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  • had—though, in the end it was a failure for him as his agenting business went bankrupt in the early 1950's. He collaborated with friend and fellow Futurian Cyril M. Kornbluth, co-authoring a number of short stories and several novels, including a dystopian satire of a world ruled by the advertising agencies, The Space Merchants (a belated sequel, The Merchants' War [1984] was written by Pohl alone, after Kornbluth's death).

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  • In the shadows of the forest that flanks the crimson plain by the side of the Lost Sea of Korus in the Valley Dor, beneath the hurtling moons of Mars, speeding their meteoric way close above the bosom of the dying planet, I crept stealthily along the trail of a shadowy form that hugged the darker places with a persistency that proclaimed the sinister nature of its errand. For six long Martian months I had haunted the vicinity of the hateful Temple of the Sun, within whose slow-revolving shaft, far beneath the surface of Mars, my princess lay entombed—but whether alive or dead I knew not.

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  • THERE was three of us—I mean if you count Arthur. We split up to avoid attracting attention. Engdahl just came in over the big bridge, but I had Arthur with me so I had to come the long way around. When I registered at the desk, I said I was from Chicago. You know how it is. If you say you’re from Philadelphia, it’s like saying you’re from St. Louis or Detroit—I mean nobody lives in Philadelphia any more. Shows how things change. A couple years ago, Philadelphia was all the fashion. But not now, and I wanted to make a good impression....

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  • Tham khảo sách 'the day of the boomer dukes', giải trí - thư giãn, truyện ngắn phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • Benjamin William Bova (born November 8, 1932) is an American science fiction author and editor. Bova was a technical writer for Project Vanguard and later for Avco Everett in the 1960s when they did research in lasers and fluid dynamics. It was there that he met Arthur R. Kantrowitz later of the Foresight Institute. In 1971 he became editor of Analog Science Fiction after John W. Campbell's death. After leaving Analog, he went on to edit Omni during 1978-1982.

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  • On the morning of June 15th, Guy Burckhardt woke up screaming out of a dream. It was more real than any dream he had ever had in his life. He could still hear and feel the sharp, ripping-metal explosion, the violent heave that had tossed him furiously out of bed, the searing wave of heat. He sat up convulsively and stared, not believing what he saw, at the quiet room and the bright sunlight coming in the window. He croaked, "Mary

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  • Chapter 1 MY DECISION TO BECOME A LAWYER was irrevocably sealed when I realized my father hated the legal profession. I was a young teenager, clumsy, embarrassed by my awkwardness, frustrated with life, horrified of puberty, about to be shipped off to a military school by my father for insubordination. He was an ex-Marine who believed boys should live by the crack of the whip. I’d developed a quick tongue and an aversion to discipline, and his solution was simply to send me away. It was years before I forgave him. He was also an industrial engineer who worked seventy hours...

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  • Mister Henderson called me into his office my third day back in Tangiers. That was a day and a half later than I'd expected. Roving claims investigators for Tangiers Mutual Insurance Corporation don't usually get to spend more than thirty-six consecutive hours at home base. Henderson was jovial but stern. That meant he was happy with the job I'd just completed, and that he was pretty sure I'd find some crooked shenanigans on this next assignment. That didn't please me. I'm basically a plain-living type, and I hate complications. I almost wished for a second there that I was back...

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  • Frederik George Pohl, Jr. (born November 26, 1919) is a American science fiction writer, editor and fan, with a career spanning over sixty years. From about 1959 until 1969, Pohl edited Galaxy magazine and its sister magazine if, winning the Hugo for if three years in a row. His writing also won him three Hugos and multiple Nebula Awards. He became a Nebula Grand Master in 1993. Pohl's family moved a number of times in his early years. His father held a number of jobs, and the Pohls lived in such wide-flung locations as Texas, California, New Mexico, and the Panama Canal Zone.

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  • Originally I began this story with a number of instructive chapters on shipping an automobile, and I followed with certain others full of pertinent comment on ocean travel in a day when all the seas were as a great pleasure pond. They were very good chapters, and I hated to part with them, but my publisher had quite positive views on the matter. He said those chapters were about as valuable now as June leaves are in November, so I swept them aside in the same sad way that one disposes of the autumn drift and said I would start with Marseilles, where, after fourteen...

