statistical attack, multiple-character encryption to mask plaintext structure, another multi-letter cipher, polyalphabetic ciphers,...

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  • Lecture 3: Block ciphers and the data encryption standard. This chapter include objectives: To introduce the notion of a block cipher in the modern context, to talk about the infeasibility of ideal block ciphers, to introduce the notion of the feistel cipher structure, to go over DES and the data encryption standard.

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  • Lecture 8 - AES: The advanced encryption standard. In this chapter you will learn: Salient features of AES, the encryption key and its expansion, the overall structure of AES, the four steps in each round of processing, the substitution bytes step: subbytes and invsubbytes, the shift rows step: shiftrows and invshiftrows, the mix columns step: mixcolumns and invmixcolumns, the key expansion algorithm.

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  • Lecture 14: Elliptic curve cryptography and digital rights management. The goals of this chapter are: Introduction to elliptic curves, a group structure imposed on the points on an elliptic curve, geometric and algebraic interpretations of the group operator, elliptic curves on prime finite fields, Perl and Python implementations for elliptic curves on prime finite fields,...

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  • Lecture 15: Hashing for message authentication. The goals of this chapter are: What is a hash function? Different ways to use hashing for message authentication, the one-way and collision-resistance properties of secure hash functions, the birthday paradox and the birthday attack, structure of cryptographically secure hash functions,...

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  • Lecture 18: Packet filtering firewalls (Linux). The goals of this chapter are: Packet-filtering vs. proxy-server firewalls; the four iptables supported by the Linux kernel: filter, nat, mangle, and raw; creating and installing new firewall rules; structure of the filter table, connection tracking and extension modules, designing your own filtering firewall.

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  • Lecture 25: Security issues in structured peer-to-peer networks. This topic will describe: What are peer-to-peer (P2P) overlay networks, distributed hash tables (DHT), the chord protocol, the pastry protocol, the kademlia protocol, the bittorrent file sharing protocol, security aspects of structured DHT-based P2P protocols.

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  • Lecture 26: Small-world peer-to-peer networks and their security issues. This chapter include objectives: differences between structured P2P and small-world P2P, freenet as originally envisioned by Ian Clarke, the small-world phenomenon, demonstration of the small-world phenomenon by computer simulation, decentralized routing in small-world networks,...

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  • Lecture 31: Filtering out spam. After studying this chapter you will be able to understand: Spam and computer security; how i read my email; the acronyms MTA, MSA, MDA, MUA, etc; structure of email messages; how spammers alter email headers; a very brief introduction to regular expressions; an overview of procmail based spam filtering; writing procmail recipes.

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  • This textbook, like all textbooks, was born of necessity. When I went looking for a suitable textbook for my course on Lexical-Functional Grammar at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, I discovered that there wasn’t one. So I decided to write one, based on my lecture notes. The writing accelerated when, while I was on sabbatical at Stanford University (August 1999– February 2000), Dikran Karagueuzian of CSLI Publications expressed interest in publishing it.

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  • This Software Manual has been developed for use with the referenced Software. Use of the Software, and use of this Software Manual are governed by a License Agreement. Among other provisions, the License Agreement sets certain warranties for the Software and this Manual, disclaims other warranties, limits recoverable damages, defines permitted uses of the Software, and determines whether you are an authorized user of the Software. All information set forth in this manual is provided with the warranty set forth in the License Agreement.

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