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  • The field of wireless radio communications is a young one, dating back only 100 years or so. In many ways, wireless communications is still in its stages of early development, its “primitive stage”. Thus, at this time, it can be expected that new discoveries and advances in technology will change and, perhaps, radically transform communication theory.

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  • Women leak, inevitably and often bountifully. Menstrual blood, birth fluids, breast milk and sometimes tears lead us to be seen as leakier than men at a physical level. Women are often seen to work through a network of relationships, a web, rather than the hierarchy of male decision-making (Gilligan 1982). Within such a web of relationships, emotions, knowledge and other personal attributes flow, often freely, sometimes unconsciously. Dirt is defined by Mary Douglas as ‘matter out of place’ (Douglas 1966).

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  • The Energy of Happiness Follow The Path of Your Soul Don Nenninger Warning: Side effects include an increased passion for life, love, & happiness! Published by Don Nenninger at Smashwords Copyright 2012 by Don Nenninger All rights reserved by author. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, analog, or digital recording, or by any information storage or retrieval system, without written permission from the author. .

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  • To make sure the second straw is parallel to the first, make a jig (a device that holds component parts in their correct position) that is as wide as the distance you want between the two straws. A two-by-four-inch piece of lumber would work. Align one side of the two-by-four with the glued straw, and glue the second straw aligned with the other edge of the board. Cut two dowels three-quarters of an inch longer that the length of the straw bear- ings. Sand the cut ends and attach one wheel. In most cases the dowel will make a tight fit with the wheel and you won’t...

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  • Even a home computer user can be part of a truly global network. A connection to the Internet makes your home computer one of the millions of nodes on the vast Internet network. You can share files, collaborate, communicate, and conference with people on the other side of the globe. This lesson examines some of the most common ways of transmitting data via networks and the Internet.

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