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  • New Headway Talking Points is a great book for the Mature Exams but also can be used for any intermediate level. (FCE, for example). There is audio for each unit and a Teacher’s Guidebook. The author designed it as a practical book to enable teachers to get students talking with lots of different communication activities on a variety of topics.

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  • New Headway Talking Points is designed to lead students through a process of skill development in speaking skills from the Council of Europe’s Common European Framework (CEF) level A2 to CEF level B2. Each of the 20 units is based on a different topic, and the activities progressively develop the students’ skills in spoken interaction (dialogues, discussion, negotiations) and spoken production (talks).

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  • Tham khảo tài liệu 'new headway talking points', ngoại ngữ, anh ngữ phổ thông phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • New Headway Talking Points is a great book for the Mature Exams but also can be used for any intermediate level. (FCE, for example). There is audio for each unit and a Teacher’s Guidebook. The author designed it as a practical book to enable teachers to get students talking with lots of different communication activities on a variety of topics.

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  • Madonna Soctomah’s passion is the Passamaquoddy language—hearing it, teaching it and speaking it. Born and raised on the Sipayik Reservation at Pleasant Point, Madonna spoke only Passamaquoddy until age f ve when she began attending St. Ann’s Catholic School. She later went to Shead High School in nearby Eastport, where she found herself speaking less and less of her beloved Native language and more and more English. After high school, she attended college in Bangor, and then traveled around the world to places as far away as Beijing, China.

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  • Ebook Talk About Travel: Before Going Abroad, Airports and Airlines, Hotels, Restaurants, Points of Interest, Destinations. Invite you to consult

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  • Now on the same side a• the subjects' point of view. We see the point of view indicated by •patlal delxls In the r e p o r t of problem solving as reflec~ir~ an underlying allocation of effort (or attention). Pew errors occur with problem elements that •re given processing effort, while constraints that •re given little attention are more often violated. %n this way, these reports are reflecting changes Zn the organization of the problem element• that occur over the course of reaching a solution. ...

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  • At one point in time, the first letter in cisco Systems was a lowercase ``c''. At present, various factions within the company have adopted a capital ``C'', while fierce traditionalists (as well as some others) continue to use the lowercase variant, as does the cisco Systems logo. This FAQ has chosen to use the lowercase variant throughout. , the first letter in cisco Systems was a lowercase ``c''.

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  • Objectives: By the end of the lesson, students will be able to: - Greetings. I. Teaching aids: - Name tags, tape recorder, wall chart, puppets. II. Procedures: Time 5’ Stages and Contents I. WARM UP: * Name tags My name is (------ ) Teacher’s activities Student’s activities 2’ 3’ Giving - Hang their instruction. name tags, go around * Please the class and Point to the ( book ). Calling greeting. some sts to go Give in front of the classroom II. PRESENTATION: and commands 1. Present the first part class of the dialogue: control. (Unit1) and practise. Puppet A: Hi, (Mary). How...

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  • Nearly all of Steve Jobs’ presentations were divided into three parts. For example: When Jobs took the stage on September 9, 2009, he told the audience he would be talking about three products: iPhone, iTunes and iPod. Along the way he provided verbal guideposts such as “iPhone. The first thing I wanted to talk about today. Now, let’s move on to the second, iTunes.” The number three is a powerful concept in writing. Playwrights know that three is more dramatic than two; comedians know that three is funnier than four; and Steve Jobs knew that three is more memorable than...

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  • Breathes there a speaker with soul so dead, Who never to himself hath said, As he hears his name from the podium read, I wish to hell I stayed in bed!” “First slide, please.” The hall lights dimmed, the audience hushed, and the speaker launched into his paper – the culmination of 15 years of painstaking research. An important talk, it included everything he knew on the subject. Flitting from point to point, he realized that he was running out of time and read the paper even faster. He didn’t have much time to dwell on his complicated slides, which...

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  • “This is an excellent book for anyone interested in the important discussion of stock option expensing and, more significantly, the optimal use of stock options in compensation plans. It is written from the point of view of an experienced and knowledgeable com- pensation consultant who has advised board compensation com- mittees and talked with many people outside the field considering the economic and incentive effects of the overuse of stock options in the 90s.”—John M. Biggs, former Chairman & CEO of TIAA- CREF ...

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  • Everyone is talking about coaching. As people who work within the field of learning and development, we find that we are constantly asked for training in coaching skills and to help organizations introduce coaching schemes. Line managers are told that an important part of their role is coaching. Trainers are increasingly asked to coach individuals. In researching background material for training courses we have found that much of the training and reading material available focuses on the skills of a coach – the art of active listening, asking questions, and summarizing action points.

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  • By the end of the lesson, Ss will be able to practice language skills through the text Language points - Vocabulary comprehension: matching. - Reading practice - Deciding on True/ false statements - Passage comprehension - Talking about the mass media.

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  • Elementary English for Tourism and Hospitality LESSON 22 – Dealing with a situation STUDY NOTES Characters Leo: Mona: Jack: Justine: Receptionist Guest Guest Hotel Manager. The story Mona is very worried about her missing father. Whilst she is talking to the hotel manager, her father returns. Language Point - Suggesting an alternative explanation Below are some questions that offer alternative explanations regarding Jack’s absence. Read them out loud. Practise the stress and intonation.

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  • Dear Manufacturers, The most valuable customer is one who has already been served. A study commissioned by the US Department of Commerce pointed out that for small and midsize manufacturing firms it costs five times as much to get a customer as it does to keep one. The study also showed that seven out of ten customers never complain when they have a problem. Those two facts alone are reason enough for manufacturers to get out and talk to customers, listen to what they say, and make some changes to keep them coming back. Customer loyalty works! ......

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  • Do I make it a point to be open and honest with my partner, even in tough situations? How can I be more honest? Do I follow through on what I've said I will do? Do I procrastinate? Why? What can I do to ensure that I always follow through? How can I strengthen my effective listening skills and devote my full attention to my partner when they're talking with me?

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  • We talked last week about the life of famed heart doctor Michael DeBakey. He died this month at age ninety-nine. Today, we talk about the object of his work. The heart is a complex organ that starts beating a few weeks after conception. At this point the heart is a tube. In the coming days, it grows and bends into the shape of the heart.

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  • A Philadelphian had been talking with my mother of North and South, and had alluded to the engagement between the Essex and the Arkansas, on the Mississippi, as a brilliant victory for the Federal navy. My mother protested, at once; said that she and her sister Miriam, and several friends, had been witnesses, from the levee, to the fact that the Confederates had fired and abandoned their own ship when the machinery broke down, after two shots had been exchanged: the Federals, cautiously turning the point, had then captured but a smoking hulk.

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  • During the price presentation, a great way to close is to ask, “Out of these three membership options, which one are you leaning toward?” But this is where many rookie salespeople make a mistake. Most times the prospect will point to or tell the salesperson which option they prefer. The common mistake that a rookie salesperson makes is that they will not begin immediately filling out the membership agreement. They will continue talking, potentially changing the prospects mind after they have already said yes. ...

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