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  • Management is delegation. Either learn to delegate or you will be buried in work that others could, and should, be doing. ‘Managing’ is the alternative to doing something yourself. Management responsibility is the del- egation of tasks to others, and the control of outcomes. If you could get everything done your- self, there would be no need for staff. If you cannot do everything yourself, there needs to be delegation. If there needs to be delegation, then someone must manage the assignments....

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  • The origins of the sciences of microbiology and virology are sharply different from those of other biological sciences.While intrepid explorers dissected animals and studied their behaviors in exotic locations, and English vicars described hedgerow plants in loving detail through their gentle seasons, microbiology emerged from the fetid fever hospitals of Europe in the mid-1880s.

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  • "To light a path for men to come" is the privilege of the pioneer; and the life of a pioneer, the hewer of a new path, is always encouraging, whether he who goes before to open the way be a voyager to the Poles or the uttermost parts of the earth, in imminent danger of physical death, or whether he be an adventurer, cutting a path to a new race consciousness, revealing the power of service in new vocations, evoking new powers, and living in hourly danger of mental suffocation by prejudices and inhibitions of race tradition. The women's irresistible movement, which has so suddenly...

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  • Like several other implements of child abuse, motor vehicles are household necessities. If not used properly, however, they can be deadly weapons. A ride in the family van, sports utility vehicle (SUV), pickup truck or sedan can become lethal if adults do not take appropriate precautions, including using proper child restraints and avoiding DUI restraints.

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