Territorial divisions

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  • Reproductive rights are internationally recognized as critical both for advancing women’s human rights and for promoting development. In recent years, governments from all over the world have acknowledged and pledged to advance reproductive rights to an unprecedented degree.

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  • Eurostat proposes currently on its website datasets at NUTS2 and NUTS3 levels using the new NUTS2006 territorial division. The problem is that most statistical data, even the more basic data like population are actually not complete for all countries. In particular, population is not available in countries where important changes has occurred in the territorial delimitation of regions and the data elaborated in the previous NUTS2003 division are no more available.

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  • Iam extremely pleased to introduce Women of the World: Laws and Policies Affecting Their Reproductive Lives,East Central Europe. This book is a unique review of laws and policies relating to reproductive health and rights in East Central Europe. The dramatic political and economic transitions in this region have resulted in numerous laws and policies that shape women’s health and reproductive lives.

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  • The Russian Federation is one of the world’s largest multiethnic states, whose internal structure includes various entities. Its political division is based on territorial, ethnic, and territorial-ethnic principles. The Russian Federation is not a result of unionization of its members by virtue of agreement or treaty. It is rather a historically formed federal state, whose federal principles were established as constitutional with consent and approval of the federation’s constituent members.

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