Transformation problem

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  • This book is mainly intended for designers and users of magnetic components in power electronics. It can also be used for didactical purposes. Magnetic components such as inductors and transformers constitute together with the control and the semiconductor components, the main parts in the design of power electronic converters. Some experience teaches that the design of the magnetic parts is still often done by trial and error. This can be explained by a (too) long working-in time for designing inductors and transformers.

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  • The discrete wavelet transform (DWT) algorithms have a firm position in processing of signals in several areas of research and industry. As DWT provides both octavescale frequency and spatial timing of the analyzed signal, it is constantly used to solve and treat more and more advanced problems. The DWT algorithms were initially based on the compactly supported conjugate quadrature filters (CQFs). However, a drawback in CQFs is due to the nonlinear phase effects such as spatial dislocations in multi-scale analysis.

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  • DWTs are constantly used to solve and treat more and more advanced problems. The DWT algorithms were initially based on the compactly supported conjugate quadrature filters (CQFs). However, a drawback in CQFs is due to the nonlinear phase effects such as spatial dislocations in multi-scale analysis. This is avoided in biorthogonal discrete wavelet transform (BDWT) algorithms, where the scaling and wavelet filters are symmetric and linear phase. The biorthogonal filters are usually constructed by a ladder-type network called lifting scheme.

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  • Discrete wavelet transform (DWT) algorithms have become standard tools for discrete-time signal and image processing in several areas in research and industry. As DWT provides both frequency and location information of the analyzed signal, it is constantly used to solve and treat more and more advanced problems. The present book: Discrete Wavelet Transforms: Theory and Applications describes the latest progress in DWT analysis in non-stationary signal processing, multi-scale image enhancement as well as in biomedical and industrial applications....

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  • [ Team LiB ] Recipe 8.7 Transforming a DataSet Using XSLT Problem You need to use an XSLT stylesheet to transform the contents of a DataSet. Solution Create an XslTransform object and call the Transform( ) method.

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  • The publication of the Cooley-Tukey fast Fourier transform (FFT) algorithm in 1965 has opened a new area in digital signal processing by reducing the order of complexity of some crucial computational tasks like Fourier transform and convultion from N 2 to N log 2 , where N is the problem size. The development of the major algorithms (Cooley-Tukey and split-radix FFT, prime factor algorithm and Winograd fast Fourier transform) is reviewed. Then, an attempt is made to indicate the state of the art on the subject, showin the standing of researh, open problems and implementations....

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  • Discrete Wavelet Transform is a wavelet (DWT) transform that is widely used in numerical and functional analysis. Its key advantage over more traditional transforms, such as the Fourier transform, lies in its ability to offer temporal resolution, i.e. it captures both frequency and location (or time) information.

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  • In this paper, we address the problem of optimizing the style of textual content to make it more suitable to being listened to by a user as opposed to being read. We study the differences between the written style and the audio style by consulting the linguistics and journalism literatures. Guided by this study, we suggest a number of linguistic features to distinguish between the two styles.

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  • An efficient decoding algorithm is a crucial element of any statistical machine translation system. Some researchers have noted certain similarities between SMT decoding and the famous Traveling Salesman Problem; in particular (Knight, 1999) has shown that any TSP instance can be mapped to a sub-case of a word-based SMT model, demonstrating NP-hardness of the decoding task. In this paper, we focus on the reverse mapping, showing that any phrase-based SMT decoding problem can be directly reformulated as a TSP.

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  • For the task of recognizing dialogue acts, we are applying the Transformation-Based Learning (TBL) machine learning algorithm. To circumvent a sparse data problem, we extract values of well-motivated features of utterances, such as speaker direction, punctuation marks, and a new feature, called dialogue act cues, which we find to be more effective than cue phrases and word n-grams in practice.

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  • The problem of transforming a lattice into a non-deterministic finite state automaton is non-trivial. We present a transformation algorithm which tracks, for each node of an automaton under construction, the larcs which it reflects and the lattice nodes at their origins and extremities. An extension of the algorithm permits the inclusion of null, or epsilon, arcs in the output automaton. The algorithm has been successfully applied to lattices derived from dictionaries, i.e. very large corpora of strings. ...

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  • String transformation systems have been introduced in (Brill, 1995) and have several applications in natural language processing. In this work we consider the computational problem of automatically learning from a given corpus the set of transformations presenting the best evidence. We introduce an original data structure and efficient algorithms that learn some families of transformations that are relevant for part-of-speech tagging and phonological rule systems.

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  • The time has come when well-organized and thoroughly worked out transfer grammars should be developed. Such a grammar should be composed of formal statements equating the construction-types of the input language with those of the output language and indicating the appropriate transformations which must be made to produce the target language constructions.

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  • This paper addresses the search problem in textual inference, where systems need to infer one piece of text from another. A prominent approach to this task is attempts to transform one text into the other through a sequence of inference-preserving transformations, a.k.a. a proof, while estimating the proof’s validity.

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  • This paper addresses a problem that may arise in c]assificatzon tasks: the design of procedures for matching an instance with a set ~f criteria for class membership in such a way as to permit the intelligent handling ~f inexact, as well as exact matches. An inexact match is a comparlson between an instance and a set of criteria (or a second instance) which has the result that some, but not all, of the criteria described (or exemplified) in the second are found to be satisfied in the first. An exact match is such a comparison for which all of...

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  • Nowadays i t is common the construction of English understanding systems (interfaces) that sooner or later one has to re-use, adapting and conve~ ting them to other natural languages. This is not an easy task and in many cases the arisen problems are quite complex. In this paper an experiment that was accomplished for Portuguese language is reported and some conclusions are e x p l i c i t e l y stated. A know ledge information processing system, knownas SSIPA, with natural language comprehension capabilities that interacts with users in Portuguese through a Portuguese interface, LUSO,...

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  • Mathematics is the science study of the number, structure, and spatial transformations. In other words, it is assumed that subjects' shape and number. "According to the official view, it is the study of the abstract structure defined from the axioms, using Logic (logic) and mathematical symbols. The other point of it is described in mathematical philosophy. Due to their wide applications in many science, mathematics is known as the "universal language". Experts in the field of mathematics known as mathematicians....

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  • This Instructor’s Manual is intended to accompany the fourth edition of Electric Machinery Fundamentals. To make this manual easier to use, it has been made self-contained. Both the original problem statement and the problem solution are given for each problem in the book. This structure should make it easier to copy pages from the manual for posting after problems have been assigned.

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  • Thứ nhất: Phương pháp tính toán giá trị và giá cả sản xuất của hàng hóa là hoàn toàn nhất quán, tức là cả tư bản bất biến và tư bản khả biến đều ước lượng bằng giá trị với tiền tệ là thước đo.

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  • By learning how to “dial for dollars,” you can transform the telephone that’s already sitting on your desk into a virtual money-making machine with unlimited potential. Throughout this book, the terms telemarketing and telesales are used interchangeably. However, some people define telemarketing as the use of the telephone to make contact with prospects, whereas telesales involves actually moving the pros- pect further down the sales cycle or sales pipeline. The skills required of a telemarketer and/or telesales professional, as you’ll soon see, are identical....

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