Taking events to the limit

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  • Component-based development (CBD) is an extension of object-oriented programming. CBD does away with the language and vendor-specific limitations of OOP, makes software reuse more practical and accelerates the development process. Event-based programming is the next logical step in CBD, and makes components more reusable due to their decoupled nature. But event-based systems are easier to develop, which means they’re cheaper and more reliable than traditional OOP or CBD systems.

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  • Even moderate-sized events take a lot of planning and organising. It’s wise to set up an organising group right from the start and allocate areas of responsibility. Extra helpers can be brought in for particular roles, such as stewarding, without having to attend all the planning meetings. This approach cuts down on stress for particular individuals and ensures a more efficient use of everyone’s time and energy. For more about communications with your entire team see the section on organising your team. ...

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  • The Westminster Kennel Club and its Superintendent caution all persons entering the show site and show grounds against all hazards which may exist, including, but not limited to: Condition of the site/grounds, parking/ loading/unloading areas, entrances, floors and stairways, elevators and escalators, floor coverings, walkways, tenting/ canopies, electrical appliances, cords and fittings, exercise pens, and the presence of animals. All persons should take into consideration this is a sporting event and dress, act and exercise caution appropriate for the activity involved.

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