Texas week

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  • The slick black car sped along the wide and straight street. It came to a smooth stop in front of a clean white house. A man got out of the car and walked briskly to the door. Reaching out with a pink hand, he pressed the doorbell with one well-manicured finger. The door was answered by a housewife. She was wearing a white blouse, a green skirt and a green apron trimmed with white. Her feet were tucked into orange slippers, her blonde hair was done up in a neat bun. She was dressed as the government had ordered for...

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  • Texas lost another one to Oklahoma when Darrell Royal was born a Sooner. But the University of Texas fi xed that in December 1956 when Royal signed on as head football coach of the Texas Longhorns. I had the pleasure to co-host Coach Royal’s syndicated weekly television show for a number of years. My timing was perfect. I signed on just before the wishbone came to Austin. I was not a football journalist. I was a fan. One of the fi rst sounds I heard in my life was the cheers riding the southern wind to our home a half mile north of Memorial Stadium....

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  • It had taken him nearly six weeks to make the call. After contemplating the pain in his knee and the aftereffects of a severe case of the flu (brought on by a half-dozen cross-country trips at the end of the season), he decided he would come back for his 53rd year in baseball. On this day, Don Zimmer found himself strolling among the images of the game's immortals in the Hall of Fame.

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  • War broke out between the United States and Spain on April 21, 1898. A week or ten days later I was asked by the editors of the "Outlook" of New York to go to Cuba with Miss Clara Barton, on the Red Cross steamer State of Texas, and report the war and the work of the Red Cross for that periodical. After a hasty conference with the editorial and business staffs of the paper I was to represent, I accepted the proposition, and on May 5 left Washington for Key West, where the State of Texas was awaiting orders from the Navy Department. The army...

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