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  • The iPhone and iPad have made a powerful impact on the business world. Developers creating iOS apps for the enterprise face unique challenges involving networking, system integration, security, and device management. This Wrox guide provides everything you need to know to write iOS apps that integrate with enterprise network resources, providing options for networking iOS devices to enterprise systems and to each other.

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  • Revisit your approach to the mobile web—and deliver effective solutions that reach customers and clients on a variety of mobile devices. In this practical guide, web development luminary Dino Esposito shows you how to develop a solid mobile strategy for the enterprise, starting with an effective mobile website. You’ll receive essential architectural and implementation guidance, as well as mobile-specific design patterns for building cross-platform and native applications.

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  • Abtract of doctoral dissertation of jurisprudence: "The law on the enterprises' righr to equal treatment in Vietnam" aimed to form scientific foundation for the improvement of the legal framework to promote enterprises’ right to equal treatment in Vietnam.

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  • Research objectives: Based on theory and practice of training and training management, the author proposed some solutions to training management of Tourism Colleges in order to improve the quality and efficiency to meet the labour force demand of enterprises in the North Delta Area in the new conditions.

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  • Discovering Computers - Chapter 14: Enterprise Computing presents What is Enterprise Computing, Information Systems in the Enterprise, Enterprise-Wide Technologies, E-Commerce, Enterprise Hardware, Backup Procedures, Summary of Enterprise Computing.

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  • The supply chain is composed of all the parts of the enterprise and its associated trading partners. The Lean Green Supply Chain is made up of two major components: external and internal. There is a synergy between these two parts. The internal savings can, in some cases, be equal to the external supply chain savings. To exclude the internal improvements that supplement the productivity of the External Lean Supply Chain is to miss out on a major component of longterm sustainability.

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  • This book is designed to be a definitive work for your use in understanding the concepts of protection, the terminology and pieces of the demilitarized zone (DMZ) structure, and design of the DMZ for the enterprise.A DMZ is a method of providing segregation of networks and services that need to be provided to users, visitors, or part- ners through the use of firewalls and multiple layers of filtering and control to protect internal systems.

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  • Teleworker Services. Objectives: In this chapter, you will learn to: Describe the enterprise requirements for providing teleworker services, including the differences between private and public network infrastructures. Describe the teleworker requirements and recommended architecture for providing teleworking services. Explain how broadband services extend enterprise networks using DSL, cable, and wireless technology.

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  • The Definitive Guide to the Microsoft Enterprise Library introduces one of the most exciting and popular .NET–oriented initiatives, the Enterprise Library. The EL offers eight application blocks and other reusable code that are used to solve a variety of common problem spaces. These problems cover a number of topics, including data access, exception handling, caching, logging, security, cryptography, validation, policy injection and configuration.

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  • For several years, it has been a goal of mine to write a book on enterprise architecture . While there are many good architectural books in circulation, they are either limited in scope or lack sufficient detail to be actionable. Early in my career, I found it difficult to translate the principles of these books into a logical flow of events that detail the purpose of the activities, the consumers of the outputs, and finally the control mechanisms for the enterprise. It is my intention to make these clear and easily referenced in this book....

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  • Learn how to integrate iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad with your enterprise systems. This guide is for system administrators. It provides information about deploying and supporting iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad in enterprise environments.

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  • There is no one of the Pioneers of this continent whose achievements equal those of the Chevalier Robert de la Salle. He passed over thousands of miles of lakes and rivers in the birch canoe. He traversed countless leagues of prairie and forest, on foot, guided by the moccasined Indian, threading trails which the white man's foot had never trod, and penetrating the villages and the wigwams of savages, where the white man's face had never been seen. Fear was an emotion La Salle never experienced.

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  • So begins our journey. It is a journey that others have taken before us; in fact, in reaching our destination we will rely on the efforts of those who came before. Just as Columbus retraced steps taken by others before him (perhaps as long as two millennia before he sailed), so we gratefully acknowledge the work of those who went before. Yet, like the voyage of Columbus, there is a sense of beginning, a tenor to the enterprise that makes it a voyage of discovery.

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  • iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad are designed to easily integrate with your enterprise systems, including Microsoft Exchange 2003 and 2007, 802.1X-based secure wireless networks, and Cisco IPSec virtual private networks. As with any enterprise solution, good planning and an understanding of your deployment options make deployment easier and more efficient for you and your users.

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  • This module provides students with an overview of the process of designing Microsoft® Exchange 2000 for the enterprise and establishes how the case studies, job aids, and labs are used in this course. After completing this module, students will be able to: Identify and describe the basic steps that must be taken in designing an Exchange 2000 organization. Explain how the case studies will be used in this course. Explain how the job aids will be used in this course. Explain how labs are structured in this course. Explain how the classroom is set up for this course....

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  • Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise (UCCE) integrates multiple components and can serve a wide spectrum of business requirements. In this book, Gary Ford, an experienced Cisco UCCE consultant brings together all the guidance you need to optimally configure and manage UCCE in any environment. The author shares in-depth insights covering both the enterprise and hosted versions of UCCE. He presents an administrator’s view of how to perform key UCCE tasks and why they work as they do.

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  • Mr. Theodore Irving, in his valuable history of the "Conquest of Florida," speaking of the astonishing achievements of the Spanish Cavaliers, in the dawn of the sixteenth century says: "Of all the enterprises undertaken in this spirit of daring adventure, none has surpassed, for hardihood and variety of incident, that of the renowned Hernando de Soto, and his band of cavaliers. It was poetry put in action. It was the knight-errantry of the old world carried into the depths of the American wilderness.

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  • After you read this chapter you should be able to: Discuss the special information requirements of an enterprise-sized corporation; identify information systems and software used in the functional units of an enterprise; describe and list general purpose and integrated information systems used throughout an enterprise;...

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  • It was in the reign of Elizabeth that England first became the enemy of Spain. Rivals as yet Spain had none, whether in Europe or beyond the seas. There was only one great mmilitary monarchy in Europe, only one great colonising power in the New World, and that was Spain.

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  • On the 1st of July, 1769 - a day forever memorable in the annals of California - a small party of men, worn out by the fatigues and hardships of their long and perilous journey from San Fernandez de Villicatà, came in sight of the beautiful Bay of San Diego.

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