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  • Essential Go code and idioms for all facets of the development process This guide gives you the code “phrases” you need to quickly and effectively complete a wide variety of projects with Go, today’s most exciting new programming language. Tested, easy-to-adapt code examples illuminate every step of Go development, helping you write highly scalable, concurrent software. You’ll master Go-specific idioms for working with strings, collections, arrays, error handling, goroutines, slices, maps, channels, numbers, dates, times, files, networking, web apps, the runtime, and more....

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  • This book is intended as course material for the course Structured Programming with C/C++ at university level. It contains eight chapters, one for each lecture of the course. The chapters are: 1. Introduction to programming. Here we go through general principles about what programming means. You will be introduced to the development tool Microsoft Visual C++ and build your first programs. 2. Variables. Here we start from the beginning and explain all details in the first programs. You will learn what variables are and how they are used for storing of values needed in the program....

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  • Adopted as the undisputed Perl bible soon after the first edition appeared in 1991, Programming Perl is still the go-to guide for this highly practical language. Perl began life as a super-fueled text processing utility, but quickly evolved into a general purpose programming language that's helped hundreds of thousands of programmers, system administrators, and enthusiasts, like you, get your job done. In this much-anticipated update to "the Camel", three renowned Perl authors cover the language up to its current version...

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  • The purpose of this book is to teach solid idiomatic Go programming using all the features the language provides, as well as the most commonly used Go packages from Go’s standard library. The book is also designed to serve as a useful reference once the language is learned. To meet both of these goals the book is quite comprehensive and tries to cover every topic in just one place—and with forward and backward cross-references throughout. Go is quite C-like in spirit, being a small and efficient language with convenient low-level facilities such as pointers.

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  • The Personal MBA (PMBA) is an experiment in educational entrepreneurism. This manifesto will show you how to substantially increase your knowledge of business on your own time and with little cost, all without setting foot inside a classroom. The PMBA is more fexible than a traditional MBA program, doesn’t involve going into mas- sive debt, and won’t interrupt your income stream for two years. Just set aside some dedi- cated reading time, pick up a good book, learn as much as you can, and go out and make great things happen....

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  • Oracle allows you to define your own object data types, which you can use for creating objects, discussed in detail in Chapter 21, “Object Relational Interactions with Oracle.” Oracle also includes specialized data types for working with XML, spatial data, and media data, as well as ways to access type descriptions when the data type is not known.

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  • PIC microcontrollers; low-cost computers-in-a-chip; allows electronics designers and hobbyists add intelligence and functions that mimic big computers for almost any electronic product or project. The purpose of this book is not to make a microcontroller expert out of you, but to make you equal to those who had someone to go to for their answers.

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  • his book shows how to transform the information in the USB 3.0 specifications into functioning devices and application software that communicates with the devices. To help build a foundation for design decisions, developers are guided in selecting device-controller hardware. Developers will also learn the benefits of the USB interface, its limitations, and how certain design choices made at the beginning of the project can reduce development time. Recent developments in host and device hardware, more detail on the standard USB classes, application examples using Microsoft's .

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  • My greatest thanks go to my beautiful wife, Xiaodong Gong, who never wavered in her support. I could not have written this book without her. Xiaodong, thanks very much for always being there for me and for your continuous love, understanding, support, and patience. Huge thanks go to Chris Webb, the book’s senior acquisitions editor, for giving me this unique opportunity to work on this exciting project and for all his guidance.

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  • As you can guess from the title, this book is set up so that you can teach yourself the C,programming language in 21 days. Despite stiff competition from languages such as C++, Java, and C#, C remains the language of choice for people who are just learning programming. For reasons we detail on Day 1, you can’t go wrong in selecting C as your programming language.

