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  • The Government of Canada’s Interim Plan 2001 on Particulate Matter and Ozone includes a commitment to develop an action plan to reduce VOC from products. The $120.2 million package for clean air initiatives announced in the budget of February 2001 included resources for development and implementation of this plan, with additional resources for work on VOC-containing products included as part of the $40 million provided in the budget of February 2003.

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  • This book describes more than 1500 currently available prepaint specialties and surface tolerant coatings. It has been compiled from information received from 67 manufacturers and distributors of these products. Specialty prepaint products and surface tolerant coatings make up a small, but growing segment of the paint and coatings industry. These products are particu- larly attractive to the do-it-yourself market and to small contractors. They also find use in the marine and transportation industries, and in the refinishing market. ...

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  • This framework will provide not only a rigorous testing and restriction procedure for all chemicals on the European market, but also provide a highly valuable centralised information source which could be used by public purchasers. However, it will take some years before the system will be fully operational and comprehensive. In relation to volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions, even though no standard regulation exists for furniture, there is a Directive for the reduction of industrial emissions of VOCs, Directive 1999/13/EC, amended by Directive 2004/42/EC.

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  • Specification: Solid type, Q-max Coated 2 Flute, Helix angle 30 3.0- 16.0mm, Normal condition Solid type, Q-max Coated 4 Flute, Helix angle 30 1.0- 16.0mm, Normal condition, Features Optimal choice for Grooving. Optimal choice for Slotting. Solid type Optimal choice for Grooving. 2 Flute, Helix angle 30 Ultra fine surface finish. 1.0~ 16.0mm, Normal condition Solid type, Q-max Coated 2 Flute, Helix angle 30 1.0~ 16.0mm, Normal condition Optimal choice for Grooving. Ultra fine surface finish. High effciency and productivity by PVD coated.

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  • The research issues concerning the production of coatings are the most important directions of surface engineering development, ensuring the obtainment of coatings of high usable properties in the scope of mechanical characteristics and corrosion resistance.

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