Teething ring

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  • HALF an hour before, while she had been engrossed in the current soap opera and Harry Junior was screaming in his crib, Melinda would naturally have slammed the front door in the little man's face. However, when the bell rang, she was wearing her new Chinese red housecoat, had just lustered her nails to a blinding scarlet, and Harry Junior was sleeping like an angel. Yawning, Melinda answered the door and the little man said, beaming, "Excellent day. I have geegaws for information." Melinda did not quite recoil. He was perhaps five feet tall, with a gleaming hairless scalp and...

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  • When the ring gear or sun gear is held in a fixed position, and either of the other members is an input member, the output gear rotational direction is always the same as the input gear rotational direction. When the internal teeth of the ring gear turns clockwise, the external teeth of the pinion gears walk around the fixed sun gear while rotating clockwise. This causes the carrier to rotate at a reduced speed

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  • That men in armour may be born With serpents’ teeth the field is sown; Rains mould, winds bend, suns gild the corn Too quickly ripe, too early mown. I scan the quivering heads, behold The features, catch the whispered breath Of friends long garnered in the cold Unopening granaries of death, Whose names in solemn cadence ring Across my slow oblivious page. Their friendship was a finer thing Than fame, or wealth, or honoured age, And—while you live and I—shall last Its tale of seasons with us yet Who cherish, in the undying past, The men we never can...

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