Temporal logic

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  • We examine several behaviors for query systems that become possible with the ability to represent and reason about change in data bases: queries about possible futures, queries about alternative histories, and offers of monitors as responses to queries. A modal temporal logic is developed for this purpose. A completion axiom for history is given and modelling strategies are given by example.

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  • Recent work on temporal relation identification has focused on three types of relations between events: temporal relations between an event and a time expression, between a pair of events and between an event and the document creation time. These types of relations have mostly been identified in isolation by event pairwise comparison. However, this approach neglects logical constraints between temporal relations of different types that we believe to be helpful. We therefore propose a Markov Logic model that jointly identifies relations of all three relation types simultaneously. ...

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  • This paper describes a compositional semantics for temporal expressions as part of the meaning representation language (MRL) of the JANUS system, a natural language understanding and generation system under joint development by BBN Laboratoires and the Information Sciences Institute. 1 The analysis is based on a higher order intansional logic described in detail in Hinrichs, Ayuso and Scha (1987). Temporal expressions of English are translated into this language as quantifiers over times which bind temporal indices on predicates.

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  • Logical approaches to linguistic description, particularly those which employ feature structures, have generally treated phonology as though it was the same as orthography. This approach breaks down for languages where the phonological shape of a morpheme can be heavily dependent on the phonological shape of another, as is the case in Arabic. In this paper we show how the tense logical approach investigated by Blackburn (1989) can be used to encode hierarchical and temporal phonological information of the kind explored by Bird (1990). ...

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  • Temporal Databases presents about What is temporal DB? Applications of temporal db; valid time temporal data model; time normalization; temporal query language; conceptual design and logical design and somethings else.

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  • MODEL CHECKING OF FINITE-STATE SYSTEMS One way to show that a program or system meets the designer’s specification is to manually construct a proof using axioms and inference rules in a deductive system such as temporal logic, a first-order logic capable of expressing relative ordering of events. This traditional, manual approach to concurrent program verification is tedious and error-prone even for small programs.

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  • Trình bày về cơ sở lý thuyết của kiểm duyệt mô hình (Model checking): khái niệm và ý nghĩa của kiểm duyệt mô hình, quy trình hoạt động của kiểm duyệt mô hình, đặc trưng của kiểm duyệt mô hình, điểm mạnh và điểm yếu của kiểm duyệt dựa trên mô hình sử dụng logic thời gian (Temporal Logic) mô tả các thuộc tính cần kiểm chứng. Nghiên cứu về công cụ Spin, giao diện Xspin, và ngôn ngữ mô hình hóa Promela, máy trạng thái hữu hạn.

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  • VERIFICATION USING TIMED AUTOMATA Finite automata and temporal logics have been used extensively to formally verify qualitative properties of concurrent systems. The properties include deadlock- or livelock-freedom, the eventual occurrence of an event, and the satisfaction of a predicate. The need to reason with absolute time is unnecessary in these applications, whose correctness depends only on the relative ordering of the associated events and actions.

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  • Surrounded as we are by software for personal computers, electronic gadgets and entertainment websites, it is easy to lose sight of the massive amount of software embedded in critical systems. I was surprised when I found out that the computerized systems in modern cars have half a million lines of code, and that electronics account for 25% of their cost and this percentage is forecast to increase.

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  • To verify hardware designs by model checking, circuit specifications are commonly expressed in the temporal logic CTL. Automatic conversion of English to CTL requires the definition of an appropriately restricted subset of English. We show how the limited semantic expressibility of CTL can be exploited to derive a hierarchy of subsets. Our strategy avoids potential difficulties with approaches that take existing computational semantic analyses of English as their starting point--such as the need to ensure that all sentences in the subset possess a CTL translation. ...

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  • As a reaction to this complexity, we designed a new abstraction that allows us to express the simple computa- tions we were trying to perform but hides the messy de- tails of parallelization, fault-tolerance, data distribution and load balancing in a library. Our abstraction is in- spired by the map and reduce primitives present in Lisp and many other functional languages.

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  • Tuyển tập báo cáo các nghiên cứu khoa học quốc tế ngành hóa học dành cho các bạn yêu hóa học tham khảo đề tài: Research Article Reconstructing Generalized Logical Networks of Transcriptional Regulation in Mouse Brain from Temporal Gene Expression Data

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  • We present a new compositional tense-aspect deindexing mechanism that makes use of tense trees as components of discourse contexts. The mechanism allows reference episodes to be correctly identified even for embedded clauses and for discourse that involves shifts in temporal perspective, and permits deindexed logical forms to be automatically computed with a small number of deindexing rules.

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  • This paper presents a formal account of the temporal interpretation of text. The distinct natural interpretations of texts with similar syntax are explained in terms of defeasible rules characterising causal laws and Gricean-style pragmatic maxims. Intuitively compelling patterns of defea,sible entailment that are supported by the logic in which the theory is expressed are shown to underly temporal interpretation.

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  • A semantics of linguistic categories like tense, aspect, and certain temporal adverbials, and a theory of their use in defining the temporal relations of events, both require a more complex structure on the domain underlying the meaning representations than is commonly assumed. The paper proposes an ontology based on such notions as causation and consequence, rather than on purely temporal primitives.

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  • The topic of the paper is the introduction of a formalism that permits a homogeneous representation of definite temporal adverbials, temporal quantifications (as frequency and duration), temporal conJ~ctions and tenses, and of their combinations with propositions. This unified representation renders it possible to show how these components refer to each other and interact in c r e a t i ~ temporal meanings. The formal representation is 0ased on the notions "phase-set" and "phase-operator", and it involves an interval logic.

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