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  • 5.14.16. On the walls around closet, safety handrail must be installed. Details of handrail must comply with stipulation in clause 5.12 of this guidance . Dimensions for installing handrail are as follows:

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  • 5.5.3. Where in two sides of corridor there is wall edge, then the clearance width must be in accordance with regulation in clause 5.5.1. 5.5.4. Handrails in two sides of corridor must be at an elevation of 900mm. Rotating angle at deviation points is preferably arched wall face or right angled wall face. Where there is difference in elevation at the extremity of corridor and the end of corridor with floor surface or ground surface, it must be balustrade, shielding plate or shielding edge, and there is a need for installation of safety signpost. ...

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  • 5.9.9. It is not advisable to arrange door sill or nosing in the interior side of door, in case the clearance space is less than 800 mm. Note: It is only permissible to arrange door sill and nosing in the interior side of door in case the clearance space exceeds 800 mm, and the door sill or nosing does not exceed 50 mm. 5.9.10. As for pulling door, sliding door, accordion door, the clearance space regarding each door type is shown in table 4 and table 5. a) Pulling door: Regulation on clearance space for wheelchair moving is indicated in fig 32....

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