The blue fairy book

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  • “To get rid of the gardener you must send both suitors to a very distant country, and the one who returns first shall marry your daughter.” The King followed this advice, and the minister’s son was presented with a splendid horse and a purse full of gold pieces, while the gardener’s son had only an old lame horse and a purse full of copper mo

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  • ' The Editor has to thank his friend, M. Charles Marelles, for permission to reproduce his versions of the ‘Pied Piper, ' of ‘Drakestail, ' and of ‘Little Golden Hood’ from the French, and M. Henri Carnoy for the same privilege in regard to ‘The Six Sillies’ from La Tradition. Lady Frances Balfour has kindly copied an old version of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk, ' and Messrs. Smith and Elder have permitted the publication of two of Mr. Ralston’s versions from the Russian. A. L. .

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  • Heartfelt thanks to the book's fairy godmothers - Brenda Bowen, Helen Perelman, and Elizabeth Rudnick, who gave me a ship and let me fly. Thank you to Colin Hosten, Elizabeth Clark, and everyone at Hyperion for believing in this book. Thanks to Richard Abate, Kate Lee, Josie Freedman, and James Gregorio and Karen Kenyon at ICM for their fantastic support. Hugs and kisses to the amazing DLCs and Johnstons: Mom - thank you for being at every reading and for always being there for me; Aina, Steve, Nico, and Chito - we are family, and we can boogie, too (especially...

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  • ..A CHILD-WORLD The Child-World—long and long since lost to view— A Fairy Paradise!— How always fair it was and fresh and new— How every affluent hour heaped heart and eyes With treasures of surprise! Enchantments tangible: The under-brink Of dawns that launched the sight Up seas of gold: The dewdrop on the pink, With all the green earth in it and blue height Of heavens infinite

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