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  • The problem of part-of-speech induction from text involves two aspects: Firstly, a set of word classes is to be derived automatically. Secondly, each word of a vocabulary is to be assigned to one or several of these word classes. In this paper we present a method that solves both problems with good accuracy. Our approach adopts a mixture of statistical methods that have been successfully applied in word sense induction.

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  • My consents are organized within the framework suggested by the Panel Chair, Barbara Grosz, which I find very appropriate. All of my conlnents pertain to the various issues raised by her; however, wherever possible I will discuss these issues more in the context of the "information seeking" interaction and the data base doma/n. The primary question is how the purpose of the interaction or "the problem context" affects what is said and how it is interpreted. The ~ separate aspects of this question that must be considered are the function and the domain of the discourse. I. Types of...

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  • Improving students’ problem solving skills is one of the most important goals of mathematics education. However, the problem solving method in textbooks may be one of the reasons which cause difficulties for students, for instance, the situation of the problem ”find x”. In this paper, we inquire the difficulties of primary students in solving ”find x” problems and some solutions from teachers to help their students.

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  • It’s now not too hard to find problems and solutions on the Internet due to the increasing number of websites devoted to mathematical problem solving. It is our hope that this collection saves you considerable time searching the problems you really want. We intend to give an outline of solutions to the problems in the future. Now enjoy these “cakes” from Vietnam first.

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  • Explores public and government involvement in combating global warming, and reviews conservation programs that have been developed by countries, international institutions, private organizations, and individuals.Global warming is the rising average temperature of Earth's atmosphere and oceans since the late 19th century and its projected continuation.

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  • Các vấn đề với đối tượng Để hiểu Generics, nó là giá trị tìm kiếm cụ thể tại những vấn đề chúng được thiết kế để giải quyết, đặc biệt khi sử dụng các loại đối tượng. Bạn có thể sử dụng các loại đối tượng như là một tham chiếu đến bất kỳ loại giá trị hoặc biến.

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  • HAVING STARTED WORK on mechanical translation, we arrived at the conclusion that both the lexical meaning and the morphological shape of the word can and should be utilized in analyzing the text, and that for purposes of translation it is impractical to omit the information which can be thus obtained. The utilization of the lexical meanings of words as well as of their contexts may also affect problems of coding. These questions are extremely important to automatic translation. We based our work on the following principles: 1.

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  • It is becoming clear that traditional evaluation measures used in Computational Linguistics (including Error Rates, Accuracy, Recall, Precision and F-measure) are of limited value for unbiased evaluation of systems, and are not meaningful for comparison of algorithms unless both the dataset and algorithm parameters are strictly controlled for skew (Prevalence and Bias).

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  • THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN undertook research, late in 1955, in the analysis of language structure for mechanical translation. Emphasis was placed on the use of the contextual structure of the sentence as a means of reducing ambiguity and on the formulation of a set of operative rules which an electronic computer could use for automatically translating Russian texts into English.

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  • This paper examines the current performance of the stochastic tagger P A R T S (Church 88) in handling phrasal verbs, describes a problem that arises from the statistical model used, and suggests a way to improve the tagger's performance. The solution involves a change in the definition of what counts as a word for the purpose of tagging phrasal verbs.

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  • We present a model of morphological processing which directly encodes prosodic constituency, a notion which is clearly crucial in many widespread morphological processes. The model has been implemented for the Australian language Warlpiri and has been successfully interfaced with a syntactic parser for that language (Brunson, 1986). We contrast our approach with approaches to morphological parsing in the KIMMO framework. 1.

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  • Pronunciation has to solve the problems of English learners, the problem most people think to read standard English, it is difficult, but actually reading standard English is not difficult at all, the problem you need to know how to pronounce on the application of speaking and listening or presentation techniques to the story is worth mentioning.

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  • in these questions you are to solve each problem and select the best of the five answer choice given. The mathematics required to answer the question does not extend beyond that assumed to be common to the mathematics back of all axaminees. The following pages include test- taking strategy, sample questions and explanations for all the problems...

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  • You are giving a talk in front of a group of people. You’ve assembled all the relevant facts. You’ve planned it well, and your delivery is strong, but your audience doesn’t respond or, even worse, they are giving you a negative response. What went wrong? Well, it is probably not what you are saying out loud that matters. The problem stems from what your body says, or in other words, your body language. By body language I mean things as simple as the way you stand, or, say, folding your arms across your chest.

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  • As populations increase and countries industrialize, the world’s demand for energy increases. Our supply of petroleum and gas is limited, but the photovoltaic cell offers a solution to the problem of a future energy shortage. This cell is already an important source of energy. In fact, it seems almost like magic. The photovoltaic cell changes sunlight directly into energy. Solar energy – energy from the sun – is clean, easily available, inexhaustible, and free, if the equipment is available....

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  • When you're writing a business letter, it's important to be specific. That is, tell the reader exactly what he or she needs to know. If something is wrong, list what the problem is and what should be done to fix it. If you need information, state clearly what you want to know. Next, urn, be positive. Say "no" in a good way.

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  • The Names of Plants is an invaluable reference for botanists and horticulturalists. The first section gives an historical account of the significant changes in the ways by which plants have been known and named. It documents the problems associated with an ever-increasing number of common names of plants, and the resolution of these problems through the introduction of International Codes for both botanical and horticultural nomenclature.

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  • This lively, problem-oriented text is designed to coach readers toward mastery of the most fundamental mathematical inequalities. With the Cauchy–Schwarz inequality as the initial guide, the reader is led through a sequence of fascinating problems whose solutions are presented as they might have been discovered — either by one of history’s famous mathematicians or by the reader.

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  • ASP.NET MVC 4 Recipes is a practical guide for developers creating modern web applications, cutting through the complexities of ASP.NET, jQuery, Knockout.js and HTML 5 to provide straightforward solutions to common web development problems using proven methods based on best practices. The problem-solution approach gets you in, out, and back to work quickly while deepening your understanding of the underlying platform and how to develop with it.

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  • Tham khảo tài liệu 'the problems faced by old people in our society', ngoại ngữ, kỹ năng viết tiếng anh phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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