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  • Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach Featuring the Internet, 5th Edition contains the solutions to review questions and problems for the 4th edition of Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach Featuring the Internet by Jim Kurose and Keith Ross. These solutions are being made available to instructors only.

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  • How can you tell if a technology has reached critical mass? Easy: you look at how much damage it’s causing. Pretty much every human invention is neutral in itself; any benefits (or drawbacks) come from the way it’s used: atomic energy can be used to power a city or destroy it; cars make it travel over distances that were unthinkable just a hundred years ago possible, and are happily destroying our planet with their polluting emissions.

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  • The Little Black Book of Computer Viruses has seen five good years in print. In those five years it has opened a door to seriously ask the question whether it is better to make technical information about computer viruses known or not. When I wrote it, it was largely an experiment. I had no idea what would happen. Would people take the viruses it contained and rewrite them to make all kinds of horrificly destructive viruses? Or would they by and large be used responsibly?

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  • This leads me to my point. Often, the article ideas submitted to us at php|a deal with aspects of PHP development that we know little about. As technical editors, though, it is our job to ensure that the material presented here is as accurate as possible, which forces us to (as much as possible) fully understand and grasp the technology being discussed. This presents incredible opportunities for learning and growth.

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  • The CompTIA Security+ certification designates knowledgeable professionals in the field of security, one of the fastest-growing fields in IT. Security threats are increasing in number and severity, and the gap between the need for security professionals and qualified IT personnel is the largest of any IT specialty, according to a 2008 CompTIA study. Even in a troubled economy, most businesses plan to maintain or increase their investment in security.

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  • Subnetting is a complicated topic that has confused students for a very long time. However, subnetting is an important topic for many different certifications with various vendors, including Cisco. In the real world environment, people are used to just punching in the numbers in many of the free subnet calculators that are readily available on the internet. For exam purposes, you still have to do this in a very fast manner since many exams are time-based and you don’t have the luxury of spending those precious minutes on any single question.

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  • About This Study Guide This Study Guide is based on the current pool of exam questions for the 640-605 – Remote Access 3.0 exam. As such it provides all the information required to pass the Cisco 640-605 exam and is organized around the specific skills that are tested in that exam. Thus, the information contained in this Study Guide is specific to the 640-605 exam and does not represent a complete reference work on the subject of Building Cisco Remote Access Networks.

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  • What does the wired portion of a next generation wireless network look like? The better question is this—what does the wired portion of a next generation wireless network look like at specific points in time: one year, three years, seven years from now, and so on into the future? That question is hard to answer because migration to next generation networks is an evolutionary process.

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  • Microsoft has once again come up with a new suite of certifications. So, what are these all about and why is there a new generation of credentials? One of the problems today is that there are an abundance of credentials in the IT world, making it increasingly difficult for managers to understand which certification best meets the needs of their department and organization.

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  • SharePoint is Microsoft’s document management technology. From the standpoint of IT professionals, it is a setof products that work together to provide solutions to numerous business requirements. In this paper, we are going to tackle a subject that has raised many questions and an equally large number of answers. How do we customize our SharePoint environment, and what is the best solution?

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  • I f you are like the rest of the networking community, you probably have many certifications. Certification is one of the best things you can do for your career in the computer or networking field. It proves that you know what you’re talking about when it comes to the area in which you are certified. In this book, you’ll find out what the Network+ exam is all about. Each chapter covers a part of the exam. At the end of each chapter, there are review questions to help you prepare for the exam....

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  • As you might imagine, Teach Yourself TCP/IP in 14 Days provides a rapid introduction to the TCP/IP protocols and to a few commonly used applications that are built on top of them. The discussion is very lucid and emphasizes the fundamental concepts behind a given protocol; it does a good job of not letting the mass of details obscure the reasoning. Each section ends with a quiz and series of questions (and answers), so you can test your knowledge of each topic. The book also includes useful sections on sample installations and a nice discussion of sockets. As an added...

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  • Are you ready for Microsoft SQL Server 2008? The truth is, many of us are still coming to grips with the great new features of SQL Server 2005 so, when I ask this question to other database professionals, the response is usually a polite answer, something of the order: “We may wait for the first service pack….

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  • About This Study Guide This Study Guide is based on the current pool of exam questions for the 640-901 – Building Scalable Cisco Internetworks (BSCI) exam. As such it provides all the information required to pass the Cisco 640-901 exam and is organized around the specific skills that are tested in that exam. Thus, the information contained in this Study Guide is specific to the 640-901 exam and does not represent a complete reference work on the subject of Building Scalable Cisco Internetworks.

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  • When I first went to the CCIE lab, there weren't very many books available and little was known about the CCIE lab, except that the labs had a reputation for being extremely difficult. Any regular reader of the Cisco mailing lists at will often see questions posed to the various lists about the best way to prepare for the CCIE lab such as: "What are the best strategies to use?" "What is the lab like?" "Where should I go to take the lab?" and many more. This Tutorial answers these questions within the bounds of Cisco's strong nondisclosure agreement. This paper will discuss in...

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  • Study Tips This product will provide you questions and answers along with detailed explanations carefully compiled and written by our experts. Try to understand the concepts behind the questions instead of cramming the questions. Go through the entire document at least twice so that you make sure that you are not missing anything.

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  • Introduction Thank you for downloading the SNMPc evaluation, in order to allow you to evaluate the product quickly and easily we have prepared this short guide. The purpose of this evaluation guide is not to describe every feature that SNMPc has to offer, rather to demonstrate some of the key functionality that some of the existing 100,000 SNMPc users have cited as the most useful. During your evaluation period, please contact us at with any questions or comments that you may have.

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  • Your data center is a critical resource within the enterprise, and the decisions you make in regards to infrastructure have implications now and in the future. To allow you to fully assess and document the physical aspects of your data center, and gain insight into how it can be optimized, ADC has created this Planning Guide for Network Managers.

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  • Introduction Ping is a basic Internet program that most of us use daily, but did you ever stop to wonder how it really worked? I don’t know about you, but it bugs me when I do not know how something really works. The purpose of this paper is to resolve any lingering questions you may have about ping and to take your understanding to the next level. If you do not happen to be a programmer, please do not be frightened off! I am not going to tell you how to write your own version of ping; trust me....

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  • Data networks developed as a result of business applications that were written for microcomputers. At that time microcomputers were not connected as mainframe computer terminals were, so there was no efficient way of sharing data among multiple microcomputers. It became apparent that sharing data through the use of floppy disks was not an efficient or cost-effective manner in which to operate businesses.

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