Thermodynamically consistent

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  • Ionic Liquids (ILs) are one of the most interesting and rapidly developing areas of modern physical chemistry, technologies and engineering. This book, consisting of 29 chapters gathered in 4 sections, reviews in detail and compiles information about some important physical-chemical properties of ILs and new practical approaches. This is the first book of a series of forthcoming publications on this field by this publisher.

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  • Starting from a derivation of the conservation equations for multicomponent multiphase flows in porous media and a discussion of convective vs. diffusive/dispersive transport, the reader is introduced to a mathematical framework, based on the method of characteristics, for solving convection-dominated transport problems.

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  • This volume contains the Proceedings of the Workshop "Physics and Combinatorics" held at the Graduate School of Mathematics, Nagoya University, Japan, during August 21-26, 2000. The workshop organizing committee consisted of Kazuhiko Aomoto, Fumiyasu Hirashita, Anatol Kirillov, Ryoichi Kobayashi, Akihiro Tsuchiya, and Hiroshi Umemura.

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  • The proposed biological function ofb-lactoglobulins as transporting proteins assumes a binding ability for ligands andhighstabilityunder theacidic conditionsof the stomach. This work shows that the conformational stability of non-ruminant porcine b-lactoglobulin (BLG) is not consistent with this hypothesis. Thermal denaturation of porcine BLG was studied by high-sensitivity differential scanning calori-metry within the pH range 2.0–10.0.

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  • Introduction: The electrolyte solution is a major component of all battery systems and as such will greatly influence energy densities (thermodynamic properties such as Gibbs energy, enthalpy, and ionic activity) and power densities (nonthermodynamic properties such as viscosity, conductivity, and transference). The electrolyte solution consists of a liquid or solid phase containing at least one component, e.g., water, which is called the solvent, and an ionizable substance, e.g., a salt or an acid, which is called the electrolyte. ...

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  • The book reports on an attempt to understand the unity of physics. This unity began to manifest itself in rather unexpected form in this century. The most important step in that direction was the development of quantum theory; the emphasis of this book is therefore on the endeavor to understand quantum theory. Here, understand refers not merely to practical application of the theory—in that sense it has been understood for a long time. It means being able to say what one does when applying the theory....

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  • The scope of this book is to demonstrate that we do have an ecosystem theory that can be used to describe ecosystem structure and function. It was previously shown in the book, Integration of Ecosystem Theories: A Pattern (3rd edition, 2002), that the various contributions to systems ecology are consistent and together form a pattern of ecological processes. My book with Yuri Svirezhev, Toward a Thermodynamic Theory of Ecosystems (2004), presented the thermodynamics of this pattern in a mathematical language....

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  • The crystal structure ofPterocarpus angolensislectin is determined in its ligand-free state, in complex with the fucosylated biantennary complex type decasaccharide NA2F, and in complex with a series of smaller oligosaccha-ride constituents of NA2F. These results together with thermodynamic binding data indicate that the complete oligosaccharide binding site of the lectin consists of five subsites allowing the specific recognition of the penta-saccharide GlcNAcb(1–2)Mana(1–3)[GlcNAcb(1–2)Mana(1–6)]Man. ...

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