Tractive force

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  • Vehicles require thrust forces, generated at the tires, to initiate and maintain motion. These forces are usually referred to as tractive forces or the tractive force requirement. If the required tractive force (F) is broken into components the major components of the resisting forces to motion are comprised of acceleration forces (Faccel = ma & I forces), Gradeability requirements (Fgrade), Aerodynamic loads (Faero) and chassis losses (Froll resist ).

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  • The Canadian Institute of Steel Construction is a national industry organization representing the structural steel, open-web steel joist and steel plate fabricating industries in Canada. Formed in 1930 and granted a Federal charter in 1942, the CISC functions as a nonprofit organization promoting the efficient and economic use of fabricated steel in construction.

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  • The impacts of fuel consumption by light-duty vehicles are profound, influencing economic prosperity, national security, and Earth’s environment. Increasing energy efficiency has been a continuing and central objective for automobile manufacturers and regulators pursuing objectives that range from reducing vehicle operating costs and improving performance to reducing dependence on petroleum and limiting greenhouse gas emissions.

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