Transnational community

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  • The rancho is situated in northwestern Michoacán. The map in Figure 1 shows the drive between Chicago and the rancho and locates Michoacán in western Mexico, bordering Guanajuato and Jalisco, two other states, like Michoacán (and especially northwest Michoacán),with heavy migration to Chicago.

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  • he specific country cultures are not only different in regard to their health systems, but also in integrating gender aspects in research, policy and practice. The very definitions of health, illness and health related social problems are different. If networks focus on gender specific aspects of health and illness, the necessity for transnational communication is evident.

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  • The resulting product profited from further input from Mark Stern and Susan Seifert, Joan Shigekawa of the Rockefeller Foundation, and TRF staff, Patricia Smith, Margaret Berger Bradley, Ira Goldstein, Julia Serbulov and Alissa Weiss. A special thank you as well to David Bradley for his collaborative editorial contribution. Arts practitioners, developers and policy analysts who participated in a one-day convening in June 2007 also contributed greatly to our understanding of these issues. The collaboration also resulted in five briefs.

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  • A growing trend in transnational social movements is the joint efforts of migrants to maintain and foster links with their places of origin through the creation and organization of ‘hometown associations’ (HTAs). HTAs are established not only in response to the social and cultural challenges faced by new immigrants in adjusting to life in a foreign country, but also to fund small-scale development projects in home communities through collective remittances.

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  • The strategic communications audit should result in more than just an identification of areas or practices that need to be improved. To maximize the chances that audit findings will be used and actual practice improved as a result, the audit should: Demonstrate through data how communications problems are causing problems in the present (as opposed to speculating about their future impact). At the same time, the audit should reinforce practices that are current organizational strengths.

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  • However, it must be kept in mind that HTAs are only one of several options through which diasporas maintain links with and help their communities of origin. Immigrant entrepreneurs are also ‘social actors’, who participate actively in transnational activities.

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  • At the labour levels, workers continue relocating because of labour demands, usually in developed countries, economic distress in their home countries, or a combination of both. In addition, families are increasingly becoming transnational with relatives living in more than one country, reuniting, visiting regularly, while maintaining a transnational network of communic ation (Faist, 2000).

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  • In a broad sense, land grabbing is not a new phenomenon. It has been a recurrent pattern in human history. Neverthe- less, over the last few years, a new type of land grabbing has arisen, and these shifts in land acquisition trends have caught the attention of the international community. One of the re- cent changes is that not only agribusiness in its narrow sense (producing sector) has an increased interest in land, but also transnational corporations upstream and downstream the value chain.

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