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  • We use can to say that someone has the ability or opportunity to do something. The negative of can is cannot (contraction: can't). Can you swim? He can play the guitar. It's nice today. We can sit in the garden. I can't open this bottle. could for the italicized verbs if possible. 1. We had a good time yesterday. We went to the zoo. The children enjoyed themselves very much. They saw polar bears and elephants. (No substitution of 'could' is possible.) 2. When I lived in St. Louis, I went to the zoo whenever I wanted to, but now I live in a small town...

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  • Security has become a major concern for every network administrator. Nearly every day we are bombarded with news articles describing yet another high-profile company that has fallen prey to a network-based attack. To fill in the occasional gap, we hear about new viruses that have been found “in the wild” or about additional software vulnerabilities that someone has figured out how to exploit for personal gain. The network security field has not always been this crazy. Most of us can remember a time when securing a network environment was a far easier task.

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  • Welcome to English Pronunciation Made Simplel Before we begin, let's look at the term "foreign accent" in general. The Longman Dictionary of American English defines accent as "a way of speaking that someone has because of where s/he was born or lives/' So the truth is, we all have accents!

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  • take (something) up with (someone) - to raise and discuss a matter with someone Our supervisor plans to take the issue of overtime up with the senior managers. take (something) with a grain of salt - to not take something that someone has said seriously You can take everything that our teacher says with a grain of salt. take steps to (prevent/do something) - to begin to make plans or arrangements for something, to make preparations for something Our company has begun to take steps to stop people from smoking in the office building.

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  • When you hit a rough spot in software development, it's nice to know that someone has been there before. The domain experts at ThoughtWorks share what they've learned in this anthology, bringing together the best field-tested insights in IT and software development. You'll benefit from their experience in areas from testing to information visualization, from object oriented to functional programming, from incremental development to driving innovation in delivery. You'll find yourself referring to this collection of solved problems whenever you need an expert's insight....

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  • Congratulations for making the decision to enroll in this class! As someone who has struggled with an anger problem I personally understand the damage it can do to your life; what its like to feel like you have a valid point to make, to feel like someone has really done you wrong and that you are in the right only to somehow or another end up expressing it looking like your problem. This only leaves you feeling more wronged, more hurt and more, ….well, angry.

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  • Full Name……………… Class 10. ĐỀ KIỂM TRA 15 PHÚT I/ Rewrite the following sentences. 1. My son didn’t start talking until he was 5 . It was not until……………………………………………………………. 2. you must keep your books carefully. Your books…………………………………………………………………. 3. He lives in a small house in a small village. ( make question with WH ) ……………………………………………………………………………… 4. He was sad because he lost his bicycle.

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  • A meeting will not be successful unless someone has put some effort into its planning. Most meetings are undermanaged. If any other business activity were as poorly managed as the average meeting, those responsible would have their careers seriously abbreviated. The effectiveness, productivity, and ultimate success of a meeting is directly related to the amount of planning. Someone must take management responsibility seriously. This paper introduces the four stages of meeting management: planning, preparation, process management, and follow-up.

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  • “Between modern web interfaces, server side technologies, and HTML5 games, JavaScript has never been a more important or versatile tool. To anyone just starting out with JavaScript or looking to deepen their knowledge of the practical core of the language, I would highly recommend Learning JavaScript.” —Evan Burchard, Independent Web Developer “Although I’ve read a couple of books about JavaScript before, as a backend developer, I was thrilled to see Tim Wright’s Learning JavaScript.

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  • If your account has been compromised—or hacked—it means that someone stole your password and might be using your account to access your personal information or send spam. To recover your account and prevent it from being hacked again, follow these steps.

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  • It’s rare that someone should develop an obsession with Wall Street with out sharing its driving passion, the accumulation of money. It would prob ably take years of psychoanalysis to untangle that contradiction, not to mention others too sensitive to name here. No doubt that contradictory obsession has early roots, but its most po tent adult influence was probably my first job out of college, at a small brokerage firm in downtown Manhattan.

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  • 21.6. Let the Chat Begin As with any conversation, somebody has to talk first. In chat circles, that's called inviting someone to a chat. 21.6.1. They Invite You To "turn on your pager" so you'll be notified when someone wants to chat with you, run iChat

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  • N nail down (someone or something) - to make certain/sure of something I am trying to nail down the exact time that we can meet with our supplier. a nail in (someone's) coffin - something that will harm someone Fighting with his boss was a nail in my friend's coffin. He will not get a promotion now. naked eye - the human eye (with no binoculars etc.) It was difficult to see the bird with the naked eye. one's name is mud - a person`s reputation is bad His name is mud now that he has been charged by the police with stealing money from his company. the name...

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  • When I very first heard the term ‘life coach’ I have to say that I thought it was one of the cheesiest inventions which I had ever heard anyone come up with. A Life Coach??? What new concoction is this? What sort of scam have they come up with this time? Additionally I thought to myself, what nerve someone has to think they can coach another person on their own life?! Needless to say I was, at the very least

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  • eat one`s words - to admit being wrong in something that one has said The worker was forced to eat his words after his boss proved that he was wrong. eat out - to eat in a restaurant I eat out three or four times a week. eat out of (someone's) hand - to do what someone else wants The secretary had her boss eating out of her hand and she could do whatever she wanted. eat (someone) out of house and home - to eat much food in someone's home The two teenage boys were eating their parents out of house and home. eat (something) up - to...

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  • Although I’ve identified different kinds of authority, it’s possible for one person to possess several or all of them. However, most of the time, authority is distributed across team leaders. The more complex the distribution of authority is, the more planning effort you’ll need to be effective. In Chapter 16, I’ll cover how to deal with situations where you need more authority than you have. For now, it’s enough to recognize that planning involves these different kinds of power. Common planning deliverables To communicate requirements, someone has to write them down.

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  • With the three project types in mind, we can examine the basic criteria for project planning. At any time in a project, there are basic questions that everyone should know the answers to. You might not always like the answers, but you and your team should know what they are. Most planning frustrations occur when there’s disagreement or ignorance about these issues. • Who has requirements authority? Someone has to define the requirements and get them approved by the necessary par- ties (client or VP).

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  • For 20 years, information extraction has focused on facts expressed in text. In contrast, this paper is a snapshot of research in progress on inferring properties and relationships among participants in dialogs, even though these properties/relationships need not be expressed as facts. For instance, can a machine detect that someone is attempting to persuade another to action or to change beliefs or is asserting their credibility?

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  • She watched her daughter go into the kitchen as ordered. "That girl, honestly." The girl's father chuckled, eliciting a stern look from his wife. "She's not too keen on this idea, is she?" He grunted, pulling his shoes on. "And I can't honestly say I blame her." "Well, she'll just have to get used to it." "She's right about one thing." He replied. "She's old enough to look after herself." He looked carefully at his wife. "What was the reason for the babysitter again?" Mel's mother didn't like being questioned. "That girl has no common sense. She needs someone to...

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  • Prologue Alright, I'm sure someone will take exception to my negative view of A.A. and it's clones, such as NA/CA/EA/SA/etc. But let me say I see nothing at all wrong with the idea of it. However the application is one of the most horrid ones I've ever seen. Any contact I've had with A.A.'s have been almost exclusively negative. As a group A.A.'s are closed minded and willfully ignorant because the organization has a classic cult mentality. My first serious contact with the organization was when I went seeking information on addiction. Now, years later, I'm still waiting for them...

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