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  • Microsoft Business Intelligence tools are among the most widely used applications for gathering, providing access to, and analyzing data to enable the enterprise to make sound business decisions. The tools include SharePoint Server, the Office Suite, PerformancePoint Server, and SQL Server, among others. With so much jargon and so many technologies involved, Microsoft Business Intelligence For Dummies provides a much-needed step-by-step explanation of what's involved and how to use this powerful package to improve your business....

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  • This book is for users of Office 2010 who want to get to the heart of the program without wasting time. Don’t look in this book to find out how the different programs in the Office suite work. Look in this book to find out how you can get your work done better and faster with these programs. I show you everything you need to make the most of the different Office programs. On the way, you have a laugh or two.

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  • The most widely used spreadsheet application in the world, Excel is a key part of the Microsoft Office suite of applications. You can use Excel for anything from a small spreadsheet of household finances to monster databases of all your company’s products, customers, and sales. You can use Excel either on its own or together with the other Office applications. Excel 2003 builds on the many previous versions of Excel to deliver powerful functionality and many new features along with a slick and easy-to-use interface. If you’re new to Excel, you’ve got a large amount to learn.

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  • Home and business users around the globe turn to Microsoft Office and its core applications every day. Whether you're a newcomer or a veteran Office user, this friendly-but-informative guide provides in-depth coverage on all the newest updates and enhancements to the Office 2013 suite. With an overview of tools common to all Office applications and self-contained minibooks devoted to each Office application, Office 2013 All-in-One For Dummies gets you up to speed and answers the

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  • Since Office 2000, Microsoft has marketed the Office suite as a set of interoperable applications that easily enable integration of multiple processes. For most users, however, Office is still a suite of individual applications. Excel is used for spreadsheet analysis and reporting whereas Access is used for database functions—and that’s it.

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  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 is part of Microsoft’s latest suite of business software applications, Microsoft Office 2010. Using PowerPoint, you can quickly create a basic slideshow or you can delve into sophisticated features to create a customized presentation. Because it’s part of the Microsoft Office suite of products, you’ll find PowerPoint to be intuitive and very familiar if you already use any other Office applications, such as Word or Excel. Using Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 is designed to get you up and running on PowerPoint as quickly as possible.

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  • The 2011 version of the Microsoft Office productivity suite for the Mac sports major changes from what Mac users are accustomed to. This soup-to-nuts guide gets the Mac crowd up to date quickly and easily. Individual minibooks thoroughly cover the Project Gallery, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook (new for Mac), and the Project Center. You’ll learn how the new Office integrates with the Windows version, how to use and customize the new Ribbon interface, and much more. Office for Mac is the most popular office productivity suite for the Mac, used by 1.

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  • Introduction Microsoft Office is truly the Swiss army knife of personal computing. Packed with a host of applications, it seems there is little that Office cannot do. Document creation, e-mail and scheduling, spreadsheet and database management, desktop publishing, even Web design and image editing are all within the grasp of this comprehensive application suite

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  • A recent report has found that public attitudes to asylum in the UK have reached new levels of hostility. 25 Some politicians have responded to perceived public concern over asylum and immigration by emphasising restrictive policies. 26 The media has a key role to play in the formation of public attitudes and observers have argued that the UK press has encouraged negative attitudes towards asylum seekers. 27 There have been a number of studies, which have noted the way in which particularly the newspaper media construct asylum seekers as threats or problems.

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  • When big data is distilled and analyzed in combination with traditional enterprise data, enterprises can develop a more thorough and insightful understanding of their business, which can lead to enhanced productivity, a stronger competitive position and greater innovation – all of which can have a significant impact on the bottom line. For example, in the delivery of healthcare services, management of chronic or long-term conditions is expensive.

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  • This course was written for trainees wishing to learn to use Microsoft Outlook. It is written for using Microsoft Outlook in the Office 2007 suite of applications. However, it does not include a ‘New Features’ section exclusively about new features in Microsoft Outlook within Office 2007. It is very easy to see a complete list of the new features in Office v2007 in the Help menu on-screen. This courseware cannot and should not compete with the comprehensive coverage of new features detailed by Microsoft within the application’s help files.

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  • Customer demand for lower cost services from providers is increasing at a rapid rate. At the same time, customers want to maintain or even increase the levels of efficiencies and capabilities they are already receiving. This presents a dilemma to the service provider: how to deliver new, cost-efficient Ethernet services to small- and medium-size customer locations over a resilient infrastructure while at the same time maintaining current revenue streams and features from circuit-based services.

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  • Service providers must be able to deliver a diverse mix of services to all customers—regardless of the capacity size or location—across any type of network. Yet in this lean economy, carriers need to deliver these services at a low first-cost, using current infrastructures, while continuing to migrate toward next-generation IP/MPLS networks. ADC’s LoopStar® 722 is ideally suited to address these challenges by extending Ethernet and TDM-based services to multiple customer locations.

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  • There are multiple documents issued by central agencies that provide guidance and stipulate requirements for the program and project management of initiatives. It is recognised that these need to be consolidated and simplified, and that in the main they say “what” is to be done, not “how to” do it. For “how to” guidance many departments and agencies using non-proprietary best practice methods as the foundations of their Portfolio, Program and Project Management capability 1 .

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  • The world’s most popular productivity suite, Microsoft Office, is now in its seventh version with the release of Microsoft Office 2013, a cloud-integrated revision of the software that comes complete with the new tile-based user interface formerly known as Metro (the look of which you will be familiar with if you have seen or used Windows 8). Microsoft Office 2013 comes with all of the usual component applications, most of which sport enticing new features.

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  • Microsoft has once again come up with a new suite of certifications. So, what are these all about and why is there a new generation of credentials? One of the problems today is that there are an abundance of credentials in the IT world, making it increasingly difficult for managers to understand which certification best meets the needs of their department and organization.

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  • ADC’s InterReach® Office suite of wireless solutions enables a high-quality, service-rich mobile environment optimized for the enterprise. InterReach Office leverages ADC’s extensive in-building wireless experience and incorporates innovative GSM radio and core network technologies.

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  • Carriers and enterprises are looking for inexpensive ways to utilize their infrastructures to take advantage of the cost effectiveness of Ethernet transport and services. One area currently under consideration is how to fully utilize fiber build-outs to continue to offer revenue-generating services such as voice, and to add new packet-based services at the same time. The LoopStar711 is a fixed configuration, multi-service access platform offering cost-effective and easy-to-manage Ethernet and TDM-based services that allow for the full utilization of fiber networks....

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  • Emergency air lock open!" The tall, broad-shouldered officer, wearing the magnificent black-andgold uniform of the Solar Guard, spoke into a small microphone and waited for an acknowledgment. It came almost immediately. "Cadet Corbett ready for testing," a voice crackled thinly over the loud-speaker. "Very well. Proceed." Seated in front of the scanner screen on the control deck of the rocket cruiser Polaris, Captain Steve Strong replaced the microphone in its slot and watched a bulky figure in a space suit step out of the air lock and drift away from the side of the ship.

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  • A friendly, step–by–step guide to the Microsoft Office database application Access may be the least understood and most challenging application in the Microsoft Office suite. This guide is designed to help anyone who lacks experience in creating and managing a database learn to use Access 2010 quickly and easily. In the classic For Dummies tradition, the book provides an education in Access, the interface, and the architecture of a database. It explains the process of building a database, linking information, sharing data, generating reports, and much more.

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