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  • Your customers want rock-solid, bug-free software that does exactly what they expect it to do. Yet they can't always articulate their ideas clearly enough for you to turn them into code. The Cucumber Book dives straight into the core of the problem: communication between people. Cucumber saves the day; it's a testing, communication, and requirements tool - all rolled into one.

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  • Behaviour-Driven Development (BDD) gives you the best of Test Driven Development, Domain Driven Design, and Acceptance Test Driven Planning techniques, so you can create better software with self-documenting, executable tests that bring users and developers together with a common language.

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  • With Cucumber Recipes you feel like the authors are right there with you, offering you advice, showing you hidden gems, or gently chastising you for things you know you shouldn’t be doing. From general advice about taming unruly test suites or scaling out across multiple servers, to craziness like testing embedded Arduino hardware projects, they manage to cover an enormous amount of ground in a small space. Prepare for a fun and informative ride.

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  • Contaminants from the industry discharge flows through river. Some are accumulate, interact and settle with the living organism, plant and sediment and finally reach the coastal and ocean. Plants and living organism in the ocean are important food sources for human intake. Contaminants may then enter human food chain and accumulate in fishes, molluscs (octopus, shellfish, and cockle), crustaceans (shrimp, crab, and lobster), seaweed, sea cucumber and etc. Therefore, it is essential to understand the effect to aquatic environment....

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  • Test-Driven Infrastructure with Chef demonstrates a radical approach to developing web infrastructure that combines the powerful Chef configuration management framework with Cucumber, the leading Behavior-driven development (BDD) tool. Learn how to deliver real business value by developing infrastructure code test-first.

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