They are oranges.

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  • 1. This is a map. This is a fine map. 2. That is a book. That is a good book. 3. That is an office.— No, it isn't an office. It's a hospital. 4. These are armchairs. They are comfortable armchairs. 5. Those are flowers. They are nice flowers. chains, (silver) 6. Those are pictures, (nice) 7. These are knives, (sharp) 8 Those are carpets, (green) 9. These are oranges, (sweet) 10. Those are books (interesting) //.

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  • Although a substantial proportion of individuals over age 50 have reduced ability to absorb naturally occurring vitamin B12, they are able to absorb the crystalline form. Thus, all individuals over the age of 50 should be encour­ aged to meet their Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) (2.4 µg/day) for vitamin B12 by eating foods fortified with vitamin B12 such as fortified cereals, or by taking the crystalline form of vitamin B12 supplements.

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  • Most of the central transit area is floored with the exotic types of wood known as paduk, merbau and jatoba, that come from South-East Asia and the West Indies. The first wooden floor in the airport was laid in 1960 in the then brand new Terminal 2. This type of wooden flooring has since become the preferred flooring in many of the new buildings in the airport and creates a warm contrast to the glass, aluminium and steel. These woods, whose orange and red-brown hues almost shimmer in the light, are very suitable for building purposes, inside and out.

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  • GlutathioneS-transferases (GSTs) catalyze the conjugation of glutathione to hydrophobic compounds, contributing to the metabolism of toxic chemicals. In this study, we show that two naturally occurring tau GSTs (GSTUs) exhibit distinctive kinetic parameters towards 1-chloro-2,4-dini-trobenzene (CDNB), although they differ only in three amino acids (Arg89, Glu117 and Ile172 in GSTU1 are replaced by Pro89, Lys117 and Val172 in GSTU2).

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  • Tokyo, June 10 (AP).—A number of the meteors that pelted Japan last night, as the earth passed through the tail of the Mystery Comet have been found and are puzzling astronomers everywhere. About the size of baseballs, orange in color, they appear to be of some unknown metal. So far, due to their extreme hardness, all attempts to analyze them have failed. Their uniformity of size and marking gives rise to the popular belief that they are seeds, and, fantastic though this conception is, it finds support in certain scientific quarters here. JIM CARTER read the news dispatch thoughtfully and...

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  • We believe that our inquiry into the effects of outdoor artificial light is timely. During the course of the study, we learned that 2.32 million of the United Kingdom’s stock of 7.4 million road lights are scheduled to be replaced in the next two years because they are already well past their design life (over 30 years old). 7 This presents a real opportunity to ensure that replacements avoid some of the adverse effects of the current stock. The old lighting stock is predominantly low-pressure sodium vapour lighting which is monochromatic yellow/orange in colour.

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  • The war in Vietnam finished over 30 years but its wounds have never been healed yet, particularly the effects of the toxic chemical/dioxin sprayed by the U.S. Army. Recently, Vietnamese and foreign scientists have implemented studies in this issue. They have seen that effects of the Agent Orange/Dioxin heavily multi-face influenced on economic-social life, people’s health, and environment. Therefore, the requirements for resolving this issue are comprehensive, huge, urgent and can not be delayed.

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  • Lots of people are nervous of computers and the big web of connections that’s out there. It’s not surprising since most ‘old’ media workers are struggling to reconcile their fascination with the new tools with their fear that they could ultimately cost them their jobs. The power is truly in collaboration, and the future is in making change together Social by Social seeks to reach out, with its big friendly orange format and practical sections. It has hundreds of useful lists of advice and case studies.

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  • Simply amazing. This is a fantastic book. I’ve been using Macs since the System 6 days, and I learned several new things reading through and trying these tips. Even very advanced users are going to find something here they didn’t know. ➤ Patrick Burleson Owner BitBQ, LLC ( I love how accessible this book is. No fluff, no filler, and no extraneous content to weed through. Just lots of interesting things that I could put into practice immediately. ➤ Angela Murtha IOS Consultant, Girl Meets Bit, LLC .

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  • Comparative expressions (CEs) such as "bigger than" and "more oranges than" are highly ambiguous, and their meaning is context dependent. Thus, they pose problems for the semantic interpretation algorithms typically used in natural language database interfaces. We focus on the comparison attribute ambiguities that occur with CEs. To resolve these ambiguities our natural language interface interacts with the user, finding out which of the possible interpretations was intended.

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