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  • To prepare for this module: Read all of the materials for this module. Practice performing the demonstrations and the lab exercises. Work through the Module Review and Takeaways section, and determine how you will use this section to reinforce student learning and promote knowledge transfer to on-the-job performance.

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  • This is the second lab exercise and should be attempted only after completing the first lab exercise. This lab has two parts. In the first part, a link is configured as an ISL trunk and then inter-VLAN routing is configured. In the second part, Multi-layer Switching is configured and an access list is added.

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  • After completing this module, students will be able to delegate Active Directory administration tasks . Students will also be able to configure trusts between domains in a multi forest environment. Important It is recommended that you use PowerPoint 2002 or a later version to display the slides for this course. If you use PowerPoint Viewer or an earlier version of PowerPoint, all the features of the slides might not be displayed correctly.

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  • Tham khảo sách 'oxford - the grammar lab', ngoại ngữ, ngữ pháp tiếng anh phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • This module provides students with the skills that are required to implement a Web Service using Microsoft® Visual Studio® .NET and debug it. They will also modify the solution to Lab 4, “Implementing a Web Service Consumer Using Visual Studio .NET,” in Course 2524A, Developing XML Web Services Using Microsoft Visual C# .NET Beta 2, to communicate with the Web Service they will create in the lab exercises for this module.

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  • This lab has two parts. The first part requires configuring links as trunks and creating VLANs. In the second part, the links are configured as Fast EtherChannel.

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  • This course contains code samples in two programming languages: Microsoft® Visual Basic® and Microsoft Visual C#™. The use of these two programming languages will accommodate students who are currently Visual Basic programmers and might be considering working with Visual C#, and students who are C, Microsoft Visual C++®, Java, and Visual C# programmers who do not have Visual Basic experience. The lab exercises have solutions in both languages. Most examples are also in both programming languages, except when the differences between the languages are minor....

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  • This lab exercise focuses on the basics of IP subnet masks and their use with TCP/IP networks. The subnet mask can be used to split up an existing network into subnetworks, or subnets. Some of the primary reasons for subnetting are the following: • Reduce the size of the broadcast domains, which creates smaller networks with less traffic • Allow LANs in different geographical locations to communicate through routers • Provide improved security by separating one LAN from another Routers separate subnets, and determine when a packet can go from one subnet to another.

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  • This lab exercise helps develop an understanding of IP addresses and how TCP/IP networks operate. It is primarily a written lab exercise. However, it would be worthwhile to review some real network IP addresses using the command line utilities ipconfig for Windows NT/2000/XP or winipcfg for Windows 9x/ME. IP addresses are used to uniquely identify individual TCP/IP networks and hosts, such as computers and printers, on those networks in order for devices to communicate. Workstations and servers on a TCP/IP network are called hosts and each has a unique IP address.

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  • I INTRODUCTION never set out to write a diet book. My wife and I own a shop in Los Angeles called dr. tea’s. Every day, people come in just to enjoy a cup or two of tea, maybe read a book, do some work in a peaceful atmosphere, or chat with friends. Sometimes they see me in my bright orange lab coat or apron and we start to talk. And they tell me their troubles. Now, I’m not a doctor, or a shrink, or even a bartender, but people tend to speak to me about what’s going on in their lives. Many have a vague notion that tea is...

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  • When students move from the lecture hall to the microbiology laboratory, they need help bridging the gap between the theory and the practice of what they are learning. The equipment is unfamiliar, the procedures are unfamiliar, and many of the materials they are handling are unfamiliar. Linking the information from their classroom lectures to the laboratory procedures is necessary for their ultimate success. Our goal for this laboratory manual is to provide the bridge that helps students integrate their classroom lectures with their laboratory experiences.

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  • Lab scripts have been included in the lab exercises to perform certain tasks for you. The task being accomplished may be one that you have not learned at the point of the exercise or it may be that the task is being accomplished for your convenience. When asked to run a .sql script, take time to review the script before running it. This will provide you with a thorough understanding of what is actually being created for you, and how it affects the task you are about to accomplish in the practice....

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  • For the sake of convenience, C++ allows (and suggests) developers to separate interface and implementation parts when developing a class. Listing 1 illustrates the separation. In this listing, the interface for class List is declared first. Note that, the parameters of its methods are declared by only the data type. For example, the method void addFirst(int) is about to receive an input of type int and returns nothing. The implementation of all methods in the class List can be declared after that. Note that, the method should be prefixed by the class name and a double colon (::) and the...

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  • For each of the chapters there is a folder with the presentations and lab content for that chapter. Each presentation has a corresponding folder containing the demonstrations for that chapter. The demonstration slides contain step by step instructions in the slide notes. Not all the demonstrations have sample projects associated with them, for these demonstrations the program will be created during the presentation. The first 9 chapters also have a lab document which contains a set of lab exercises for that chapter. Some of the lab documents also have answer documents....

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  • The purpose of this exercise is to guide you through the high-level steps of creating and configuring a platform, then building an operating system Image. You will be introduced to common tasks that you will use to develop, test, and export your platform and applications. You will run the operating system image on the new hardware Emulator, familiarizing yourself with the steps of downloading an image to the Emulator for Windows CE.

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  • This is a written exercise and is to be performed without the aid of an electronic calculator. The Classical Academy has acquired a Class C address, The academy needs to create subnets to provide low level security and broadcast control on the LAN. It is not necessary to supply an address for the WAN connection. It is supplied by the Internet service provider. The LAN consists of the following, each of which will require its own subnet: • Classroom #1 28 nodes • Classroom #2 22 nodes • Computer lab 30 nodes • Instructors 12 nodes • Administration 8 nodes...

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  • · Configure the network using network 140.10.x.x · Use an 8 bit subnet mask unless otherwise specified · If a password is needed, use cisco for the password · X is router number, Y is rack number · Do not use any type of static routes · At the end of each exercise, verify connectivity between all devices · Use the Catalyst 3920, SW3, for all of the rings, do not use the MAUs.

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  • Science is occurring all around you, and the opening photo of each chapter will preview the science you will be learning about. The Chapter Preview will give you an idea of what you will be learning about, and you can try the Launch Lab to help get your brain headed in the right direction. The Foldables exercise is a fun way to keep you organized.

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  • · Configure the network using network 142.10.x.x · Use an 8 bit subnet mask unless otherwise specified · If a password is needed, use cisco for the password · X is router number, Y is rack number · Do not use any type of static routes · At the end of each exercise, verify connectivity between all devices · Use the Catalyst 3920, SW3, for all of the rings, do not use the MAUs.

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  • Introduction and Lumped Circuit Abstraction 6.002 Fall 2000 Lecture 1 .ADMINISTRIVIA Lecturer: Prof. Anant Agarwal Readings are important! Handout no. 3 Assignments — Textbook: Agarwal and Lang (A&L) Homework exercises Labs Quizzes Final exam 6.002 Fall 2000 Lecture 1 2 .Two homework assignments can be missed (except HW11). Collaboration policy Homework You may collaborate with others, but do your own write-up. Lab You may work in a team of two, but do you own write-up. Info handout Reading for today — Chapter 1 of the book 6.002 Fall 2000 Lecture 1 3 .

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