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  • In summer 1995, as part of its response to the need for assuring that public funding of health programs be related to documented program performance, the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) requested that the National Research Council convene an expert panel to examine and report on the technical issues involved in establishing performance measures in ten substantive program areas.

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  • If you have been in the business of sustainable development over the last few decades, you will be very familiar with a variety of concepts that have been widely used in the rhetoric, in the policies and in the literature.

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  • Chapter 11 presents deficits, surpluses, and the public debt. After studying this chapter you will be able to understand: What a budget deficit and a budget surplus are, and their connection to the public debt; about the recent history of Canada’s budget surpluses, deficits and public debt; the misconceptions about budget deficits and the national debt; the substantive issues about budget deficits and the public debt; the effect of the recent budgetary surplus.

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  • Financial econometrics has become one of the most active areas of research in econometrics. The Journal of Financial Econometrics is dedicated to this fast-growing field. The Journal addresses substantive statistical issues raised by the tremendous growth of the financial industry over the last decades. The goal of the Journal is to reflect and advance the relationship between econometrics and finance, both at the methodological and at the empirical levels.

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  • These issues have brought us into contact with an expanded set of policymakers—both here and abroad. Under Dodd- Frank, established regulators like the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and new ones like the Financial Stability Oversight Council are writing rules that aˆect funds and their advisers. And worldwide, policymakers are adopting a more global stance. The Institute has worked to ensure that policy- makers understand the functioning and vital role of our funds. As always, our approach has been highly substantive and constructive.

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  • Inside The Minds recognize the “circle of cross-influence.” They must expand their knowledge of the new stakeholders, such as NGOs, and investigate every possible means of communicating with them. PR professionals must assure substantive, factual content to ensure acceptance of material by end users. Given a continuously improved offering, we have the ability to become the primary communications methodology for the complex business issues coming in the years ahead. Richard Edelman was named president and chief executive officer, Edelman Public Relations Worldwide in September 1996.

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  • This is a treatise on individual rights and liberties, under the U.S. Constitution, as interpreted by the federal Supreme Court. It contains references to more than 2,500 opinions of the Court, and covers, in a comprehensive way, ten major decisional areas: • general issues of constitutional rights (e.g., rightholders, state action, affirmative obligations of government, substantive due process, waiver of rights); • procedural rights (including fundamental rights in criminal procedure); • personal inviolability and liberty;...

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  • This book brings together two of the important intellectual or theoretical issues of concern to students of comparative constitutional law as it has developed in the United States over the past decade.

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  • 5. Powerful, high-quality communications are built upon substantive information – knowledge, research, and creativity. Good public relations is not focused exclusively on good stories, and it never hides from the tough issues that need to be addressed. Rather, it deals with all facets of a company, including both difficult and easy issues. Golden Rules of Public Relations Listen carefully to clients, colleagues, media representatives, and other interested parties to understand all relevant viewpoints and perspectives.

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  • The literary and informational texts chosen for study should be rich in content. Since certain works are products of exceptional craft and thought, all students should have access to these especially strong models of thinking and writing. This includes texts that have broad resonance and are referred to and quoted often, such as influential political documents, foundational literary works, and seminal historical and scientific texts.

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  • Follow-up action on the gender audit’s recommendations is crucial and this is where the ownership of the audit by the Work Unit/Offi ce is important in advocating, intervening and scaling up action. Often a gender audit works as an entry point for discussing wider substantive and operational concerns.

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  • The Handbook of State Government Administration considers the range of administrative and management practices employed by state governments in the United States. These practices are discussed and analyzed from both conceptual and applied perspectives. Chapters have been written by individuals with outstanding academic backgrounds and substantial experience dealing with administrative and management issues in substantive policy areas.

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