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  • 2 Starting the Inquiry. `But what happened then?' `I'll tell you what happened then,' said Fiennes with a grim emphasis. `When we got back into that garden the first thing we saw was Traill, the lawyer; I can see him now with his black hat and black whiskers relieved against the perspective of the blue flowers stretching down to the summer-house, with the sunset and the strange outline of the Rock of Fortune in the distance.

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  • Tọa lạc ở miền nông thôn trù phú Merriwa, ngoài lối kiến trúc tuyệt đẹp bất động sản còn “đắt đỏ” bởi những giá trị nông nghiệp mà nó đem lại. Biệt thự Brindley Park là một tổ hợp đất đai rộng lớn với sân vườn 5 mẫu Anh và trang viên khổng lồ 5.200 mẫu. Trang viên của biệt thự có khung cảnh rộng rãi như một thư viện với dãy hàng cột thẳng hàng, thẳng lối.

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  • The goats are required to be clean, clear, dry and convenient for easy care • The floor is 60-80 cm from the ground • housing which is required from wind, rain and direct sunlight for illumination goats. • Housing needs well-drained places, dry in the shade trees • Along with the goats, should be a ground for management, breeding, testing, feeding, business and treated goats. • Inside the cage and the yard is required is a stable food for goats • Vietnam's tropical monsoon climate, with temperatures and high humidity.

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  • A preface rather induces a man to speak of himself, which is deemed the worst subject upon which he can speak. In history we become acquainted with things, but in a preface with the author; and, for a man to treat of himself, may be the most difficult talk of the two: for in history, facts are produced ready to the hand of the historian, which give birth to thought, and it is easy to cloath that thought in words. But in a preface, an author is obliged to forge from the brain, where he is sometimes known to...

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  • In the summer of 1893, after nine years of hard but happy literary life in Boston and New York, I decided to surrender my residence in the East and reëstablish my home in the West, a decision which seemed to be--as it was--a most important event in my career. This change of headquarters was due not to a diminishing love for New England, but to a deepening desire to be near my aging parents, whom I had persuaded, after much argument, to join in the purchase of a family homestead, in West Salem, Wisconsin, the little village from which we had all adventured some thirty...

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  • Mai and Hoa are going on vacation this summer. First, they are going to visit Da Nang for five days. They are going to stay with their uncle and aunt. They are going to visit Cham museum and Hoi AN ancient town. Then, they are going to stay at a friend’s house in Nha Trang for three days. And they are going to visit the beach and swim. Finally, they are going to visit their grandmother and grandfather in Ho Chi Minh city. They are going to stay with them for a week

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  • Welcome to the updated and extended version of Eli Picture Dictionary - a complete and stimulating illustrated dictionary for students of all ages.Eli picture Dictionary is organised into 43 illustrated theme pages, many of which include brand new topics chosen for their immediate relevance to students of today.The colourful illustrations introduce well - known

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  • This book aims to be a practical guide for the player of games, whether child or adult, and for the teacher or leader of games. A wide variety of conditions have been considered, including schools, playgrounds, gymnasiums, .boys' and girls' summer camps, adult house parties and country clubs, settlement work, children's parties, and the environment of indoors or out of doors, city or country, summer or winter, the seashore, the woodland, or the snow.

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  • signed, sealed and delivered - formally and officially signed The contract to buy the house was signed, sealed and delivered when I delivered it to the real estate agent. the silence is deafening - the silence is so great that one becomes uncomfortable, the silence is so great that it suggests the disapproval of something The silence was deafening at the meeting when nobody stood up to challenge the speaker for his extreme remarks.

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  • Last summer, when we reached California for a year's sojourn, we had the good fortune to secure a house with a splendid garden. A few weeks ago, after the early warm days of a California February had opened up the first blossoms of the season, our little five-year-old discovered that the garden furnished a fine outlet for her enterprise, and she soon produced two gorgeous--I will not say beautiful--bouquets.

