Tomato harvester

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  • The products of science and technology influence the lives of all citizens, including young adults. New means of communication and transportation, new ways of doing work and pursuing recreation, new foods and new medicines arrive almost daily. Science also engenders new ways of looking at the world and at other citizens. Likewise, science can raise concerns about moral and ethical values. Dealing with all such changes requires some resiliency.

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  • Program Objective: To maintain a quality and freshness of tomatoes that permits consumption after 21+ days of storage at 56˚F (13.3 ˚C). To prove that designs with a Chandra Associates films (CA Film) generate a shelf life greater than that of design without films (control in air) at a storage temperature of 56˚F (13.3 ˚C). 10 Days After Harvest Designs Tested: A -CA Film in a polyethylene bag with 4.5 kg tomatoes at storage temp C -Control in air - no membrane, 4.5 kg tomatoes at storage temp ...

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  • With respect to the sampling of tomato it occurred at the beginning, on the highest peak and at the end of the production stage of tomato. For each sampling unit a zigzag path by the crop was followed, harvesting a tomato every three places along the zig-zag, and then based on a quartering system, obtaining a sample of 1 kg per plot.

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  • Lettuce or chard can be seeded around an early crop like peas, to fill in when the peas die out in early summer heat. Tomatoes can go in where you harvested the spring greens. Fall greens like kale can be started around corn or tomatoes. Young greens like lettuce can be sown thickly, then cut as they grow to thin them and allow space for larger plants to mature. Radishes will fit in anywhere for a quick harvest. thinning and spacing plants Follow the spacing directions on the seed packet. After seeds sprout and have a few leaves, thin (remove) seedlings to...

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