The petroleum finance

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  • Demand expression varies by the kind of goods or services being delivered. Water supply and latrines are an example of essentially private goods, goods that are individually used and for which indi- vidual users can express and realize a willingness to pay. Public choices are more complicated with respect to public goods such as schools or rural roads; a differentiated strategy for eliciting demand, depending on the kind of subproject that is being produced, is needed.

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  • Raw materials used in the production of biobased products are produced in agriculture, forestry and microbial systems. The content of the material undergoes treatment and processing inarefinerytoconvert it,similartothepetroleum.Whilepetroleum isobtainedby extraction, biomass already exists as a product (Kamm & Kamm, 2004) that can then be modifiedwithin the actual process, to optimally adapt the results so as to obtain particular targetproduct(s).

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  • The most straightforward approach to valuing mineral resources relies on market transaction prices. This is the standard approach used across the national economic accounts for capital assets. When resources of petroleum, copper, gold, and other minerals are sold, the value of the transac- tion provides a basis for calculating the market value of the mineral component of the asset. A close look at the transaction-prices approach reveals, however, a number of diYculties that need to be resolved.

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