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  • M. de Tavannes smiled. Mademoiselle averted her eyes, and shivered; as if the air, even of that close summer night, entering by the door at her elbow, chilled her. And then came a welcome interruption. "Tavannes!" "Sire!" Count Hannibal rose slowly. The King had called, and he had no choice but to obey and go. Yet he hung a last moment over his companion, his hateful breath stirring her hair. "Our pleasure is cut short too soon, Mademoiselle," he said, in the tone, and with the look, she loathed. "But for a few hours only. We shall meet to-morrow. Or, it may be--earlier."...

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  • I ONE The Object of My Affliction MY LITTLE DUKE PR OBLEM “A man who lives, not by what he loves but what he hates, is a sick man.” —AR CHIB ALD MA CLEISH A M A S I C K , S I C K MAN. Not only am I consumed by hatred, I am delighted by it. I have done some checking into the matter and have discovered that the world’s great religions and wisdom traditions tend to frown upon this. Therefore, dear reader, I need your prayers. But even more than I do, the University of North Carolina’s basketball team, the object of my obsession, needs them. Here is the...

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  • A deadly feud was raging among the boys of Numedale. The East-Siders hated the West-Siders, and thrashed them when they got a chance; and the West-Siders, when fortune favored them, returned the compliment with interest. It required considerable courage for a boy to venture, unattended by comrades, into the territory of the enemy; and no one took the risk unless dire necessity compelled him. The hostile parties had played at war so long that they had forgotten that it was play; and now were actually inspired with the emotions which they had formerly simulated. Under the leadership of their...

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  • The W W elch ay 24 LESSONS FROM THE WORLD’S GREATEST CEO THE EMPLOYEE HANDBOOK FOR ENHANCING CORPORATE PERFORMANCE JEFFREY A. KRAMES “A Company that aspires to true greatness furnishes its people with big challenges which, when met, fill people with self-confidence that can only come from within and only from winning.” This page intentionally left blank. “Bureaucracy hates change… is terrified by speed and hates simplicity.” This page intentionally left blank.

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  • Selling. What a profession. Why do so many people love selling so much, whereas others hate even the thought of selling something? What is it about the topic of selling that causes so many mixed emotions? Better yet, why are some people so good at it, and others are always trying to get it right?

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  • A New and Radical Approach To Spiritual Evolution By Stephen Davis. George had a problem. Although he hid it fairly well, George was basically unhappy. He was feeling unfulfilled; his life had become dull and boring; he hated his job; he was probably going to be fired soon because of the economic recession; his relationship with his wife had gone south

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  • Part 1 Cutting edge elementary book gives readers the lessons: What English do you do, people and places, you and yours, loves and hates, getting from A to B, eating and drinking, extraordinary lives, fact or fiction , buying and selling. Invite you to refer to the disclosures.

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  • Love of study, and lack of fixed opinions—a mind free from prejudice, a heart devoid of hate, zeal for the propagation of truth—ardent sympathies, disinterestedness, devotion, candor—enthusiasm for all that is good and fair, simple and great, honest and religious—such are the precious attributes of youth. It is for this reason that I dedicate my work to you. And the seed must have in it no kernel of life if it fail to take root in a soil so generous.

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  • For more material and information, please visit Tai Lieu Du Hoc at Sentences without articles Sometimes, a noun does not need an article. If we are referring to a general idea, usually a noncount noun, no article is needed. School is difficult in the summer. A school should be clean. The school is far from here. (general, all schools) (general, yet one example of a general subject) (a specific school) Cats are either hated or loved. (general) The cats of Africa include lions and cheetahs.

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  • It’s the other four-letter word. The D-word. The D-bomb. DIET. Why do we hate that word so much? Hunger. Failure. Rules. Restrictions. Deprivation. Expectations. Rebound weight-gain. Eating disorders. Strained relationships. Bad foods. Bad moods. Bad breath. Guilt. There are so many negative associations with the word diet, it’s no wonder that over half the North American population is overweight. We hate dieting. It’s torturous. Tacky. Totally depressing. And even worse, dieting doesn’t seem to work.

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