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  • Responses to the Council's consultation document demonstrated how many of these ethical values may be interpreted in diverse and sometimes contradictory ways. This potential for conflicts in usage does not mean that these values are made redundant; but rather that the way they are being used in particular circumstances needs to be made explicit and, where necessary, justified.

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  • People often turn to egg or sperm donors when they cannot use their own eggs or sperm to become pregnant, or when they don’t have both sperm and eggs available to them, such as single women or people in LGBT relationships. They can go through a fertility clinic, an egg brokerage agency, a sperm bank, or recruit a known donor (friend, family member) or unknown donor (place Web or newspaper ad). Sperm donation can be used for AI, IVF, GIFT, and ZIFT; egg donation for all but AI. The term “donor” can be misleading as “donors” are often paid...

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  • Being a highly perishable commodity and produced primarily in the heart of the rural environment, milk reaches the consumer only with much difficulty and increased cost. Urban usage of milk is only 30% with the formal milk processing industry handling only 2 to 3 % (around 1 billion liters) of total milk production of the country. For the other 97%, a multi-layered distribution system of middlemen has evolved for milk supply.

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  • This optimistic view of Fries was replacing a pessimistic view, termed the failure of success, expressed earlier by Gruenberg (38). This view, also based on limited evidence, felt that the extension of life for persons with chronic conditions, without a reduction in the incidence of these conditions,would lead to deterioration in population health. Manton (48) proposed a position somewhere between the two outlined above.

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  • Neighborhood features may be protective or harmful for health of persons once in old age. Given the rapidly aging population, and the potential economic and social benefits of having older persons age in place, understanding the effects of neighborhoods on the health of the elderly is important for the formulation of public policy. In this paper, we provide an overview of what is known about neighborhoods and health in late life and discuss the potential and challenges of using national survey data to study this topic.

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  • The infectiousness of a TB patient is directly related to the number of droplet nuclei carrying M. tuberculosis (tubercle bacilli) that are expelled into the air. Depending on the environment, these tiny particles can remain suspended in the air for several hours. M. tuberculosis is transmitted through the air, not by surface contact. Infection occurs when a person inhales droplet nuclei containing M. tuberculosis, and the droplet nuclei traverse the mouth or nasal passages, upper respiratory tract, and bronchi to reach the alveoli of the lungs.

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  • To effectively perform their respective functions, all stakeholders, in particu- lar, governments, need access to accurate and up-to-date information on opportunities, actual transfers, and the technical and economic impact of large investments. In many cases, lack of such information makes it difficult to identify and utilize opportunities, ensure a level playing field, and enforce regulation and contracts properly.

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  • The issues of media, identity and gender are being discussed all over today. They have become integral to the discipline of media studies. The reason is the popularity and diversity of media as a source of mass consumption and its influence on constructing ideas and generating debate. The media scene in India has expanded in the recent times as there is a plethora of media choices available to the audiences. Media structures and systems have also undergone a sea change with privatization and globalization. Huge corporations with their own profit motives own media houses.

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  • Originals of important insurance papers should be kept in a safe place, preferably in a bank safe depos box. Be sure your papers include contact information for your agent or company , important receipts, your flood insurance policy and documentation on your personal property and contents of your home. Keep copies in your home or business in the safest, most accessible place possible that is not subject to flooding Having this detailed documentation will make filing your claim much easier .

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  • In addition to establishing a wholly owned subsidiary (or setting up a joint venture in India), a foreign company may establish its presence in India by setting up a liaison office, representative office, project or site office or branch. However, a branch of a foreign company attracts a higher rate of tax than a subsidiary or joint venture company. A l iaison off ice (also known as representative off ice) acts as a communication channel between the head office abroad and parties in India. It cannot carry on commercial activities in India and cannot earn income in India. The...

