The urinary tract

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  • NHIỄM TRÙNG ĐƯỜNG TIỂU (Urinary Tract Infection) Nhiễm trùng đường tiểu rất hay làm phiền phái nữ. Ở Mỹ, tính chung, mỗi năm phụ nữ đi khám bác sĩ khoảng 8 triệu lần vì nhiễm trùng đường tiểu, và ít nhất, có 100.000 trường hợp phải vào bệnh viện để chữa trị. Nhiễm trùng đường tiểu bắt đầu đến thăm phụ nữ ở tuổi học trò (schoolgirl), rồi xảy ra nhiều nhất trong khoảng tuổi 20 đến 50, khi đời sống tình dục người phụ nữ ở mức độ phong phú nhất.

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  • Ultrasound is one of the most widely used imaging modalities in pediatric radiology and is set to continue to grow and develop as computing and equipment improves and new applications become available. Children are ideally suited to ultrasound, since their low levels of body fat contribute to ultrasound images of exquisite detail. This book is intended as a practical starting point for radiologists, sonographers and other medical healthcare professionals undertaking ultrasound examinations in children, providing all necessary normative charts and guidelines on examining techniques....

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  • The Economics BBS give you a broad and well-rounded education in business. You’ll get a strong grounding in economics, but in a programme that is less rigorous and specialised than the Bachelor of Applied Economics. This programme has a few compulsory requirements and lots of flexibility. It builds on a standard core of economic theory, with additional papers chosen from a wide range of electives. You can specialise in areas including quantitative methods, international trade, resource and environmental economics, financial economics, managerial economics, and public policy.

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  • Pursuant to the FSF mandate, the questionnaire circulated to member authorities solicited their individual views on potential unintended consequences of their use of credit ratings in LRSPs (ie, the appearance of a “seal of approval”). In preparing their responses to this portion of the questionnaire, member authorities were not expected to conduct any independent research on the issue, but instead simply to convey their broad impressions and preliminary views.

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  • Provide Consumers With Choices to Reduce Costs and Save Energy: Volatile gasoline prices reinforce the need for innovation that will make it easier and more affordable for consumers to buy more advanced and fuel-efficient vehicles, use alternative means of transportation, weatherize their homes and workplaces, and in doing so, save money and protect the environment. These measures help families’ pocketbooks, reduce our dependence on finite energy sources and help create jobs here in the United States....

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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu về sinh học được đăng trên tạp chí hóa học quốc tế đề tài :The psychometric validation of a US English satisfaction measure for patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia and lower urinary tract symptoms

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  • Analysis was conducted on nutrients or nutrient groups for which numeric data were provided in at least 10 of the 137 crop studies identified by the review.

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  • This book represents an attempt to bring together the latest information and analysis to assist in meeting the challenge of cancer. Some of the most eminent European experts in cancer control have contributed to the book. Many of them will also contribute to the EU Cancer Conference in Slovenia, in February 2008. The aim of the conference is also to strengthen links between health-care professionals, cancer patients, policy-makers and other stakeholders in the cancer community, by sharing their knowledge, experience and best practices.

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  • Recent years have witnessed an increase in migration from several Asian countries and thus in remittance flows. The top international destinations for Bangladeshi, Indian and Pakistani migrant workers are the oil-producing countries in Western Asia (Bahrain, Iraq, Kuwait, Libya, Oman, Qatar, United Arab Emirates) and countries in Southeastern Asia (Malaysia, the Republic of Korea, Singapore). Bangladesh has experienced a high degree of internal migration, but between 1976 and 2002, over 3 million people left the country to work abroad.

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  • Animation is currently one of the emerging outsourcing services offered by the Philippines. With the beginnings of animation in the country being traced as early as the 1980’s, this fairly long history lends the Philippines its reputation as one of the stronger Asian players in the global animation industry today. However, considering that the country had first-mover advantage, its current share of the global animation market remains marginal when compared to the international demand for animation work.

