Timeframe risk

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  • My statement today is primarily based on our prior work related to the department’s efforts to achieve audit readiness, implement modernized business systems and a business enterprise architecture, and reengineer its business processes. In addition, we are providing information on DOD’s updated plans for achieving auditability presented at a February 2012 briefing.

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  • Although the former NOP director attributed the agency’s inability to effectively act on investigations and issue enforcement actions to a lack of resources, we determined that several other factors contributed to this deficiency. We noted, for instance, that NOP lacked procedures for receiving, reviewing, and maintaining reports of investigations from AMS Compliance. In addition, NOP did not establish a specific written process, including timeframes, for determining which enforcement actions are appropriate and for initiating and completing such actions in a timely manner.

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  • In contrast, only three percent of women who had a negative HPV DNA test for 13 high risk types developed CIN3+ within the timeframe of the study, indicating that frequent screening of these women may be unnecessary. The researchers found that although infection with some types, such as HPV 53, 56, 59, and 68, were prone to persist for 2 years, they did not lead to lesions during the entire follow-up period. A study in Italy18 investigated the efficacy of HPV DNA testing for CIN and cervical cancers and supported the use of stand-alone HPV DNA testing as...

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  • Diaspora investors tend to have different perceptions of risk than non-diaspora investors. Given their homeland connections, diaspora members may have better information about investment opportunities in their countries of origin and are less sensitive to exchange-rate risks than other investors, because they have domestic-currency obligations in their country of origin such as support payments to family members or running costs of domestic businesses, mortgages, or returns to domestic share-holders. They also may have a different time horizon.

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