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  • Fourth, our analysis of consultation patterns for the management of specific pregnancy- related conditions suggests pregnant women are making discretionary decisions regarding whom to consult depending on their immediate health concerns. Chiropractors are frequently consulted for back pain and sciatica, massage therapists consulted more commonly for neck pain, and naturopaths and acupuncturists more likely to be consulted for pregnancy-related nausea. Women are consulting with CAM practitioners most commonly for management of pain-related conditions.

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  • To put the profit values in perspective, we calculate profitability ratios. Rate of return on assets (ROA) is the farm operating profit (equal to net farm income plus interest expense less value of operator labor and management) divided by average total farm asset value (valued at current market value). Rate of return on assets is a measure of how much profit the farm business assets generated. The average 2005 dairy farm ROA (Market) was 3.2 percent, below 2004 value of 5.2 percent (Table 3). Return on equity tells a similar story.

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  • The efficient outcome of regulation is to have each source control emissions up to the point where the marginal costs of further controls exceed the marginal social benefits of greater pollution reductions. This definition is the easy part of policy design. The difficult part is designing policies that, when implemented in the real world, approximate efficient control behavior. In theory, a tax-based policy and a command-and-control quantity standard can both achieve the efficient outcome.

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  • This project has demonstrated the current interest in assessing and distinguishing the impacts on biodiversity of climate change and atmospheric pollution. It is strongly recommended that this proposal is used as the basis to decide whether or not to pursue and implement the new network. It has provided recommendations and options for an implementation plan and estimated costs. It has also shown that it will be most important to establish the right organisational framework, obtain agreement between parties and sufficient funding.

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  • The impacts of climate change and air pollution are particularly difficult to identify with a high degree of confidence. One of the main reasons for this is that climate and air pollution are rarely measured at sites where biodiversity is monitored so potential relationships can only be assessed by using interpolated national data.

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  • A spot for Fox TV’s American Idol on Wednesdays at primetime commands the most dollars per :30 ($518,466), but how much more is that than a spot for runner-up CSI:Crime Scene Investigation on CBS-TV the following night? And what about that growth in a Super Bowl :30 spot since the $42,000 average cost paid per :30 at Super Bowl I in 1967? Omnicom Group may be the world’s biggest marketing organization but how do its agency networks stack up against their competition? How big and far-reaching are those multifaceted media goliaths? It’s all in the FactPack, whether in print form on your...

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  • Outgoing EU environment commissioner Margot Wallström has vowed to continue promoting environmentally sustainable policies when she becomes communications commissioner on 1 November. The Swede's experience and seniority in the new Commission could make her an influential political ally to incoming EU environment commissioner Stavros Dimas. "I firmly believe that sustainable development is the only way in which we can ensure continued human welfare and a fair distribution of our wealth," Ms Wallström said.

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  • If your route uses rights of way on land owned by local authorities or by private landowners you don’t need their permission but it is polite and sensible to contact them. If it uses roads, then you should contact the relevant local authority’s highways team. You may also have to approach other departments of the same or another tier of local authority to consult them about the location of checkpoints and event facilities. Local authorities are structured very differently in different places.

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  • Income tax rates are at the center of many recent policy debates over taxes. On the one hand, some argue that raising tax rates, especially on higher income taxpayers, to increase tax revenues is part of the solution for long-term debt reduction. For example, in the 112th Congress the Senate passed the Middle Class Tax Cut Act (S. 3412), which would allow the 2001 and 2003 Bush-era tax cuts to expire for taxpayers with income over $250,000 ($200,000 for single taxpayers). 3 On the other hand, others argue that maintaining low tax rates is necessary to foster economic growth.

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  • Effective development partnerships are a priority of the evolving post-2015 UN development agenda and can be expected to gain more prominence in multi-stakeholder discussions at global level in the future. The 2010 High-level Plenary meeting of the General Assembly, Rio+20 and the Busan Global Partnership all make explicit reference to this important engine to fulfil commitments for effective development cooperation.

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