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  • In order to be able to write good essays it is first of all essential to make sure you understand the purpose of the task. It may seem obvious: the purpose is to test your ability to write essay for university or college in English. However, a moment's reflection will make it clear that the test task is quite unlike a university essay, since it is typical one and a half (1 & 1/2) to two (2) pages long and it written on an unprepared topic in about half an hour. No university essay is like that. Even in university...

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  • Tham khảo sách 'toefl writing topics and model', ngoại ngữ, toefl - ielts - toeic phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • Tài liệu phục vụ ôn luyện học tiếng Anh, phục vụ các bạn sinh viên và những ai có đang học tiếng Anh

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  • In the TOEFL Bulletin, there is a list of 185 topics from which your assigned topic will be chosen. You should become familiar with this list and take extra time to practice writing essays before you take the computer-based TOEFL test.

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  • he majority of colleges will ask for an essay. Some schools ask for essays within the application process, others may request this as part of their scholarship process, some ask for both. The reality is that essays will be required. The good news is that essays are usually on general topics, and the student is given freedom to be creative. For years, high school students have been writing essays wondering when this would do them some good. Finally, all those writing skills will have practical usage.

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  • Các chủ đề trong danh sách sau đây có thể xuất hiện trong thử nghiệm thực tế của bạn. Bạn nên trở thành quen thuộc với danh sách này trước khi bạn đi kiểm tra TOEFL trên máy tính. Hãy nhớ rằng khi bạn làm bài kiểm tra, bạn sẽ không có một sự lựa chọn của chủ đề.

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  • A good essay takes time—time to plan, time to writel time to revise* When you write your TOEFL iBT essays, you will have a Umited amount of time. If you take the time now to learn how to write, you'll easily be able to write your TOEFL iBT essays in the limited time allowed.

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  • If you decide to take exam courses in English, such as the , IELTS or TOEFL or if you decide to attend an English speaking university, then you will have to write essays. It’s a really good idea to research how to write in this format and to help you I have found an article containing ‘top tips’ for good essay writing. I have only focussed on 5 of the tips. If you would like to see all 10 then just visit the website below.

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  • Just as you must plan your essays, you also need to plan your studying. This book provides you with a plan for studying for the TOEFL iBT essays. By following the chapters in die book in order and doing all die practice exercises, you will learn a three-step method for writing your essays, and you will have many opportunities to practice writing.

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  • An essay is a short literary composition on a single subject that usually presents the personal view of the author—you. In the fourth and last section of the TOEFL, you will write an essay about a topic that will be assigned to you.

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  • For the paper-based TOEFL, the final version must be on the single-page, two-sided essay answer sheet. For the CBT or iBT version of the TOEFL, you will compose the final version of your essay in the "essay box'1 on the computer screen. The essay topic will be presented to you on the computer screen.

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  • You will have 30 minutes to write a three- to five-paragraph essay on that topic. You must write on the topic you are assigned. An essay on any topic other than the one assigned will receive a score of tfG."

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  • Before the topic is presented, you must choose whether to type your essay on the computer or to hand write your essay on the paper essay answer sheet provided- Scratch paper will be given to you for making notes. For the paper-based TOEFL, the final version must be on the single-page, two-sided essay answer sheet.

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  • You will not know the topic ahead of time. Although you must write only on the topic that is assigned to you, there is a way to prepare for this section.Your essay score will depend upon your ability to compose a well-written essay that answers the question in a relatively short period of time—in this case, 30 minutes.

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  • Your essay must be well organized and well developed; you must provide the reader with clearly appropriate details to support your thesis or illustrate your ideas. Your writing should show, throughout the essay, that you're comfortable expressing complex ideas in the English language.

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  • In the introduction, you get the reader's attention and tell the reader what you are going to write about. You also give the reader any special information that guides the reader to the body of your essay. In the case of a TOEFL essay, the introduction should be one paragraph that contains four to five sentences.

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  • To write this essay, you have to choose a film from a country other than your own—a film that is about the country that produced it. You have to say what you learned about that country from watching its movies. If the movies had been Francis Ford Coppola's The Godfather, Parts 1, 2, and 3, what would you have learned about America.

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  • A good essay takes time—rime to plan y time to write, rime to revise. When you write your TOEFL iBT essays, you will have a limited amouni of time. If you take the time now to learn how to write, you'll easily be able to write your TOEFL iBT essays in the limited time allowed.

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  • In all writing classes, there is an exercise called brainstorming, which helps you start the flow of ideas necessary for an essay. This process Involves writing words and phrases that are related to your topic as they come into your head.

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  • This topic has been the subject of magazine articles, long books, and even encyclopedias. You must write not about the kinds of music found throughout the world but about the reasons that people listen to it, e.g., relaxation, religious devotion, or artistic engagement. Before you begin writing your essay, make sure you are focusing on the correct idea.

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