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  • We present an architecture and an on-line learning algorithm and apply it to the problem of part-ofspeech tagging. The architecture presented, SNOW, is a network of linear separators in the feature space, utilizing the Winnow update algorithm. Multiplicative weight-update algorithms such as Winnow have been shown to have exceptionally good behavior when applied to very high dimensional problems, and especially when the target concepts depend on only a small subset of the features in the feature space. ...

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  • Ngày nay với sự phát triển của công nghệ,một ứng dụng có thể được tách thành nhiều phần (layer) và chúng được chạy ở trên nhiều máy tính khác nhau,chẳng hạn như: tầng giao diện (The presentation/User Interface) ,tầng nghiệp vụ (Business logic/Controller), tầng truy xuất dữ liệu (data access model). Mô hình MVC ra đời để đáp ứng cho những yêu cầu trên,và nó được chọn làm kiến trúc triển khai trên các ứng dụng web application....

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  • We report grammar inference experiments on partially parsed sentences taken from the Wall Street Journal corpus using the inside-outside algorithm for stochastic context-free grammars. The initial grammar for the inference process makes no ,assumption of the kinds of structures and their distributions. The inferred grammar is evaluated by its predicting power and by comparing the bracketing of held out sentences imposed by the inferred grammar with the partial bracketings of these sentences given in the corpus.

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  • We define a set of deterministic bottom-up left to right parsers which analyze a subset of Tree Adjoining Languages. The LR parsing strategy for Context Free Grammars is extended to Tree Adjoining Grammars (TAGs). We use a machine, called Bottom-up Embedtied Push Down Automaton (BEPDA), that recognizes in a bottom-up fashion the set of Tree Adjoining Languages (and exactly this se0. Each parser consists of a finite state control that drives the moves of a Bottom-up Embedded Pushdown Automaton. ...

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