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  • In this chapter we examine how print advertising enhances the advertiser’s media mix. Newspapers and magazines, with their unique qualities, can complement broadcast, direct mail, and other media. By using print wisely, advertisers can significantly increase the reach and impact of their campaigns and still stay within their budget.

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  • Hybridomas are cells that have been engineered to produce a desired antibody in large amounts. To produce monoclonal antibodies, Bcells are removed from the spleen of an animal that has been challenged with the relevant antigen. These B-cells are then fused with myeloma tumor cells that can grow indefinitely in culture (myeloma is a B-cell cancer). This fusion is performed by making the cell membranes more permeable. The fused hybrid cells (called hybridomas), being cancer cells, will multiply rapidly and indefinitely and will produce large amounts of the desired antibodies.

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  • As a means of reaching the masses, no other medium today has the unique creative ability of television. Broadcast TV grew faster than any previous advertising medium because of the unique advantages it offered advertisers: mass coverage at efficient cost, impact,prestige,and social dominance. Television is a powerful creative tool, but the medium still has many drawbacks, including high actual cost, limited selectivity, brevity, clutter, and susceptibility to zipping and zapping.

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  • The public’s relationship to their parliament has changed. Where traditionally the work of parliament might have been reported through media commentary, today members are tweeting and posting comments to social networks from the chamber and committee rooms as events unfold. The public can directly follow multiple points of view and different political perspectives on a debate and, in some cases, directly contribute, communicating with members in real time.

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  • To our knowledge no research has yet exam- ined computer and interactive game use in infants and toddlers, although these products are now being developed for children as young as six months of age and some parents report that their infants and toddlers use these media regularly. Based on a recent sur- vey of parents, the Kaiser Family Foundation estimated that 61 percent of children under age two use screen media (television, videos, DVDs) on a typical day and 43 percent of infants and toddlers watch television every day.

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  • The revised ADA rules and the 2010 Standards contain new requirements for elements in existing facilities that were not addressed in the original 1991 Standards. These include recreation facilities such as swimming pools, play areas, exercise machines, miniature golf facilities, and bowling alleys. Because these elements were not included in the 1991 Standards, they are not subject to the safe harbor.

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  • The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) developed this guide in furtherance of its statutory responsibilities under the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) of 2002, Public Law 107-347. NIST is responsible for developing standards and guidelines, including minimum requirements, for providing adequate information security for all federal agency operations and assets, but such standards and guidelines shall not apply to national security systems.

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  • This handbook is organized around the seven-step process for guiding public health communicators in planning and implementing effective media communication shown in FIGURE ONE. Its primary focus is on relations with the news media (both print and broadcast) during a public health emergency – “media communication” can be taken to mean “news media communication”. Many cultures, however, rely on folk and traditional 5 means of mass communication which typically originate from the beliefs, culture and customs of a specific population.

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  • This report presents an overview of the state of women’s health in the European Union. The report focuses on women aged 15 years and older in the 27 EU-Member States, as well as the EEA countries Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein, and occasionally Switzerland. The report is divided into six chapters. The first chapter introduces the report and its goals and methodologies. Chapter 2 deals with changing demographic and socio-economic trends that are pertinent to women’s health.

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  • An EU grant is an incentive to carry out activities that would not be possible without the support of the Union. It is based on the principle of co-financing. The EU grant supplements the applicant organisation’s own financial involvement and/or any national, regional or private support it may have obtained. Acceptance of an application by the Executive Agency does not constitute an undertaking to award a grant equal to the amount requested by the beneficiary. Furthermore, under no circumstances may the amount awarded exceed the amount requested.

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  • Over the last few years, the Internet has had a profound effect on the private and professional lives of European citizens, offering them an increasing number and range of opportunities for accessing information, gaining and exchanging knowledge and realising personal learning goals. With the emergence of social media applications, which encourage a more active and interactive internet usage, this trend is developing further.

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  • The Podcast Consumer Revealed 2008 The Arbitron/Edison Internet and Multimedia Study Tom Webster - Vice President, Strategy and Marketing Edison Media Research April, 2008 The Arbitron/Edison Media Research Internet and Multimedia Study - 2008 • 1,857 Telephone Interviews were conducted in January 2008 • National Random Sample • Fall 2007 Arbitron Diarykeepers • Supplemental Random Digit Dial to cover certain geographies where diaries were not available.

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  • Success in writing and winning grants comes through practice-based effort, sustained enthusiasm, tenacity, and a commitment to turn temporary set- backs (i.e., proposal rejections) into renewed efforts and grant awards. Few educators or librarians begin their professional careers prepared to par- ticipate in the grant seeking process. As their careers evolve, they recognize and understand economic realities. Without supplemental funding, schools and their media centers are often forced to choose between essential and desirable programs.

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  • E-tribes or virtual communities: whatever one chooses to call them, at least one thing seems assured. With 51 per cent of Internet users using the Web daily, and exponential global growth rates for new users, prodigious growth in the quantity, interests, and influence of virtual communities is guaranteed. Unlikely to replace physical encounters, or information from traditional media, online interactions are becoming an important supplement to social and consumption behavior.

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  • Infection with Viridans Streptococci: Treatment Isolates from neutropenic patients with bacteremia are often resistant to penicillin; thus these patients should be treated presumptively with vancomycin until the results of susceptibility testing become available. Viridans streptococci isolated in other clinical settings usually are sensitive to penicillin. Abiotrophia Species (Nutritionally Variant Streptococci) Occasional isolates cultured from the blood of patients with endocarditis fail to grow when subcultured on solid media.

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  • We investigated the effects on ginseng cell and ginsenoside production when macro element concentrations were manipulated in the culture media. Biomass growth was greatest in the medium supplemented with 0.5 strength NH4NO3, whereas ginsenoside accumulation was highest (6.5 mg/g DW). At levels of 1.0 strength KNO3, cell growth was maximum, but 2.0 strength of KNO3 led to the greatest ginsenoside content (6.1 mg/g DW).

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  • The national minority consortia (NMC) include The National Black Programming Consortium (NBPC), The Center for Asian American Media (CAAM), Latino Public Broadcasting (LPB), Native American Public Telecommunications (NAPT), and Pacific Islanders in Communication (PIC). The NMC will continue their mission to support the production of high-quality diverse public media content. Over the past year, consortia members have played a significant role in American Graduate and we anticipate a number of higher-profile projects emanating from the consortia in FY 2013.

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  • The rise of commercialism poses many challenges to the integrity of the South African media in the post-1994 era. To maintain profitability, many publications have developed a range of strategies to attract advertising, in particular, developing the content that advertisers most desire – content that creates what Herman and Chomsky called a ‘buying mood’ for their products.

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