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  • (BQ) Phần 1 cuốn sách "Harrison’s principles internal medicine self - assessment and board review" trình bày các nội dung: Introduction to Clinical Madicine, nutrition, oncology and Hamatology, infecders of the Respiratory System, Disorders of the Respiratory System, Disorders of the Kidney and Urinary Tract,... Mời các bạn cùng tham khảo nội dung chi tiết.

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  • (BQ) Nối tiếp nội dung của phần 1 cuốn sách, phần 2 trình bày các nội dung: Disorders of the Kidney and Urinary Tract, Disorders of the Gastrointestinal System, Rheumatology and Immunology, Endocrinology and Matabolism, Neurologic Disorders, dermatology. Mời các bạn cùng tham khảo nội dung chi tiết.

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  • Yet the measures agreed so far are not suffi cient to contain the negative environmental effects of transport growth. Furthermore, there is still no coherent ‘roadmap’ to reduce emissions from transport. The rail sector strongly recommends that transport policies in the EU and elsewhere start to make more use of the energy effi ciency of railways in order to progress towards the 2020 targets. Railways already offer the most energy-effi cient performance and are constantly improving, both in terms of passenger km (pkm) and tonne km (tkm)....

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  • This Commission believes that people can build a future that is more prosperous, more just, and more secure. Our report, Our Common Future, is not a prediction of ever increasing environmental decay, poverty, and hardship in an ever more polluted world among ever decreasing resources. We see instead the possibility for a new era of economic growth, one that must be based on policies that sustain and expand the environmental resource base. And we believe such growth to be absolutely essential to relieve the great poverty that is deepening in much of the developing world....

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  • The proportion of children reported to attend religious services weekly or monthly shows a different pattern of variation across states. The proportion is highest – upwards of 85 percent – in Southern states like Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, and South Carolina. The proportion is lowest in the New England states of Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine, with less than or just over half of young people attending services regularly. North Central states like the Dakotas and Nebraska, Iowa and Minnesota, come out relatively high in both family stability and religious observance.

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  • Each population is to be valued and protected, although the planning for each will vary to different degrees. The purpose of this paper is to focus on the elderly population, and more specifically to those who live in retirement communities or congregate care settings. There is no question that the issues addressed apply to all those who are vulnerable, but the ways in which each issue is approached will differ. The elderly easiest to locate are residents living in extended care congregate care settings.

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  • The preparation of financial statements requires management to make estimates and assumptions that affect amounts reported in the consolidated financial statements in order to conform with generally accepted accounting principles. Changes in such estimates and assumptions may affect amounts reported in future periods. Cash flow statements Cash flow statements have been prepared under the indirect method in accordance with Dutch GAAP, which is substantially similar to the requirements of SFAS No. 95 ‘Statement of Cash flows'.

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  • Herder finds this definition rather abstract, however, insufficiently descriptive of actual aesthetic experience of beautiful objects, insufficiently articulated to describe concretely which objects of which kinds are connected to which feelings (of which kinds). To understand the meaning of “beauty” so defined, Herder claims, we must trace this definition back to the sense experience upon which it is grounded, and which it purports to describe.

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  • Some urinary tract disorders rarely cause symptoms until the problem is very advanced; these include kidney failure, tumors and stones that do not block urine flow, and some low-grade infections. Sometimes, symptoms occur but are very general and difficult for the doctor to connect to the kidney. For example, a general feeling of illness (malaise), loss of appetite, nausea, or generalized itching may be the only symptoms of chronic kidney failure. In older people, mental confusion may be the first recognized symptom of infection or kidney failure. ...

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  • But there is a bright spot in the expansion of financial services in the developing world: the recent introduction of “mobile money.” The greatest success has been in Sub-Saharan Africa, where 16 percent of adults—and 31 percent of those with a formal account—report having used a mobile phone in the past 12 months to pay bills or send or receive money. The purposes and benefits of account use vary widely. Worldwide, 26 percent of account holders use their account to receive money or payments from the gov- ernment.

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