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  • Hello, and welcome to Information Security: The Big Picture. My name is Stephen Fried, and over the course of the next six hours I will be guiding you on a tour of the world of information security. This course provides an introduction into the area of computer and network security. As more and more people and companies connect to the Internet, the incidence of hacker attacks, break-ins, and vandalism continues to increase.

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  • Bài giảng Computer Architecture: Chapter 8 - Multiprocessors Shared Memory Architectures hướng đến trình bày các vấn đề về Introduction – the big picture; centralized Shared Memory Architectures. Cùng tìm hiểu và tham khảo nội dung thông tin tài liệu.

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  • Instead of attempting to retain all of the information in the passage, we are going to focus on the big picture. Active reading accomplishes three major tasks. Finding the purpose: This involves figuring out why the author wrote the piece.

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  • Getting to know the hardware, understanding the big picture, draw your own data flow diagram, examine the landscape,... As the main contents of the lecture "Embedded software engineering: Advanced hardware fundamentals ". Each of your content and references for additional lectures will serve the needs of learning and research.

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  • The inspiration for Building Systems for Interior Designers came when I tried to teach interior design students about all the ways buildings support our activities and physical needs—without an adequate textbook. I needed an approach that supported the special concerns of the interior designer, while connecting those issues to the work of the rest of the building design team.

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  • NukeNabber can be considered a personal host intrusion detector for stand-alone PC’s, which will notify you of attempted connections to user-defined ports. Legion can be quite hard to find. Most other vulnerability scanners also now look for unprotected shares. In the back of your materials are additional references. (Editor’s note: for students taking this course online, the Glossary is included as a separate download file. – JEK)

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  • Now that we know the tools and the primary concepts, this part of the course is designed to help you pull everything together. This section is especially important if you need to present security proposals to management. Your next slide, titled Risk Management – Where do I Start presents the roadmap we showed you almost at the beginning of the course. We will bet you have a much clearer idea of how to analyze risks and establish a security infrastructure at this point. Let’s go take a look at the roadmap!...

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  • While insider attacks may cause more damage (because the attacker knows the system assets and what to target), insiders are also usually addressed by traditional security and audit. An insider has a much greater chance of being caught, since you know where they live. So while damaging, insider attacks are infrequent (because of the high risks of detection and arrest or dismissal), by contrast, it is extremely difficult to track and prosecute attackers arriving over the Internet. And because of the perception of low risk, attacks are a daily or hourly occurrence....

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  • Mastering the craft of the PC Technician requires you to learn a lot of details about a zillion things. Even the most basic PC contains hundreds of discrete hardware components, each with its own set of characteristics, shapes, sizes, colors, connections, etc. By the end of this book, you will be able to discuss all of these components in detail. In order to understand the details, you often need to understand the big picture first. "The Visible PC" should enable you to recognize the main components of the CPU and to understand their function.

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  • Host-based intrusion detection could also be called host-specific intrusion detection, in that its primary purpose is to detect suspicious activity or known attack patterns on the specific host it is installed on. Some host-based intrusion detection systems (HIDS) have a number of host detectors reporting to a central management console that can flag alerts, centralize logs, and update the host detectors’ policies. Other HIDS are stand-alone.

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  • The topics in this book are not sequential—you can dive in wherever you need to, work backward, or jump around. But if you’re approaching the whole process of creating a Web site with Adobe Creative Suite 5, it makes sense to start with Dreamweaver. Dreamweaver functions as the coordinating center for Web sites. A good grasp of Dreamweaver is helpful to seeing the big picture of how other elements of your site fit together.

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  • In our next section we are going to introduce network-based intrusion detection. The detect engine in this case is either a firewall, a personal firewall, or an intrusion detection system. All of these work quite well. We will begin with a single attack, just to see how one might work and how we might detect it. Then we will explore the range of tools and show you how you can get in the game with a very low investment, possibly even free.

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  • The World Wide Web has become the de facto communications medium for the Internet. Millions of people use it every day to get information, communicate with coworkers, buy and sell goods, entertain themselves, and keep up to date with current events. However, most of these people have very little knowledge about how the web actually works. On this slide we will give you a brief introduction to the web and tell you everything you always wanted to know about the web but were afraid to ask. All in less than three minutes....

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  • Science seeks to understand and explain our world, be that its physical composition (geology), chemical composition (chemistry), the way its composite matter interacts (physics), or the organisms that inhabit it (biology). We can only get an idea of what life is all about by piecing together information from each discipline to give us the big picture. We don’t have to look very far to realize that it is difficult, if not impossible, to separate biology from chemistry. After all, our body is a bag of chemicals.

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  • If attackers are going to take advantage of vulnerabilities, it makes sense that we need to find them before they do. System, network, and telephone vulnerability scanning tools are a powerful method of doing this. Lets take a look at another Internet threat. This is the threat introduced by users who download and run utilities that are designed to share and search for files across the Internet. Examples are the programs Napster, Gnutella, and more recently Scour. In the next two slides we’ll examine Gnutella, its function, and the dangers it introduces....

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  • The Internet Protocol (IP) is the protocol by which information is sent from one computer to another on the Internet. Each computer on the Internet has at least one address that uniquely identifies it from all other computers on the Internet. When you send or receive data (for example, an e-mail note or a web page), the message gets divided into little chunks called packets.

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  • You hear a lot of talk about firewalls in relation to network security. The name “firewall” comes from the building industry and it denotes a wall constructed to stop (or at least slow) the spread of fire from one space to another. In network security, a firewall serves the same purpose. But instead of being built from bricks or steel it is built with computers and routers. But the concept is still the same. A network firewall is designed to protect what’s “inside” the firewall from what may be “outside.

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  • Welcome, let’s take a minute and revisit what we have learned so far. We started out with an example attack and then focused on one tool that would have given a lot of bang for the buck, a firewall. If you reflect back carefully on the firewalls and ways to avoid firewalls then you realize we introduced the concepts of threats and countermeasures. We covered the history of the threat as far back as 1995 to the most recent type of attacks.

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  • Foreword 7 Berin Szoka 25 Years After .COM: Ten Questions 9 Berin Szoka Contributors 29 Part I: The Big Picture & New Frameworks CHAPTER 1: The Internet’s Impact on Culture & Society: Good or Bad? 49 Why We Must Resist the Temptation of Web 2.0 51 Andrew Keen The Case for Internet Optimism, Part 1: Saving the Net from Its Detractors 57 Adam Thierer CHAPTER 2: Is the Generative Internet at Risk? 89 Protecting the Internet Without Wrecking It: How to Meet the Security Threat 91

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  • – THE GRE ANALYTICAL WRITING SECTION – Leave about one-quarter of the time allotted to go over your writing, briefly revising and editing your work. Even though you do not have a lot of time, use the following checklist to strengthen your writing, verify that your ideas are clear to your readers, and ensure that you have done your best work. C HECKLIST FOR I SSUE E SSAY Remember that while you should look for obvious spelling, grammar, or mechanical mistakes, it is essential that you present the big picture clearly.

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