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  • Arthur Waite wrote his Key to the Tarot (which was not Pictorial until artwork was added in a later edition) as a companion to the Waite-Smith Tarot, providing theory, history and meanings. He covers various theories of the history of the cards, and gives a quick overview of the images themselves (the specifics of which occasionally seem to diverge from Pamela Smith's actual artwork). His symbolism and interpretations are based substantially upon his readings of Book "T", Etteilla, and possibly Robert Chamber's "Notes on English Cartomancy".

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  • Whenever I mention to students that they can make up their own spreads, their eyes pop out. You d think I told them to plot the Moon s orbit using three dimensional differential equations! One of the first spreads I ever created came out of questions I had about a possible romantic relationship. I designed it around the shape of scales and called it The Libra Relationship Scale. I thought about what I wanted to know and how a scale symbolized the relationship. Many of the answers were obvious. Then I decided where the locations were for...

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  • 8h20p, Đan ngồi thu mik ở 1 góc nhỏ của Lollybook café, khẽ khuấy nhẹ ly dimal bạc hà sữa đá, lật lật quyển tạp trí khá là cũ. Cô gái nhỏ ngồi chờ reader(người đọc bài Tarot), cô đến để xem Tarot mà chính xác hơn là cô

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