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  • his monograph presents methods for full comparative distributional analysis based on the relative distribution. This provides a general integrated framework for analysis, a graphical component that simplifies exploratory data analysis and display, a statistically valid basis for the development of hypothesis-driven summary measures, and the potential for decomposition - enabling the examination of complex hypotheses regarding the origins of distributional changes within and between groups.

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  • Tuyển tập báo cáo các nghiên cứu khoa học quốc tế ngành y học dành cho các bạn tham khảo đề tài: Using a summary measure for multiple quality indicators in primary care: the Summary QUality InDex (SQUID)

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  • The aim of this research is to propose measures to further promoting efficiency of law on handling with violations of enforcement of the civil judgments.

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  • Objective of the projec: identify several risk factors related to acute lower respiratory infectionsa; evaluate effectiveness of interventional measures for acute respiratory infections in the community.

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  • This paper describes a program which revises a draft text by aggregating together descriptions of discourse entities, in addition to deleting extraneous information. In contrast to knowledgerich sentence aggregation approaches explored in the past, this approach exploits statistical parsing and robust coreference detection. In an evaluation involving revision of topic-related summaries using informativeness measures from the T I P S T E R SUMMAC evaluation, the results show gains in informativeness without compromising readability. ...

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  • This paper presents a framework for automatically processing information coming from community Question Answering (cQA) portals with the purpose of generating a trustful, complete, relevant and succinct summary in response to a question. We exploit the metadata intrinsically present in User Generated Content (UGC) to bias automatic multi-document summarization techniques toward high quality information. We adopt a representation of concepts alternative to n-grams and propose two concept-scoring functions based on semantic overlap.

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  • Sentence compression is the task of producing a summary at the sentence level. This paper focuses on three aspects of this task which have not received detailed treatment in the literature: training requirements, scalability, and automatic evaluation. We provide a novel comparison between a supervised constituentbased and an weakly supervised wordbased compression algorithm and examine how these models port to different domains (written vs. spoken text).

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  • We introduce the possibility of combining lexical association measures and present empirical results of several methods employed in automatic collocation extraction. First, we present a comprehensive summary overview of association measures and their performance on manually annotated data evaluated by precision-recall graphs and mean average precision. Second, we describe several classification methods for combining association measures, followed by their evaluation and comparison with individual measures. ...

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  • Objective of the dissertation: Evaluation on epidemiologic and pathological characteristics and measures of disease prevention caused by Histomonas meleagridis in raising chickens in two provinces Thai Nguyen and Bac Giang, contribute to improving the chickens husbandry productivity in areas.

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  • Research objective: Explore the components of Binh Thuan dragon fruit brand equity; to measure the effect of components of Binh Thuan dragon fruit brand equity to overall brand equity; and the effect of components of Binh Thuan dragon fruit brand equity together; to suggest some policy for Development Research Center of Binh Thuan dragon fruit trees, Binh Thuan dragon fruit; association to increase Binh Thuan dragon fruit brand equity.

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  • osing a Behavior to Measure Errors in Measuring Behavior Overview of Two Types of Measurement Errors: Bias and Random Error Errors Due to the Observer: Bias and Random Error Errors in Administering the Measure: Bias and Random Error Errors Due to the Participant: Bias and Random Error Summary of the Three Sources and Two Types of Measurement Error Reliability: The (Relative) Absence of Random Error The Importance of Being Reliable: Reliability as a Prerequisite to Validity Using Test–Retest Reliability to Assess Overall Reliability: To What Degree Is a Measure “Random Error Free” ? Id...

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  • C H A P T E R 6 General directions – summarizing data Chapter objectives This chapter will help you to: ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ understand and use summary measures of location; the mode, median and arithmetic mean understand and use summary measures of spread; the range, quartiles, semi inter-quartile range, standard deviation, variance present order statistics using boxplots find summary measures from grouped data use the technology: summarize data in EXCEL,

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  • On the basis of clarifying the general theoretical issues about market risk, methods of identifying, measuring and controlling market risk, thesis proposed solutions to improving market risk management ability at Vietnam Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Industry and Trade in accordance with international practices.

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  • Weigh-in-Motion Measurement of Trucks on Bridges 55.1 55.2 Introduction Weigh-in-Motion Truck Weight Measurement Weigh-in-Motion Equipment • Testing Procedure • Selection of Bridges for Testing • Results of WIM Tests 55 55.3 Andrzej S. Nowak University of Michigan Fatigue Load Measurement Testing Equipment • Rainflow Method of Cycle Counting • Results of Strain Spectra Testing Sangjin Kim Kyungpook National University, Korea 55.4 55.5 Dynamic Load Measurement Introduction • Measured Dynamic Load Summary 55.

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  • Summary. In this introductory chapter, the definition and history of tribology and their industrial significance and origins and significance of an emerging field of micro/nanotribology are described. Next, various measurement techniques used in micro/nanotribological and micro/nanomechanical studies are described. The interest in micro/nanotribology field grew from magnetic storage devices and latter the applicability to emerging field micro/nanoelectromechanical systems (MEMS/NEMS) became clear.

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  • Abstract. A pair of ‘trust maps’ give a fine-grained view of an agent’s accumulated, time-discounted belief that the enactment of commitments by another agent will be in-line with what was promised, and that the observed agent will act in a way that respects the confidentiality of previously passed information. The structure of these maps is defined in terms of a categorisation of utterances and the ontology. Various summary measures are then applied to these maps to give a succinct view of trust....

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  • The Benefits of Tensegrity • Definitions and Examples • The Analyzed Structures • Main Results on Tensegrity Stiffness • Mass vs. Strength Planar Tensegrity Structures Efficient in Bending Bending Rigidity of a Single Tensegrity Unit • Mass Efficiency of the C2T4 Class 1 Tensegrity in Bending • Global Bending of a Beam Made from C2T4 Units • A Class 1 C2T4 Planar Tensegrity in Compression • Summary

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  • Preliminary analysis of the data reveals some noteworthy similarities and differences between Chile and the other countries considered. Over this sample period, Chilean interest rates are on average higher, more volatile, and less persistent than the interest rates for the other countries. However, in Chile, the degree of co-movement between retail bank interest rates and the money market rate is essentially the same as in other countries.

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  • With the evaluation method is scientific and has been tested as: methods speculation, rapid assessment methods, research methods analyze the physical environment (water, air), statistical methods,comparison methods, ... to make reliable assessments as a basis for consultation measures to reduce environmental pollution both during construction and operation of the project.

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  • The summary for Module 2 Indoor Air Pollution Monitoring was prepared by David Pennise. Presentations were put together by David Pennise, Kyra Naumoff, CEIHD (based on materials created by Kirk Smith, University of California at Berkeley) and Eva Rehfuess. The summary for Module 3 Monitoring Impacts on Health and Well-Being was prepared by Eva Rehfuess. Presentations were put together by Eva Rehfuess and Jonathan Rouse, in collaboration with Nigel Bruce and Kirstie Jagoe. The summary for Module 4 Stove Performance was pre- pared by Mike Hatfield, Aprovecho Research Center.

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