The seismic cycle

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  • The aim of this new interdisciplinary series is to promote the exchange of information between scientists working in different fields, who are involved in the study of complex systems, and to foster education and training of young scientists entering this rapidly developing research area.

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  • Oceanography is a very complex science. Its field study, the knowledge of the oceans and the seas and their physical and biological characteristics, is fundamental to comprehend many oceanographic and ecological aspects that directly influence the human life and the planet health. From micro-scale, like coastal processes, to macro-scale, like Global Change, the oceans, the seas and the marine life, play the main role to maintain the earth equilibrium, both from a physical and a chemical point of view (e.g. carbon cycle and water masses dynamic)....

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  • While the loss likely caused by environmental and other impacts besides earthquakes in the life cycle of a structure, additional effects will be studied in future and this paper focuses on limit the impact of the earthquake. This section explains the method to calculate forces seismic design goals.

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  • A secondary basin corresponds with a second order depositioual cycle, is limited by two erosional surfaces which are also the boundaries of a seismic sequence. In other words, a secondary basin is a component of an overall sedimentary basin. A secondary basin is formed at the same time with a tectonic phase where the tlu·ee most important factors are faulting, subsidence and uplifting. Basin-forming faults are usually normal faults and are called "syn-depositional fault".

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