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  • Organic synthesis is at the heart of chemistry. Although today interdisciplinary areas between chemistry and biology or between chemistry and material sciences are ofien believed to provide the main driving forces for the advancement of chemistry

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  • The Nobel Prize in Medicine 1968 for interpretation of the genetic code and its function in protein synthesis and in Chemistry 2009 for studies of the structure and function of the ribosome highlighted the ground-breaking experiment performed on May 15, 1961 by Nirenberg and Matthaei and their principal breakthrough on the creation of "cell-free protein synthesis (CFPS) system". Since then the continuous technical advances have revitalized CFPS system as a simple and powerful technology platform for industrial and high-throughput protein production....

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  • Metal nanoparticles are certain to be the building blocks of the next generation of electronic, optoelectronic and chemical sensing devices. The physical limits imposed by top-down methods such as photo- and electron- beam lithography dictate that the synthesis and assembly of functional nanoscale materials will become the province of chemists.

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  • The impetus to write a book on the riverine ecosystem synthesis emerged at the 2005 annual meeting of the North American Benthological Society in New Orleans, and barely 2 months later, we signed a contract with Academic Press. This book was to be an expansion of a manuscript that was In Press at that time in River Research and Applications (Thorp et al., 2006).

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  • A new method for the synthesis of nanosized zeolites in organic solvents, such as formamide and toluene as crystallization medium instead of water, in the presence of organosilane has been developed. Organic solvents have a great impact on the synthesis of nanozeolites.

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  • General approaches to the analysis of complex synthetic problems, general approaches to the analysis of complex, synthetic problems,... as the main contents of the document "The logic of chemical synthesis". Invite you to consult for additional documents for the academic needs and research.

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  • A system of procedures and computer programs is proposed for the semi-automatic synthesis of Russian-English translation algorithms. For the purposes of automatic formula finding, a large corpus of Russian scientific and technical text may be processed by an automatic Russian-English dictionary, the resulting word-by-word translation postedited according to a systematic procedure, and the final translation transcribed back onto magnetic tape for input to a computer.

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  • Automatic phrasing is essential to Mandarin textto-speech synthesis. We select word format as target linguistic feature and propose an HMMbased approach to this issue. Then we define four states of prosodic positions for each word when employing a discrete hidden Markov model. The approach achieves high accuracy of roughly 82%, which is very close to that from manual labeling. Our experimental results also demonstrate that this approach has advantages over those part-ofspeech-based ones.

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  • Traditional concatenative speech synthesis systems use a number of heuristics to define the target and concatenation costs, essential for the design of the unit selection component. In contrast to these approaches, we introduce a general statistical modeling framework for unit selection inspired by automatic speech recognition. Given appropriate data, techniques based on that framework can result in a more accurate unit selection, thereby improving the general quality of a speech synthesizer. They can also lead to a more modular and a substantially more efficient system. ...

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  • This paper describes an empirical study of the “Information Synthesis” task, defined as the process of (given a complex information need) extracting, organizing and inter-relating the pieces of information contained in a set of relevant documents, in order to obtain a comprehensive, non redundant report that satisfies the information need.

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  • In this chapter 16 (part 3), you will: Know the reactions/enzymes/co-substrates/intermediates of fatty acid synthesis, be able to recognize the intermediates of one round of fatty acid synthesis, know the co-enzymes and co-substrates involved in each step, know how the fatty acid synthetic machinery is organized in plants, bacteria and animals.

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  • In this chapter, students will be able to: Know the reactions/enzymes/intermediates/co-substrates/co-factor/structures involved in the synthesis of IPP from the mevalonate pathway; know how HMG-CoA reductase is regulated, know the similarities and differences between IPP synthesis and ketone body synthesis, know the similarities and differences between IPP synthesis and ketone body synthesis.

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  • We present a component for incremental speech synthesis (iSS) and a set of applications that demonstrate its capabilities. This component can be used to increase the responsivity and naturalness of spoken interactive systems. While iSS can show its full strength in systems that generate output incrementally, we also discuss how even otherwise unchanged systems may profit from its capabilities.

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  • ECE 551 Digital Design And Synthesis: Lecture 1 has many contents: Instructor Introduction, Instructor and TA Office Hours, Course Goals, Hardware Building Blocks, Course Introduction, Administrative Stuff, Introduction to Verilog,...

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  • ECE 551 Digital Design And Synthesis: Lecture 5 has many contents: Counters are Common, Pill Counter, Ring Counter (a better way), Aside (a quick intro to parameters), SM Interacting with SM, Shifters/Rotators, Parameters Proper SM Coding, Random Misc Stuff,...

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  • ECE 551 Digital Design And Synthesis: Lecture 2 has many contents: Verilog Syntax, Structural Verilog, Timing in Verilog, Commenting in Verilog, Numbers in Verilog, Registers in Verilog, Vectors in Verilog, Useful System Tasks, Syntax For Structural Verilog, Hierarchy And Source Code,...

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  • ECE 551 Digital Design And Synthesis: Lecture 4 has many contents: Behavioral Verilog, Blocking vs Non-Blocking, Simulator Mechanics part duo, Another initial Statement Example, Trigger lists (Sensitivity lists), FlipFlops (finally getting somewhere, Know your cell library, More on Blocking,...

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  • ECE 551 Digital Design And Synthesis: Lecture 3 has many content: Simulator Mechanics, Testbench Basics (stimulus generation), Dataflow Verilog, Analog Simulation (Spice Engine), Event-Driven Simulation, Digital Simulation, Testbench Requirements, Output Test Info, Output Format Strings, Output Example, Do ModelSim Example Here, Dataflow Verilog,...

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  • The synthesis of imidazo[1,2-a]-pyridine derivatives was carried out by subsequential reactions: condensation, substitution and reduction, using the commercially available 2- aminopyridine as starting material.

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  • In this communication, we report the synthesis of chitosan (CS, a biodegradable and biocom- patible natural polymer) [1] nanoparticles as drug carriers by ionic gelation. The method is based on ionic interactions between positively charged groups NH3 + of CS (in dilute CH3COOH solution) and negatively charged of sodium tripolyphos- phate, TPP).

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