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  • It was a warm, close day in May, in Central China. The summer heat had just set in, and the inhabitants of Kucheng (Ancient City) were somewhat weary and languid, when a woman brought the news to her neighbour--"A daughter has been born to the Tu family." The news soon spread from door to door. All languor was shaken off, for curiosity got the better of lassitude, and the women, now fully alert, hobbled on their small feet to the little house where farmer Tu lived with his young wife and parents. The house was a small, unpretentious building, with mud walls and a tiled...

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  • About eight o'clock one morning in early summer, a young man may be seen sauntering to and fro in the garden of Wentworth Place, Hampstead. Wentworth Place consists of two houses only; in the first, John Keats is established along with his friend Charles Armitage Brown. The second is inhabited by a Mrs. Brawne and her family. They are wooden houses, with festooning draperies of foliage: and the clean countrified air of Hampstead comes with sweet freshness through the gardens, and fills the young man with ecstatic delight.

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  • In the summer of 2009, Elon renovated the second floor of Powell Building to become the home of the Master of Arts in Interactive Media program. The Powell Interactive Media Suite houses a state-of-the-art computer laboratory/production facility and classroom. It includes five editing suites, a graduate study center, and lounge. The suite also houses DSLR cameras, which shoot still photos and high definition video.

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  • Under certain circumstances there are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea. There are circumstances in which, whether you partake of the tea or not—some people of course never do—the situation is in itself delightful. Those that I have in mind in beginning to unfold this simple history offered an admirable setting to an innocent pastime. The implements of the little feast had been disposed upon the lawn of an old English country-house, in what I should call the perfect middle of a splendid summer afternoon. Part of the...

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  • An Empty Room The house where the long trail started was one of gray walls, gray rooms and gray corridors, with carpets that muffled the feet which at intervals passed along them. It was a house of silence, brooding within the high fence that shut it and the grounds from a landscape torpid under the hot sun of summer, and across which occasionally drifted the lonely, mournful whistle of a train on a nearby railroad. Inside the house there was always a hush, a heavy quiet—restful to the brain. But now a voice was raised, young, angry, impatient, in one...

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  • castellated, stacked together in conclave or poised singly about the gables. The front of the house was crossed laterally and diagonally by great beams of black-painted oak. The windows, which are full of diamonded panes, were lowbrowed, deep-sunken, long, and shallow. The door had a porch, and this porch was covered with creepers. In summer time climbing roses and honeysuckle bloomed there. The garden ran right up to the house, and touched it all round.

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  • They didn't talk exactly like English children but acquired an accent that is peculiar to fashionable people in the city of New York. In the summer the six children were moved from the house on 71st Street to a big estate in northern Connecticut. It was not a fashionable locality—Anson's father wanted to delay as long as possible his children's knowle

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  • The Channel waters were calm and placid as the blue sky above them. Though late autumn the temperature was that of mid-summer. At Calais every one landed as jauntily as though they had just gone through the pleasure of a short yachting trip. As usual there were all sorts and conditions of men and women, and again the curious, the grotesque, the impossible predominated.

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  • It was wrong to sneak out of the house after midnight. It was wrong to take some- thing that wasn’t yours. And, even though he wasn’t that kind of kid, that night, he was doing both. Usually, on a night like that night, the crickets’ end-of-summer song and the moths bumping against the window screen would put him to sleep.

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  • From the hour when the Puritan baby opened his eyes in bleak New England he had a Spartan struggle for life. In summer-time he fared comparatively well, but in winter the ill-heated houses of the colonists gave to him a most chilling and benumbing welcome. Within the great open fireplace, when fairly scorched in the face by the glowing flames of the roaring wood fire, he might be bathed and dressed, and he might be cuddled and nursed in warmth and comfort; but all his baby hours could not be spent in the ingleside, and were he carried four feet away from the chimney on...

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