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  • Domain Name System (DNS)is a hierarchical, distributed database that contains mappings of DNS domain names to various types of data, such as IP addressesDomain Name System (DNS)is a hierarchical, distributed database that contains mappings of DNS.InterNIC is responsible for delegating administrative responsibility for portions of the domain namespace and for registering domain names.

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  • Các System.Object Class Một trong những loại tài liệu tham khảo quan trọng nhất trong NET Framework. Là lớp Object trong namespace System. Để đánh giá đầy đủ ý nghĩa của lớp System.Object yêu cầu bạn hiểu thừa kế

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  • The purpose of this book, entitled Face Analysis, Modeling and Recognition Systems is to provide a concise and comprehensive coverage of artificial face recognition domain across four major areas of interest: biometrics, robotics, image databases and cognitive models. Our book aims to provide the reader with current state-of-the-art in these domains. The book is composed of 12 chapters which are grouped in four sections.

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  • The AD database contains all information about objects in all the domains from logon authentication to objects in the directory. A hierarchical structure made up of multiple domains that trust each other is called a tree. A set of object definitions and their associated attributes is called a schema. All domains in a tree will share the same schema and will have a contiguous namespace. A namespace is a collection of domains that share a common root name. An example of this is,, and ...

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  • Cấu trúc chương trình C# 4 ¨ using: làm code gọn hơn, ko cần phải dùng tên của namspace ¤ using System. ¨ namespace của chương trình: ko bắt buộc ¨ class: tối thiểu có 1 lớp chứa hàm entry point Main của chương trình ¨ public static void Main(): hàm entry point của chương trình C#

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  • Ví dụ 3! Creating Custom Attributes(tạo một Attributes) * Lớp tạo Attributes PHP Code: /* * Created by SharpDevelop. * NetDevelop Co., Ltd. * Author: Tuan Anh Nguyen Ngoc * Date: 11/24/2006 * Contact Information. * - Email: * - Handheld: +84 905 202 088 */ using System; namespace AdvancedDotnet { /// ///

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  • -Control là một thành phần cơ bản trên form -Có các thành phần -Thuộc tính -Phương thức -Sự kiện -Tất cả các control chứa trong namespace:System.Windows.Forms Một số thuộc tính của control -Text: mô tả text xuất hiện trên control -Focus: phương thức chuyển focus vào control -TabIndex: thứ tự của control nhận focus -Mặc định được VS.

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  • Không gian tên System.Xml trong .NET cung cấp một số lớp hỗ trợ cho việc xử lí XML. Nào hãy xem qua (một cách không thứ tự) một vài lớp quan trọng trong không gian tên System.Xml namespace. Đây là những lớp đọc và viết XML chính mà chúng tôi sẽ trình bày: Tên lơp Giải thích XmlReader Một lớp đọc trừu tượng nhanh và non-cached dữ liệu XML. XmlReader được thiết kế giống như bộ phân tách SAX.

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  • The current structure of the chapters reflects the key aspects discussed in the papers but the papers themselves contain more additional interesting information: examples of a practical application and results obtained for existing networks as well as results of experiments confirming efficacy of a synergistic analysis of anomaly detection and signature detection, and application of interesting solutions, such as an analysis of the anomalies of user behaviors and many others.

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  • Object tracking consists in estimation of trajectory of moving objects in the sequence of images. Automation of the computer object tracking is a difficult task. Dynamics of multiple parameters changes representing features and motion of the objects, and temporary partial or full occlusion of the tracked objects have to be considered. This monograph presents the development of object tracking algorithms, methods and systems.

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  • In the recent years, a number of recognition and authentication systems based on biometric measurements have been proposed. Algorithms and sensors have been developed to acquire and process many different biometric traits. Moreover, the biometric technology is being used in novel ways, with potential commercial and practical implications to our daily activities.

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  • This book addresses different aspects of the research field and a wide range of topics in speech signal processing, speech recognition and language processing. The chapters are divided in three different sections: Speech Signal Modeling, Speech Recognition and Applications. The chapters in the first section cover some essential topics in speech signal processing used for building speech recognition as well as for speech synthesis systems: speech feature enhancement, speech feature vector dimensionality reduction, segmentation of speech frames into phonetic segments. ...

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  • String and character processing capabilities Text editors Word processors… Expand from previous chapters Class String and type char Class StringBuilder Importance of characters Character constants Character code Unicode character set String Object of class String in System namespace Consist of characters

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  • Written by the inventor of the language, the book is the defining, classic text on the language that has become central to software development over the past five years. This third edition incorporates additions and changes on a major scale. In particular, the new edition is based on the ANSI/ISO C++ final draft with its many new language features - templates, exceptions, namespaces, and run-time type identification, to name a few - in addition to the C++ Standard Template Library that has revolutionized C++ development. ...

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  • As a baby, one of our earliest stimuli is that of human faces. We rapidly learn to identify, characterize and eventually distinguish those who are near and dear to us. We accept face recognition later as an everyday ability. We realize the complexity of the underlying problem only when we attempt to duplicate this skill in a computer vision system. This book is arranged around a number of clustered themes covering different aspects of face recognition.

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  • Bài giảng Collection - String cung cấp cho các bạn những kiến thức về System.Collections Namespace; ArrayList Class; SortedList Class; String. Với các bạn chuyên ngành Công nghệ thông tin thì đây là tài liệu hữu ích.

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  • We programmers are a demanding bunch, always looking for ways to improve the performance, efficiency, and portability of our programs. We also demand much from the tools we use, especially when it comes to programming languages. There are many programming languages, but only a few are great. A great programming language must be powerful, yet flexible. Its syntax must be terse, but clear. It must facilitate the creation of correct code while not getting in our way. It must support state-of-the-art features, but not trendy dead ends.

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  • EndGetContext method, HttpListener class, 493 EndGetHostEntry method, Dns class, 505 EndInvoke method, 155, 156, 355 EndPoint property, 876 endpoints, 510 EndPrint event, PrintDocument class, 401 Enter method, Monitor class, 172–173 entity classes, 471 entity types, performing LINQ query with, 471–473 entropy, 594 EntryPoint portion, DllImportAttribute class, 598 Enum class, 129 enumerable collection, implementing, 636–640 enumerable type, implementing using custom iterator, 640–647 Enumerable.

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