The cultivation of attention

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  • The lessons which compose this volume, originally appeared in the shape of monthly lessons, the first of which was issued in October, 1905, and the twelfth in September, 1906. These lessons met with a hearty and generous response from the public, and the present volume is issued in response to the demand for the lessons in a permanent and durable form. There have been no changes made in the text.

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  • Every crop of the farm has been changed and improved in many ways since its forefathers were wild plants. Those plants that best serve the needs of the farmer and of farm animals have undergone the most changes and have received also the greatest care and attention in their production and improvement. While we have many different kinds of farm crops, the cultivated soil of the world is occupied by a very few. In our country the crop that is most valuable and that occupies the greatest land area is generally known as the grass crop. Included in the...

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  • Where relevant, account should be taken of possible socio-economic impacts of research, including its intended and unintended consequences and the inherent risks and opportunities. A sound understanding of this issue should be demonstrated both at the level of research design and research management. In this context, where appropriate, the projects should ensure engagement of relevant stakeholders (e.g.

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  • Maize has been cultivated in Ghana for several hundred years. After being introduced in the late 16th century, it soon established itself as an important food crop in the southern part of the country. Very early on, maize also attracted the attention of commercial farmers, although it never achieved the economic importance of traditional plantation crops, such as oil palm and cocoa.

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