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  • In 1979, Glenford Myers published a book that turned out to be a classic. Myers’s original The Art of Software Testing stood the test of time, 25 years on the publisher’s list of available books. This fact alone is a testament to the solid, basic, and valuable nature of his work. During that same time, the current authors of the updated version of this book published collectively more than 120 books, most of them on computer software topics. Some of these books sold very well, going through multiple versions....

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  • This book is targeted for use in an introductory lower-division assembly languageprogramming or computer organization course. After students are introduced to the MIPSarchitecture using this book, they will be well prepared to go on to an upper-division computer organization course using a textbook such as “Computer Organization and Design” by Patterson and Hennessy. This book provides a technique that will make MIPS assembly language programming a relatively easy task as compared to writing complex.Intel 80x86 assembly language code.

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  • Các chủ đề bao gồm hệ thống lập trình, 240 bài tập với các giải pháp gỡ lỗi của chương trình LISP, và phong cách lập trình. Thảo luận nâng cao hơn được chứa trong các bài viết sau đây: Kỹ thuật sử dụng LISP để tự động phát hiện các mối quan hệ thú vị trong dữ liệu, tự động hóa, sử dụng LISP, suy luận quy nạp về trình tự, ứng dụng của LISP vào máy kiểm tra các chứng minh toán học; METEOR: Một thông dịch viên LISP cho biến đổi chuỗi Ghi chú về việc thực...

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  • Chức năng Programmer-To-Go của PICkit 2 cho phép tải một ảnh bộ nhớ của một vi điều khiển PIC vào trong PICkit 2 để sau đó nạp vào một vi điều khiển PIC cụ thể. Không cần dùng bất kỳ phần mềm hay máy tính nào một khi PICkit 2 được thiết lập cho Programming-To-Go. Chỉ cần một nguồn năng lượng qua cổng USB cho PICkit

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  • Tài liệu tham khảo Teach Yourself C in 21 Days. As you can guess from the title, this book is set up so that you can teach yourself the C programming language in 21 days. Despite stiff competition from newer languages such as C++ and Java, C remains the language of choice for people who are just learning programming. For reasons we detail on Day 1, you can't go wrong in selecting C as your programming language.

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  • In just 24 lessons of one hour or less, you can learn how to create Java applications with the free NetBeans visual editing tools. Using a straightforward, step-by-step approach, popular author Rogers Cadenhead helps you master the skills and technology you need to create desktop and web programs, web services, and even an Android app in Java.

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  • Exploit the power of data-centric and data-driven Android applications with this practical tutorial Master the skills to build data-centric Android applications Go beyond just code by challenging yourself to think about practical use-cases with SQLite and others Focus on flushing out high level design concepts, before drilling down into different code examples In Detail We live in an increasingly data-centric and data-driven world. On top of that we live in a very mobile-centric world with the rise of Android smart phones and tablet devices and the surge in demand for the Android platform....

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  • The PIC 16F877A microcontroller is used as the reference device in this book, as it contains a full range of peripherals and a reasonable memory capacity. It was also used in the previous work on interfacing, so there is continuity if the book series is taken as a complete course in PIC application development. Microcontrollers are traditionally programmed in assembly language, each type having its own syntax, which translates directly into machine code.

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  • Hầu hết các thành phần của Windows (Windows components) đều có thể được gỡ bỏ bằng lệnh [Add or Remove Programs] \ [Add/Remove Windows Components] trong Control Panel.

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  • PEAR là các mở rộng PHP và Kho ứng dụng, và là một khuôn khổ và hệ thống phân phối cho các thành phần tái sử dụng, chất lượng cao PHP, có sẵn trong những hình thức "gói". Các nhà của PEAR, từ nơi mà bạn có thể tải về và duyệt phạm vi rộng rãi các gói mạnh mẽ. Đối với hầu hết mọi thứ mà bạn sẽ muốn sử dụng trong công việc ngày ngày phát triển của bạn, bạn có thể sẽ tìm thấy một PEAR lớp hoặc gói đáp ứng nhu cầu của bạn.

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